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Weekend Is Finally Here!!!!!!!!!

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EHM · 15/03/2008 07:04

Morning All

Must catch up on yesterdays thread, never managed yesterday.

OP posts:
EHM · 15/03/2008 07:34

bb99 hello & welcome
Dream, Coffee , Dylsmum how are your poorly lo's?
luda, Bombs, monkeys getting shot stories what an excited place you live in.How is dd2 & you?
TMH are you worried about the test results & when do you get them? Was ds1 any better last night for the toilet & coughing. Poor ds2 hope is tummy is better.enjoy the 3rd birthday party today.
bianca glad you braved the dentist again.hope the denture feels less wrong today. go for the course it will be fab for your confidence...go girl you know you can do it!
baby 5 hours of ironing! How many of you are there? Have a great weekend away.
sleepy hope you & dd managed to have a nice day yesterday after your plans changed.
sage HELLO >>
rubygood look with the treasure hunt hope you find lots of gold.I remember 'danger UXB' only because apparently my grandad was in the bomb disposal squad in the war. I never met him he died before I was born so don't know how much true there is in this taleHe was a bit of a rogue & like the ladies so it could have been a cover story
bewilderhope you are on the mend hun.{{{hugs}}}
nabyummy receipe.
tortyou must be looking forward to having ds1 home?

Now if I have missed anybody it is not on purpose. No grouchy yesterday? Day 12 in the big frostie house, the frosties appear to have survived another Friday night eviction. No AF, did urine test yesterday BFN. Don't know why as clinic advise not to do urine test until 20th. We have our blood test Monday am arrrrrrrrgh!

OP posts:
Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 07:49

Morning EHM

Ooooh you will have to spell it out I'm afraid...brain cannot figure out what AF and BFN mean
My fingers are still firmly crossed for you

DD2 is getting better, lots of coughing and snots...and the other two have started too (just in time for the holidays )
I went to bed with a migraine First one I have had for about 4 months I think.
I have a very stiff neck too for some reason.
I'm getting a little fed up with not feeling well

But Hey Ho...such is life!

Shopping today (food shopping...nothing exciting sadly)

I am trying to persuade DH we need a guinea pig hutch. They have been in all winter, and I want to put them out now, except their hutch has been lent to my friend for her rabbit...and I don't really want it back! They need a cosy, waterproof new one.
They are just soooo expensive

EHM · 15/03/2008 07:56

aww luda try & take it easy.hopefully you will feel better soon.BFN-Big Fat Negative & AF-Auntie Flo(period)

OP posts:
EHM · 15/03/2008 07:57

what about ebay/local paper for the hutch?

OP posts:
Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 08:08

Ah! Now I get it thank you Gosh it must be so fustrating for you still have lots of time left yet though for a positive result to emerge

I will have a look on ebay....just I get fed up having to pay the huge P&P prices on there. I think it will just be a case of having to save to get one.

DontDreamItBeIt · 15/03/2008 08:24


Warm and womb thoughts coming to the frosty. I hope he is still nice and cosy. Did you say you got an early bfp for Ellie?

Bianca - I really hope the denture is starting to feel a bi better. Is there anything that can be done to adjust it do you know?

DD1 is fully recovered (freeing up a bed in the FLYhospital for Ludas entire family) and we will be out all day, assuming I can prise dp out of bed to fix my car.

BiancaCastafiore · 15/03/2008 08:25

Morning all

EHM Thanks for the thread Good luck for Mondays blood test. Still sending all those +++ vibes x x
Luda take it easy today, hope you're soon feeling better x
Tort glad ds1 enjoyed his trip

Next doors chickens and roosters were being noisy at 1.30am so I didn't get a very good nights sleep last night. Feel a bit grumpy this morning as a result!

I have to get off to work in a few minutes. Not really feeling like going but then I never do on a's usually OK once I get there and get started though.

Dh is proposing we do a test drive to the venue of a wedding we're going to (next weekend) after work this afternoon - not sure if I can cope with the drive...these journeys are not good for me I'm not sure if it's better for me to go today and work out the route in my head or just get on with it next weekend....

Anyway...that's my mutterings for this morning! (I seem to be getting rambly these days - sorry And it's hardly ever FLY related lol!)
Better get myself sorted for work.
Have a good day, see you later x

BiancaCastafiore · 15/03/2008 08:27

x posts Jas The denture is comfortable(ish) it's the look of it I don't like..they seem to have made the teeth a differeent shape/size for some reason I'm going to give it a week or two and hope I get used to it...
Enjoy your day with your friend

EHM · 15/03/2008 08:45

dream got bfp on day 10 with ellie & clinic did blood test on day 11. the pregnancy hormones levels where so high at this point they did say it might be twins. transpired it wasn't but it was quite likely that they had both implanted as I did have some bleeding before & after tests. my friend who has twins had bfp on day 10/11 too. Glad dd is well & hope dp fixes your car.
Bianca good luck with the test run for next week drive.chickens on 130am, it wasn't the monkey from luda's village on the rampage hope you get a better night tonight.

