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Wednesday Fly

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ludaloo · 30/01/2008 09:02


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ludaloo · 30/01/2008 09:03

baby Steps Day 23

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ludaloo · 30/01/2008 09:06

Morning Ladies

Gibberish... I've said Hi, my talk name is cookie

Well, am at home again today...I am hoping and preying my fitness dvd comes today (Its been over a week since I ordered it) Its hailing, and freezing outside so I can't walk anywhere or skip in the garden!

House is a bomb site so that needs doing. I am off to eat something and then get cracking

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BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 09:08


I'm helping at the school this morning so will be heading back in a mo.
I'm tempted to try a trip into Oxford today but am v nervous. We have some Christmas presents which still need to be exchanged plus dh and I have a wedding to go to soon and I need something decent to wear...I may be brave or I may chicken out, will see how long I take at school.

I'll do the mission and some laundry later.
Must dash now, see you later x

Grouchyoscar · 30/01/2008 09:31

Morning Luda and Bianca and Hello All

Having a bit of a 'Why do I bother' strop atm. DH said he'd take Ed to school today. I didn't realise he meant that literally. I still got up, did my morning routines and he sat down and did su doku til it was time to take him


I pop into the kitchen after he's just gone and there is his mobile sat on the worktop! So I have to walk to school to give it to him

Thanks for all the congrats messages yesterday. I'm popping up to the school to see the SENCO now, then off to work. Might be back later

TheMadHouse · 30/01/2008 09:33

Morning Bianca and Luda

Morning routine done.

DH is in the shower and then he is going to pick up my mum.
DS1 is still not well, but hoping will be OK whilste we are at funeral.

SO must go and get dressed

Catch you all later

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 10:16

Morning GO, Bianca and Mad

Madhouse Thinking of you all today xx

I'm doing ok so far:
~Unloaded and reloaded D/W
~Tidied Kitchen
~Wiped all worktops down
~Picked all dirty clothes up off various floors
~Put a load of washing on
~Tidied toys out of living room...but DD2 is bringing more down quicker than I can put them away again!
~Changed bin bag, and clean bin lid and sides

Am going to have a quick dust I think now, and then vac

I'm feeling very deflated today, weighed myself this morning, and I am exactly the same weight as I was last wednesday I have no idea how that can be! I have still been eating like a saint, and doing all the same excercise...infact a bit more if anything, with my 3 days walking to school and back.

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ludaloo · 30/01/2008 11:25

Dusting done, and vacced upstairs and down

Where is everyone today?

I had better go and carry on xx

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DontDreamItBeIt · 30/01/2008 11:55

It is very quiet on here today....

TMH - I hope it goes ok today.

GO - I hope he was grateful. I probably wouldn' have taken it, but hen I am mean

Bianca - I hope you have the time/motivation/courage to get out this afteroon

I'm still not looking at missions, or doing any proper FLYing tbh, but dp hoovered everywhere last night, and he has finished plastering (at last) so I've given the bathroom (plater mixing room) a good clean up.
Other than that, I've made cakes and done the washing.
I'm off out fo a thai meal at my friends house this afternoon (She is getting veggie just for me, so I hope I like it), then it is Brownies later. I hope everyone is ell

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 12:07

Hi Jas
Enjoy your meal!

Did you know ladies, that an hour of moderate effort cleaning burns 252 calories!

My dvd still hasn't turned up today So I may have to go clean instead!

OP posts:
EHM · 30/01/2008 12:09

Morning...oops afternoon all

TMH hope all goes as well as can be expected today.x. I am sure ds1 eill be fine with his nanna
ludaI hate when the weather is afwul. Hope your dvd arrives.
bianca go for it treat yourself to a nice lunch in town as a reward
go hope it goes well with SENCO when i ready this I have visions of some kind of marshall arts master
dream enjoy your thai meal how yummy

Back from swimming morning routines & lunch done. Did todays mission on monday. Need to get swimming stuff in wm. Then wait for the British gas man to arrive anytime between 12-6pm tonight I think I'll do the ironing once ellie has her nap.

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 12:24

an hour of running up the stairs burns 1080 calories!!! Wow! (I doubt I could keep that up for 5 mins let alone an hour!)

OP posts:
gibberish · 30/01/2008 12:30

Hello everyone!

luda Have posted a message And sent you a private message too. Wonder if you'll spot who I am on there. I've made it very difficult Just been out for a run Feel absolutely FANTASTIC!

