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gas or electric hob - views please!

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dippica · 18/02/2008 22:11

Starting to plan new kitchen. DP insists a gas hob is quicker to get pans up to heat, and easier to adjust down or up. I keep reading that the newer electric hobs are much much better that the old ones. And they look nicer than gas don't they?
I have a really weak sense of smell, so I always worry about the flame going out (although do all new gas hobs come with automatic gas cut out in this situation? ), so I's considering the alternatives.
What do you think?

OP posts:
margoandjerry · 19/02/2008 09:43


There is no gas in my building so I have to have electric but to get round the Carmenere problem, I have a halogen hob. It is pretty good. Very controllable. Not quite as good as gas but a good approximation and nowhere near those traditional electric rings.

sagacious · 19/02/2008 09:45

Gas hob
Electric fan oven

Blandmum · 19/02/2008 09:45

Agree that halogen is better than 'ordinary' electric.

But gas is so much better than either

EffiePerine · 19/02/2008 09:53


doggiesayswoof · 19/02/2008 09:55

Always gas hob

& electric fan oven

OliviaMumsnet · 19/02/2008 09:57

Electric hobs don't always look nicer than gas hobs. If you have a spill on an induction type one you have to scrape it off (tedious).

Also often, if the water boils over (not unheard of when cooking and MNing, let's be honest) then you can't turn the heat down because the controls are so close to the rings.

I HATE ours with a passion, can you tell?

pukkapatch · 19/02/2008 09:58

i dont see why anyone would ever prefer gas.
it makes a huge mess that is impossible to clean. with an electric cooker you just give one wiope, and its done
with electric it takes a while to cool down, so anything being cooked in a pot gets good stewing time, or whatever it is called. turn the cooker off before its doen, and it comes out perfect. with gas, as soon as you turn the gas off, it cools down, meaning you cant get that slow cooked effect.
also with gas, its impossible toregulate it properly. you have two speeds. high enough to burn the ban, or low, but its not low enough.
and, with an electric, when not inuse, its part of theworktop. so extra space

Clary · 19/02/2008 12:38

MB is always right you know.

I agree that a ceramic or whatever leccy hob is easier to clean. But when you turn down the milk about to boil over on gas, it goes down. Hurrah!

Also pukkapatch my gas hob has several heat options, including a very very low simmer. Whenever I do cook with electric I find I have to choose between rapid rolling boil and, err, oh I?ve turned it down but it?s still boiling madly, oh I?ve turned it down some more and now it?s stopped doing anything and I have raw veg!

expatinscotland · 19/02/2008 12:40

'Oh, Lord, won't you buy me
A new gas cooker?
I'm counting on you Lord,
Please don't let me down.'

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