(ps my posts haven't been fly related for weeks)

Have a great day all.

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 15/03/2008 09:39

Morning all

Luda Fly ward open for you and yours - GET well soon

EHM Still woke for a wee, but coughing is getting better. DS2 seems to be on the mend too. I have more blood tests on Monday results a week later and cisit to the doctors. I am not too worried, well cant be any worse than cancer - can it Whaley womby thoughts

Jas Have a good day out

Bainca Hope the dentures are OK and that your anxiety is controllable.

DH let me have a lie in and we are off to the supermarket and shopping for the party nexct.

He siad the boys had been a joy this morning - a real credit

Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 10:02

Aww thank you you lovely lot

I just wish it was hot and sunny and healthy here...

Well so far my done list is as follows:
~Loaded D/W (running)
~1 load of washing
~Cleaned and wiped the fridge out...tossed half open cans etc. Made room in the freezer for today's shop
~Picked up all dirty clothes

Lots left to do though.

Bianca anymore thoughts on that course?
I have just sent off for lots of information on courses and careers. I would like to go into teaching. I have asked the college for some info, and also requested some info to look into Child Minding.
I think its about time I started making moves to earning a few pennies again. DD2 will be going to school full time in September next have until then to get my thoughts together on what I want to do.

Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 10:29

....and any training I might need to do!

Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 12:25


I have received my "Race For Life" pack today

I will be running in the Cancer Research Uk's Aberystwyth Race for Life 2008

I have until June to get training! [gulp]

I even have my own webpage here

If anyone wants to have a look, or possibly sponsor me ?? [shameless pressure... lol]]

I'm really looking forward to it. I'm doing it with my keep fit class, so there will be a few of us there on the day. Also have another friend who does it every year as her mum died from breast cancer, she will be joining us too

Not done a great deal of FLYing today! Just been watching tv and setting up my website!

Catch you all later xx

RubyRioja · 15/03/2008 12:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 15/03/2008 13:19

hi everyone,
hope all poorly peops are better.
dd still has poorly tummy, have been old this could go on for another week- oh lucky us!
its not pretty in mine today, she s refusing point blank to wear a nappy as she's been wearing knickers for over a week. lots of scrubbing going on! not sure if i should stick with it- she does sometimes make it to the potty, or be mean and make her wear a nappy. why don't children come with insrtuction books, something along the line of
if x occurs then always do y on prder to prevent z.
would make things much easier!
bianca hope you get used to the denture soon, i remember when my friend first got hers- she hated it refused to wear it most of time cos it didnt look right. she did eventually get used to it and wears it all the time now
luda hope your migraine goes, and you manage to find the perfect course etc for you easily

Bewilderbeast · 15/03/2008 13:57

afternoon all

I am out of bed and feeling better than yesterday, still not right though on the plus side not eating for a week has has a positive effect on my weight by the looks of it. Not weighed myself mind as I don't have scales in the house. Managed to eat last night but not this morning, at least it's a step in the right direction.

wm on twice
milk in
downstairs dusted
bathroom s&s
kitchen surfaces cleaned

My mum and dad have had ds this morning to give me a break as DP has gone to a convention thingy - wargamers of the world unite! . DS should be back soon so my afternoon will be spent chasing a stubborn toddler, why don't we have a bloody knackered emoticon?

hope luda feels better soon, please tell me that the run doesn't go up Penglais hill, uuuurgh, if you post me a spartacus sandwich I'd be very grateful. Remind me about sponsorship next month when I have some money and I will sponsor you. Ds's other 'granny' (long story) is just about to undergo reconstruction after surviving breast cancer last year.
waves to jas dyls and ruby bianca I don't think many of my posts have been fly related lately either, that's the beauty of this thread. Friendship and Fly.
EHM warm womby thoughts on their way

Grouchyoscar · 15/03/2008 14:06

Hello ALL Welcome to BB99 and other Newbies

Get well thoughts for BWB and any other poorlies out there

EHM Hope the warm womby vibes are having a good effect, more coming your way.

Cheers TMH Boris is getting back in his box. I made him understand that I am in charge and I walked into town just to prove it.