TMH Hope you are ok today xx

Bianca Did you manage to get out to Oxford? If you did, hope you coped ok. I've never been to Oxford, always fancied going.

Aaaw GO There, there...

Oooh Jas enjoy the meal! Lucky you

EHM Goodness you are organised today! You need to give me a kick up the bahookie. I've been to the bank, been to the retail park and bought a new pair of headphones for my mp3 and been out for a run Nothing else!

Girls have dancing at 4 so need to get a move on.

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 13:01

Ah Ha! I am feeling a little better today...

I have just discovered I made a mistake in my weight calculation...or rather the boots change one thingy thing did!

I started out at 11 stone 6lb on 20th Jan when I signed up to it....and when I weighed myself after the first week I was 10 stone 13lb. It told've lost 5lb! I am a bit thought...hoorah! 5lb!!

Now I have signed up to the Boots diet thing, and put in my two different weights, it said congratulations you have lost 7lb!! and it gave me a rossette!!!
I had to google how many lbs there are in a stone! so now I know....


But...I still haven't lost any weight in week 2 as I weighed myself this morning and I'm still 10 stone 13lb

But still...7lb is even better than 5lb!

OP posts:
FunkyGlassSlipper · 30/01/2008 13:07

Hi everyone. Full of a head cold here and have been parent helper today. I've given the hosue a 15 min burst though and it doesnt look too bad. I have people coming here this afternoon and I wont be embarrassed

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 13:12

that's still not quite right as I started on thursday 18th


OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/01/2008 13:24

tut...thursday 17th!!!! Oh I'm sooo confused!

LOL...sorry I seem to be rambling!!!

OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/01/2008 13:33

Ah...I see...I started on thursday 17th on paper at home...didn't find the site until the sunday!
If I had a brain I'd be dangerous!!!

OP posts:
gibberish · 30/01/2008 13:40

rofl!!! Whenever you started, and whatever you weighed when you started CONGRATULATIONS!

7lb loss is absolutely amazing! And you beat me to getting a rosette hehe.

Just had my dinner and now I am FLAMING STARVING! Tummy is rumbling. Off to drink a few bathfuls of water to see if that helps before I resort to gnawing my arm off.

EHM · 30/01/2008 13:53

luda you are making me with your rambling posts Well done anyway!
gibberish try warm water, or green tea?

gibberish · 30/01/2008 14:22

Hello EHM! Feeling okay now ta Had a shower to take my mind off my stomach and now dinner seems to have taken effect lol.

Off to write out weekly shopping list.

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 14:25

Well all I know is I was 11 stone 6lb, and today I am 10 stone whenever it was that I did start, I've lost 7lb from then. Will try and be less dim....starting now!
Ta ladies

I get hunger pangs like that too gibb try brushing your teeth.

Well Dh came home for lunch and lit the fire (I can't do it without kindling and we had ran out so I was freezing all morning...dh came back and hacked up a piece of wood from the shed)
I am hopefully walking up the get the kids...with my friend...fingers xrossed it doesn't pee it down, as I have just told DH he can have the car.

OP posts:
NineUnlikelyTales · 30/01/2008 14:25

Well my visitor has gone home and you would never know I had been spring cleaning my sitting room (not the visitor's fault BTW). I should be cleaning it now instead of coming here but hey ho!

Luda which DVD have you ordered? And congratulations on the weight loss, that is superb [balloons, etc]
Bianca hope your shopping went well, I love Oxford
Grouchy your DH sounds like mine, except with DVDs instead of Sudoku. Drives me mad
TheMadHouse thinking of you
Dontdreamit I love thai food, am v envious[green]
FGS I hope your cold is better soon/ Everyone seems to have one at the moment
Gibberish I trust you arm was tasty

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 14:39

9Nut I ordered Jordans DVD (twas the cheapest!) It looks quite good though, the description sounds very much like our keep fit routine, with a warm up, fat burning, toning, and then a cool down bit at the end.
She doesn't actually lead it, her trainer does, she does does it along side I think.

OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/01/2008 14:40

so she does does

OP posts:
NineUnlikelyTales · 30/01/2008 16:40

Are you hoping any excessive fat will burn off your bum, melt and rise upwards into your chest?

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