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Friday Fly - heading into the weekend once more

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intravenouscoffee · 07/03/2008 07:09


Morning all. Early start again for me, DD woke up at 6.20 because of an annoying cough.
Washing underway but that's about it, think it'll be a lazy day today

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 07/03/2008 07:19

Morning ic

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/03/2008 07:30

Morning all.

Getting list down early as my head is spinning and I will forget things.

Put on dishwasher and washer

To do
Make DS1 and DD's beds
DO other washing
Send parcel
Run errand in to town
Dye grey jeans back to black
Empty dishwasher
Put away yesterdays laundry
Hoover upstairs
Sweep kitchen floor
Tidy lounge
Tidy kitchen
Tidy our bedroom

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/03/2008 07:35

Must do

Put tent away.

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 07/03/2008 07:43

clean out hamsters
cat's water
pack for DD

It grows longer....

EHM · 07/03/2008 07:43

Morning All

coffee thanks for the thread.Hope dd's cough clears soon.
Dream the car working?
NAB good uck with your list.

I have a friend coming over this morning for cuppa/cakes/lunch. Is really heavy rain here so not sure if she will still come as no car.

Have a great day all. Will catch up on remainder of yesterdays thread & come back.

damewashalot · 07/03/2008 07:47

Will try and get on here today, posting soi can find you later.

Got mums and 2yr olds coming this morning and need to tidy a bit (it's not too bad) and make cookies before 10 when I go out as they are coming when I get back at 11ish and get boys to school.

Back later.

Oh and in case any of you are interested thread with link to pics of my bump

DontDreamItBeIt · 07/03/2008 07:52

Dame you've gone from not sure about sharing to letting the whole world see in record ime I would be wanting to share those pics, too.They are beautiful.

Yes, EHM but I still can't use it as the passenger window dosn't shut and ds would freeze. Big fuss over nothing from dp.Again.

I've got toddler group then my parents visiting, and I have to fit a shop in somewhere, so not mch FLYing will be done today.

damewashalot · 07/03/2008 07:56

Well he had put them up for his photography people but it's putting the link on mnet that seems to have caused all the views, otherwise it would just be people that searched for pregnancy pics that would have come accross it other than his contacts.

Really not sure what came over me, wouldnever do something like this not pg but if I can't be proud of my bump by the 4th one......

sagacious · 07/03/2008 08:00

Morning !
IV hope dd's cough clears up
dame lovely pictures .. and your hair colour is gorgeous !
Waves to All

Right have 30 mins to get dc's dressed do packed lunches and read ds's book

Better get on !

TrinityRhino · 07/03/2008 08:22

Purplepillow has smacked my hand for falling off the flying wagon a little
she has not seen me posting as much as I need to so that things get done

I have a busy day today to get organised for driving to my mates house straight after school pick up


FunkyGoldStar · 07/03/2008 08:33

Morning Guys.

Had a migraine last night and have a preschool committee meeting this morning so wont get much done.

DD1s birthday party tomorrow too so lots to do.

Minkus · 07/03/2008 08:47

Wow damewashalot what an amazing bump. Agree with sagacious your hair is lovely. DH is a talented man taking photos like that but of course the subject matter was good to begin with

Reading through yesterdays thread, Bewilderbeast I'm not surprised you were tired after doing everything on your list! There was masses.

babyjjbaby hope you are feeling better this morning.

Right my list:
washing in
dishwasher unloaded/reloaded
People and animals fed (no mean feat either ds is having a growing spurt and has eaten 1 bowl cornflakes 1 weetabix 1 bowl of porridge and is now on an apple. He's like the very hungry caterpillar)

To do
Mission (can't do the dining room as it's being decorated at the mo and so no point cleaning, hall will get feather duster treatment though)
S&S bathroom
Strip beds and wash bedding- Adam ants thread last night about how frequently you change sheets embarrassed me into action
Collect prescription from Dr's
Take ds to park to burn off energy before lunch

Friend and her little ones coming over at 2 ish, her eldest and my ds share a birthday and he's got chicken pox poor lve. We've all had it here so I said come over we're immune! Will plant some tomato seeds with the boys if they're up for it.