I was busy yesterday (always bloody am) I did my morning routines, went to coffee morning, walked to town, went to the International Womens' Day event at the Town Hall, bought some clothes for Me! (a top, a dress and a BHS suit that works better as 2 separate items for £6 all in) Back to school, went to the Science day event for KS1 (Ed class were making butter) Went to assembly (Ed won the Easter Bonnet Boys' prize for his class). Home, start to breakdown and stop working properly [Hmm]

Then MIL rings up and asks 'are you Ok?' so I tell her not good and I need to clean the fire out so I can light it but I'm too weak to move the hoover and...nothing, she tells me what FIL has to do for SIL instead! And it's doing heavy shopping for her! WTF He is 71, she is U40, has a car, her health and a big hubby. why the hell does she need an OAP to get her 2l bottles of pop from a trolley to the boot of a car and from the same to the kitchen? And why ask me how I am if you DON't want to hear it? I'd rather save my energy for heaving the vac out of the cellar head to the fire place!!!

So in an incesed fit of rightous outrage I vacced the sooty fire out and the did the front room to boot, put the vac away and slipped into a bottle of wine.

Today Ed had a lie in so I did too and


Down with laundry
Load WM
Tidy up from last night
Load DW and run
Clean Hob
S&S worktops
Clear draining board
Shine sink
Sort bottles for recycling
Clear out cat cellar
Reline with newspaper and sawdust
Bring soiled litter out to garbage
Get dressed
Sweep Kitchen
Sweep front room
Mop downstairsmop bathroom
Refil bird feeder

So I have done all the big weekend jobs and I can relax happy in the knowledge that I can get things done without resorting to the needs of an elderly gentleman for basis tasks {hmm}

Bewilderbeast · 15/03/2008 15:43

hiya grouchy what a miserable wet day it is in our neck of the woods


rubbish out
recycling out
dw unloaded, reloaded and on
washing up done
sink cleaned
copious amounts of shredding done - think we need a new shredder
stuff to file taken upstairs to the office
nappy changing stuff brought downstairs so I don't have to carry ds up them when he gets home
bit of tidying up done

just sitting down with a cuppa and a magazine to snip recipes out of. Am totally knackered now so I'm hoping that DP isn't too late home and that ds doesn't get back until after i've drunk my tea!

Grouchyoscar · 15/03/2008 15:56

BWB D'ya remember 'Whatamess' - the books about the afgan hound written by Frank Muir? Anyhoo, 'whatamess' would refer to the weather where we live a 'sogging', rain that hangs around and makes everything damp Yep, T'is murky miserable

RubyRioja · 15/03/2008 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 · 15/03/2008 16:34

havent done much today, hoovered and washed dishes oh and chased round after dd cleanng up her illness mess
starting to think she never going to stop being poorly my poor little baby
grouchy how rude its annoying when people are like that isnt it
Ludaloo · 15/03/2008 17:38

Brrrr Not too dissimilar to whatamess GO

Just done my food shopping and now I'm soaked!

BB Oooooh Spartacus Baguettes are the best... I love their coronation chicken...chicken and mayo and egg mayo....ooooh and their coleslaw is to die for! [drool] spent many an hour sat in my friends car scoffing baguettes and watching the sea as a student!
And thank you BTW...I'll remind you next month [very grateful emoticon]

Thanks to dylsmum Migraine gone

3NAB · 15/03/2008 17:42

Afternoon everyone.

My first weekend fly!

I was out fairly early to get my hair cut but I have done some jobs.

Sent parcel to a MNetter
Took newspapers to animal rescue centre to use in the animals cages.
Took recycling to Tesco
Made fish pie
Emptied and loaded the dishwasher a few times
Folded up dry washing after hubby had done it all
Hoovered lounge and hall

Have to make DS2's bed again and put away the boys clothes but probably won't do a lot else.

BiancaCastafiore · 15/03/2008 17:56

Luda I have sponsered you I haven't thought any more about the course really...I am dwelling on it bro only really needs me cos he needs a mole to test the course lol!

No time to post any more - sorry! Kids supper is ready and then we'll all snuggle up and watch YBF and Harry Hill

TheMadHouse · 15/03/2008 18:44

Evening all

GO I will grrrrrrrrrrrr for you. My MIL is like that babysits for neice, but never offers for us.

I used to love whatamess, always wanted an afgan hound. It is wet and misable here too.

I hope the weather is better for Mad1 in the morning as he has a bike for his birthday

NAB Thanks for the receipe made double choc ones and half have gone already. We went to the party and then me and DS1 have been baking cakes etc for tomorrow.

I have just recued the kitchen and they are bathed and reading ready for bed.

I really need to have a quick run round then and pop the washer on and try and get some ironing done.

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