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gas or electric hob - views please!

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dippica · 18/02/2008 22:11

Starting to plan new kitchen. DP insists a gas hob is quicker to get pans up to heat, and easier to adjust down or up. I keep reading that the newer electric hobs are much much better that the old ones. And they look nicer than gas don't they?
I have a really weak sense of smell, so I always worry about the flame going out (although do all new gas hobs come with automatic gas cut out in this situation? ), so I's considering the alternatives.
What do you think?

OP posts:
nobodysfool · 18/02/2008 22:14

I moved last year but at my old place i had a gas hob-Lovely to cook on,fast and very responsive but a mare to clean.New house had an electric hob,easy to keep looking immaculate but really slow to heat up water in a pan!
Am planning a new kitchen at the end of the year and will def have a gas hob.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 18/02/2008 22:14


All the way, instant, controllable.

If you do not really cook then go electric but,electric is a pile of poo.

You have been warned.

Dottydot · 18/02/2008 22:15

Gas. Definitely. No competition. Instant, controllable and no danger of leaning your hand on the hob to stand up and getting second degree burns... [OUCH]

Gas is fab - every time I've used other people's electric hobs it's driven me bonkers.

hunkermunker · 18/02/2008 22:17


You'll be careful because you're an adult and it's a cooker. No?

PillockOfTheCommunity · 18/02/2008 22:17

I've just swapped from gas to electric and I hate it.

JingleyJen · 18/02/2008 22:17

I prefer Gas hob with electric fan oven.

dippica · 18/02/2008 22:18

Oh no, so DP was right, and not a boring old "newthing-phobic" (sure there's a better word for this) like I thought. Bum. Thanks folks.

OP posts:
PurplePillow · 18/02/2008 22:20

Gas for me too, and just think if there is a power cut at least you can have hot water and food

MrsBadger · 18/02/2008 22:20

gas, no question

expatinscotland · 18/02/2008 22:21


I yearn for the old Dixon gas cooker I had in my tiny flat in Denver.

Oooooo, if only.

charleymouse · 18/02/2008 22:27

I have gas currently but in new kitchen am having induction which allegedly heats up pan of water to boiling point quicker than gas and does not stay hot when pans removed. Would still be warm to touch but heating element only works when pan is on top of ring. Some sort of technical magnetic thing I think. Cue excuse for some nice new pans

Can you tell DH is swayed by advertising. I have not actually seen it in action yet as do not get electric connected until later this week and kitchen not being fitted until next month.

charleymouse · 18/02/2008 22:31

Prompted to find out more about it so here goes

KatyMac · 18/02/2008 22:34

I want gas so much I am considering moving because there isn't any in my village

Jackstini · 18/02/2008 22:35

I used to think - gas for cooking, electric for cleaning!
But I have got induction now so super quick and easy clean.
Only drawback is that for it to work, your pan has to be in contact with the hob, so if you do a lot of 'tossing' and 'tilting' pans during cooking it is not ideal. Oh, and we had to buy new pans as not all will work on induction hobs (magnetic)

NorthernLurker · 18/02/2008 22:39

gas - electric hobs generally rubbish!

Quattrocento · 18/02/2008 22:41


Ironically the first thing I insisted upon when we changed the kitchen was changing the hob from electric to gas

Carmenere · 18/02/2008 22:43

If you like cooking you absolutely cannot have electric. In fact it is a pretty good indication in my mind that if a person has a new kitchen with an electric hob it means they don't love cooking.

Clary · 18/02/2008 23:02

gas of course.

Why would anyone want an electric hob? Seriously, gas so rules. Leccy takes ages to heat up and cool down and is so hard to control.

Our holiday cottage has an electric hob and it drives me Maaaaad.

Yes jingleyjen, electric oven is what we need (I have gasoven and it's annoying - not as bad as leccy hob wd be tho )

expatinscotland · 18/02/2008 23:44

we both love cooking.

but we are renters so don't have a choice .

Jackstini · 19/02/2008 08:05

But induction is immediate and cools down faster than a gas hob....

sophiewd · 19/02/2008 08:09


Katymac, we don't have mains gas either but have a big gas bottle outside with a feed through the wall to our gas hob.

KatyMac · 19/02/2008 09:10

Is it good?

sophiewd · 19/02/2008 09:39

Its great, lasts about a year and when we have power cuts at least we know we can have something hot to eat, warm drinks and hot water bottles

pukkapatch · 19/02/2008 09:41


Blandmum · 19/02/2008 09:42

Gas, then gas, then gas!
So much better than electric or halogen, and I've had both in the past.

I have an electric fan oven and also and electric grill, and both are fine, but for the hob, it has to be gas

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