Have a good day all

Minkus · 07/03/2008 08:47

soz for monster post

TrinityRhino · 07/03/2008 09:06

garbled list to give me a starting point

empty car of a million things eg cloats clothes, cups, rubbsih, bags, toys aaaghhhh

pack a bag for me and the kids

get snacks for journeys ands whilst there
find something to wear for tonight

dont forget to pack bottle and formula for gecko being babysat tonight

deisel in car

program purplepillows satnav she lent me

panic some more about leaving gecko tonight

brush teeth
wash hair
eat something better than chocolate biscuite

TrinityRhino · 07/03/2008 09:17

can someone come and stay in the house with the little ones whilst I empty the car please

shit what have I let myself in for

BiancaCastafiore · 07/03/2008 09:19

Dame I know/used to know your dh! He was a neighbour of ours growing up Beautiful photos, I'm feeling quite ...still hankering after a third and your lovely pics are encouraging me

FGS good luck the party prep and fingers crossed for the knee op x

Agh! Was going to type more but have had a call form work and have to go out again now.
Back later x

sagacious · 07/03/2008 09:22

trinity going anywhere nice tonight?
minkus tomato seeds? Crikey is it that time already ?

With apologies for the length but
if I write it down I am more inclined to do it)


5 mins ds room
5 mins dd room
5 mins my room
5 mins study/sorting paperwork

Put away dry washing on airer
Put back bath toys
Sort towels

Clear toys in living room
Sweep under sofas
Clean tv screen
Cull newspapers/magazines

Unload d/w
Reload d/w
Wipe surfaces
Lemon juice in microwave and wipe down
Sweep floor and spot clean

Take out washing
Put new washing on
Clean utility room sink

Collapse with cup of tea

sleepycat · 07/03/2008 09:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMadHouse · 07/03/2008 09:45

Morning all

I have been trying to log on for the last hour - blardy internet connections

We are out at music and movement this morning and the morning routine is completed

I have a load in the washer so list:General
house tidy
Hoover upstiar
Hoover stairs
Washing in dryer or on line
Sort Tea
Post office
Hot spots

TrinityRhino · 07/03/2008 09:47

saga, going to my mates hen night
but they are 90 miles away so stsying over and taking the kids for her dh to be to babysit

Minkus · 07/03/2008 09:56

Sagacious I'm not sure if it is time to start the tomato seeds, this is the first time I've attempted them! Would you recommend leaving it till later in the month then? Have bought some compost, seeds and a little windwsill propagator but as a complete novice I would welcome any guidance!

BiancaCastafiore · 07/03/2008 10:01

OK, I'm back (for a while at least, lets hope the staff at work can cope for the rest of the morning...)

Trinity enjoy the hen night

I need to have a blitz today. My punishment for being so lazy all week is a l o n g list of jobs!

~hoover downstairs
~hoover sofas
~hoover upstairs
~dust upstairs
~dust downstairs
~put away washing
~washing bedding all in wm/td already
~put bedding back on
~s&s bathroom
~mop floors downstairs
~15min blitz in each bedroom
~take bag of clothes to charity shop
~what's for supper?

Have a 2pm deadline as I have to go back to work so should be able to get a move on if I can stay away from the pc. Then we're going to a friends for a cuppa and a play after school

sagacious · 07/03/2008 10:14

minkus crikey I'm no expert! Have never grown tomatoes from seed (I'm a get them from the nursery about an inch high shove em in a growbag kind of gal) If I think of it in terms of growth its probably about the right time (mine was a more gawd isn't the year flying by sort of comment!)

I am now officially babbling !
Ahem !

Back to the list:

5 mins ds room
5 mins dd room
5 mins my room
5 mins study/sorting paperwork

Put away dry washing on airer done
Put back bath toys done
Sort towels

Clear toys in living room
Sweep under sofas
Clean tv screen
Cull newspapers/magazines done

Unload d/w done
Reload d/w done
Wipe surfaces
Lemon juice in microwave and wipe down
Sweep floor and spot clean

Take out washing done
Put new washing on
Clean utility room sink

Collapse with cup of tea

Looking back at my list I have noticed I am flitting from room to room... that is not good

TrinityRhino · 07/03/2008 11:17

I've still done sod all
help me

BiancaCastafiore · 07/03/2008 11:21

Come on Trinity, I'll help you along What's the first/most important thing on your list?

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