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Wednesday Fly

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ludaloo · 30/01/2008 09:02


OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 17:10

Hello again

I did make it into town drove in and parked, feel v pleased. I was shaking by the time I parked the car!
Managed to find an outfit for the wedding but am not 100% certain about it...
think it's ok...lokking on their website now I see other things I like though...

Luda you have made me lol reading through todays thread

Better finish serving supper- dd has Rainbows soon. BBL x

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 17:18

9Nut How did you guess!?? That would be fabulous LOL! If it just crept upwards a little bit I'd be pleased LOL!

Bianca Well done you! I LOVE the skirt! What are you going to wear under the top? You will look great

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 17:23

just a plain brown top Luda It's a much brighter top than I'd usually wear...

BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 17:24

I like this skirt too...

EHM · 30/01/2008 17:32

very nice bianca love the bolero. YOu must be dead pleased with yourself

Still waiting for the fecking British Gas Man should have been here between 12-6pm he is really cutting it fine.will call them at 5.45 to check. Ellie is happily eating her tea & watching Nina & The Neurons. Called the clinic again today, they didnt return my call from yesterday. They still haven't called me back not impressed!

Grouchyoscar · 30/01/2008 18:12

Hello, just got back and online so I haven't read the thread fully

I saw the SENCO (Does sound like a martial arts expert) and she told me what I was to do and I met the two children I'll be working with. It all seems rather daunting but new things do don't they?

Head straight off to do my creche work, then home and collect Ed from the childminder and back in the house

Open the post and...I've got an interview at another school and I feel a little strange about it. Do I want that job? Oh what am I like?

TMH, hope everything went as well as could be expected.

Bianca Glad you seem a little brighter. The outfit looks fab. My BF said she stopped looking after she bought her wedding dress as she always saw another that she may have liked better, so stop looking

Luda Yaddah 9Nuts EHM Jas Gibberish FGS How Do

I'll start on the Bedtime routine now so bye all x

RubyRioja · 30/01/2008 18:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NineUnlikelyTales · 30/01/2008 19:04

Bianca I love the outfit. Well done you for making it into town.

BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 19:42

Thanks 9NUT Do you live near Oxford?
Thanks Grouchy I like the outfit too - I liked a classy black outfit too but am trying to be more colourful... Glad your meetings re the job have gone well
Hope the gas man turned up EHM
Well done on the clear-up Ruby. I did our toy cupboard earlier in the week, didn't take long so I was ashamed that I hadn't tackled it sooner.

Dd and I had an hour and a half without ds after school today (he went to play with a friend) so we did each other a fashion show - me trying on my new clothes and her picking outfits from her wardrobe, it was great fun She's such a sweetie, so nice to have some girlie time Mind you, she did come into my room at one point and say "Bianca Castafiore your room is a mess!"

Back into school tomorrow to help with ds class in the morning and dds class after lunch!

Must do some tidying at some point too....

ludaloo · 30/01/2008 19:58

LOL Bianca My DD1 likes fashion shows too!

I have just been swimming
Only went for half an hour, DH seemed quite happy to look after the kids so thought I'd grab the chance!
Managed 30 lengths and a few more but lost count as I kept having to dodge all the kids!
Was feeling a bit and that I hadn't managed to do much exercise today so now feel much better .

Have to go and tuck the kids back in (they all got back up when I got in!)


OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 20:02

Well done Luda I drove dd to Rainbows as we were running v late. Felt bad then though so walked to collect her, felt miles better for some fresh air. I have been walking the long way to school all week across the fields and really enjoying it

BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 20:20

Have shown dh my outift - he says I look very grown up
Another friend has looked at the links via MSN and doesn't like it at all

Janni · 30/01/2008 20:34

Hello ALL - didn't manage to get on MN today. Tried to keep up with HW schedule, but feeling a bit deflated tonight because it seems that one extra commitment (had a meeting about DD today) leaves me struggling to keep things in order and I REALLY don't think I'm being a perfectionist. It's just I'm the only one of the five of us who seems to want a clean, tidy flat. BUT THEY ALL EXPECT ME TO KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS

Grouchy - that morning experience sounds eerily similar to in my family!

tortoise · 30/01/2008 20:36

Evening all.
Went to toddler group this morn. Spent most of the time holding my friends DS2 age 2 mths! He is so smiley and gorgeous. Even though he managed to sick up a bit of milk down my top!

Not got much else done today other than washing up and washing.

I did attempt new recipe for dinner, veggie burgers, but they were a complete disaster. The mixture went really runny, more like soup! So i couldn't make it into burgers. I don't know what went wrong. Ended up chucking a few fish fingers under the grill instead. Spent ages chopping spuds and veg too.

All ready for Micky's arrival tomorrow. He will be here about 12 o'clock.

DontDreamItBeIt · 30/01/2008 20:49

Bianca. I have looked at your outfit and it is lovely. TBH I wouldn't say it was awful after you'd bought it and think that is very rude. If I didn't like it I wouldn't say anything!

I've read the rest and forgotten as usual. I need to go and do a bit more painting beforeI make the bed up.....

TheMadHouse · 30/01/2008 20:59

Evening ladies

I have read the thread, but head is currently in the shed.

So - Boys stayed with Mum till 3 when we came back and collected them and got out of suits etc and we have just got back 10 mins ago. Bloody long arduous day. Service was a requiem mass and burial in a really lovley but windy spot.

It was nice to see everyone, but not the right occassion if that makes sence. The difficult part is yet to come.

We are not sure of the will, but the last one we know of leaves everything Farm House and Farm to FIL and nothing to his 3 sisters. FIL's intention is to give Farm House to DH's younger brother and keep farming. we have a few issues with this, as currently FIL and Farm Hand Farm not BIL, but we are going to wait until the will is read and we only know this cause BIL rang us last night and told us - pah

Recon that FIL's sisters are going to be unhappy

BiancaCastafiore · 30/01/2008 21:02

Thanks Jas I know it's not my usual style (ie - black, or darker colours) but I'm trying to dress more interestingly now I'm feeling slimmer

TMH glad today went as possible. Good luck with sorting the will - often a cause for stresses in the family x

tortoise · 30/01/2008 21:22

Have just quickly made fairy cakes. Glad i remembered before it was too late or DC wouldn't have much in their lunches.

EHM · 31/01/2008 08:14


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