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What is your best housekeeping time saving tip?

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WishIWasAWalton · 22/03/2008 17:35

I'm sure it's been done before, but what little tricks do you have that make you happy?

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bigknickersbigknockers · 22/03/2008 17:38

I shall watch this with interest because I am sure it takes me twice as long as everyone else to do the housework.

Sparkler · 22/03/2008 17:43

I don't stand for hours on end ironing. I wash the clothes, dry them. Then I hang them on hangers/fold them up and put them away. I iron as and when I need to.
When I first had the children I used to stand and iron for a couple of hours at at time and it was impossible. I just didn't have time to waste like that with little ones. Looking at an overflowing ironing basket used to depress me too. I don't have that problem anymore. An ironing basket doesn't even exist in my house anymore. .
Sometimes I find I don't need to iron some items. I iron things just before we wear them.
To be honest when I used to do huge piles of ironing, I'd find that some things needed to re-done again cos they'd crease in the wardrobe.

mankymummy · 22/03/2008 17:43

yukky bbq grill or oven rack (or gooed on pan)... put a scoop of non-bio washing powder in a bowl or bucket, top up with hot water, immerse in bowl for an hour. said grill or rack will just literally wipe off. its amazing.

mybrainaches · 22/03/2008 17:46

I dont know why this workd quicker but it does.

When you cant see the floor for rubbish, toys, clothes etc, rather than put it all away as you go, pick it all up, chuck it on the sofa, hoover the floor and everything else before you tackle the pileon the sofa some how its much easier and quicker that way.

Sparkler · 22/03/2008 17:48

mankymummy - My friend used to fill her bath, pour in washing powder and soak all her oven shelves etc. She reckoned they'd come out as good as new.

TheDuchyEggOfNorksBride · 22/03/2008 17:49

Employ lots of domestic staff.

paros · 22/03/2008 17:52

I do the sofa thing LOL . Ok here is a weird one . Not logical at all but I hate emptying the dishwasher seriously loath it . I count up to 100 in my head as I am doing it an lo and behold it is empty and put away by 100 every time . Never fails and Im saying to myself it isnt taking long at all . Try it I bet it works or I will be known as the weird one LOL .

mankymummy · 22/03/2008 18:23

tomato ketchup on your brass ornaments (not that i've got any brass ornaments but you never know...!)

MaureenMLove · 22/03/2008 18:30

If I'm drying clothes in doors, I put all the underwear on the owners own radiator, therefore not making it my job anymore, because its in their room!

singyswife · 22/03/2008 18:35

I had to clean the cooker the other day (a job I hate). I put a dishwasher tablet in boiling water, poured it over the cooker and hob and within minutes my cooker was clean. Amazing, will try and do that all the time now.

WishIWasAWalton · 22/03/2008 21:12

Every time i pull a homemade frozen shepards pie/spag bol from the freezer, i wallow in smugness at the lack of effort gone into peeling/chopping/browning/simmering/mashing/and especially washing up!! Cannot beat cooking in big batches.

OP posts:
MorocconOil · 22/03/2008 21:17

Cleaning the shower when I'm in it.

foxinsocks · 22/03/2008 21:19

squishing down the contents of the bin till dh finally takes it out

foxinsocks · 22/03/2008 21:20

paying the kids 50p to clean the floors

foxinsocks · 22/03/2008 21:21

I also find the best way to get myself to clean is to do fuck all for weeks. Then come in, realise the house is an absolute shit hole and spend hours cleaning it.

Then spend a week or so feeling smug about cleaning so well and then a week ignoring it getting really bad and then start at the top of the first paragraph again.

And repeat ad nauseum.

singyswife · 22/03/2008 21:29

Sounds like me fox in socks.

MmeCEggsandeateggs · 22/03/2008 21:30

Give yourself an incentive - invite people round!

Also, a deadline helps. I reckon the more time you have to do a job, the longer it will take you.

foxinsocks · 22/03/2008 21:31

it is quite seriously time saving I think. Once you get in the routine of not doing anything then doing it all, it's quite pleasing.

ilovewashingnappies · 22/03/2008 21:35

I have a 'everytime you're in the kitchen do a little something2 rule in my head at the moment: put a few dishes away, move washing, put stuff away.....

Only cos I'm crap and make som much mess in the first place.

Will try washing powder on cooker tomorrow....

EasterBunnylicious · 22/03/2008 21:37

I find the quickest thing to do is invite someone over for a coffee at short notice

Our landlord called me a while back and asked if he could pop in to collect his post as he was in the area. I said yeah sure, where are you? "Just turning into the street"

You've never seen me and DH tidy so quickly!

KerryMum · 22/03/2008 21:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheJen · 22/03/2008 21:40

I put on music really loudly and dance as I dusk- 2 birds with one stone, a workout and a clean house! I look crazy but it makes me smile!

JingleyJen · 22/03/2008 21:44

Have the family laundry basket next to the washing machine NOT upstairs.. each evening after the kids go to bed bring the clothes down with you and each morning bring down your & DH's. that way there are never piles of dirty clothes hanging around upstairs and because they are downstairs in view you are more likely to keep ontop of it.!

LuLuMacGloo · 22/03/2008 21:54

I hate housework but when needs must I play a 'game' with myself. It only works when the place is a tip (i.e everyone's guff all over the place, dd's pants under the kitchen table , paperwork all over the place... you get the picture..).

The rule is that I am only 'allowed' to pick up objects which need to be tidied one at a time, then as quickly as possible, I have to return said object to its rightful location (eg dd's pants - off kitchen floor, into laundry basket). Then (without actually stopping moving and without properly looking around) I have to pick up the VERY NEXT thing which my eye falls upon (eg as I turn from the laundry basket) and return it, quickly as poss, to it's rightful place. And so on and so on. My life is so dull that I actually find this quite entertaining and if I stick to the 'rule' of not stopping moving and returning objects as fast as I can then I can get the place sorted quite quickly and get a bit of a work out at the same time (if I do it at top speed I get quite puffed ).

OMG. Now I've written this out I realise how sad it is!

WishIWasAWalton · 22/03/2008 22:03

Fsoxinsocks, how is your tooth/extraction?

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