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If you have a cordless vacuum...

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BFPDec21 · 04/11/2022 15:45

What one do you have and would you recommend it?
What do you like about it and what do you hate about it?

OP posts:
Blogdog · 04/11/2022 15:48

I have a dyson. I hate hate hate it. Too inflexible to get into corners, hand hurts keeping the switch pressed all the time. I would bin it in the morning but DH is weirdly attached to it due to its marketing engineering credentials.

Speedweed · 04/11/2022 15:50

Bosch Athlet. Works on hard floors only, with light dust. Loved it at first but the battery charge drops really quickly so it's a pain as it now works for about 3 minutes and I've now replaced it with a corded vacuum.

I wish cordless vacuums had separate battery packs like drills, which could be switched in and out easily and replaced and recycled when they wear out.

JeniferAllisonPhillipaSue · 04/11/2022 15:52

@Speedweed my shark does.

Falmerjeans · 04/11/2022 15:56

Dyson. DH loves it but it's rubbish on carpet. It's no good for carpet edges or corners. Great for a quick whizz on hard floors though. Holding the button down all the time makes it hard for me. It holds charge well and is easy to empty.

HBGKC · 04/11/2022 16:01

@JeniferAllisonPhillipaSue which Shark cordless model do you have?

garlicandsapphires · 04/11/2022 16:02

I have a Shark and I HATE it. It needs emptying constantly, it spits rubbish OUT, and it has rubbish suction.

Caspianberg · 04/11/2022 16:03

Our shark is great. Stands alone, we have x2 batteries so one always charged, and handy attachments without taking whole thing apart

BergamotandLime · 04/11/2022 16:04

We have a eufy robovac and it is amazing. Tidy up, press go and off he goes vacuuming under the sofas and everything.

JellyBellies · 04/11/2022 16:05

I have a Shark. It is brilliant on hard floors, I bought it for the kitchen. Not so great on carpet but that's ok for me as I mainly use it downstairs

Mosik · 04/11/2022 16:05

I have a Bagotte robot vac plus a cordless I got for £100 from Lidl both are brilliant.

Moonflower12 · 04/11/2022 16:05

I have a Vax one. It's good for a quick flick round. The suction is only good on the 'High' setting which sucks the battery.

Haveitheright · 04/11/2022 16:06

Vax blade.

Really easy to use, good suction. I only have a basic one so the thing I don’t like is the battery doesn’t last long. When this dies I will replace it with the one that has two battery packs. I also fined the dust collection thing a bit stiff to put on but I still love the hoover.

ouch321 · 04/11/2022 16:06

Shark Cordless- such a good buy.

Hold on for Black Friday if you can, I'd be shocked if they didn't go on offer.

ouch321 · 04/11/2022 16:06

Also have a Eufy but it's crap compared to the Shark.

FatToFitPart3 · 04/11/2022 16:06

Shark here, got the one that came with 2 batteries and they last well. Only down side is that it needs emptying several times while doing the whole house (we have a constantly shedding dog). Other than that it’s great. It’s an older one, I can only imagine newer versions are even better (anti hair wrap and such). I got it on a Black Friday deal, that was really a bargain.

FatToFitPart3 · 04/11/2022 16:07

ouch321 · 04/11/2022 16:06

Shark Cordless- such a good buy.

Hold on for Black Friday if you can, I'd be shocked if they didn't go on offer.

Snap! 😁

JeniferAllisonPhillipaSue · 04/11/2022 16:09
CrunchyCarrot · 04/11/2022 16:10

I have a Dyson V15 and absolutely love it. It cuts up my long hairs so they don't tangle round the head, which is a real godsend. Good suction, easy to empty and change/wash the filter. Cost a lot, though, but for me, worth it!

MinnesotaMuffin · 04/11/2022 16:10

Henry Hoover. Comes with 2 batteries. Good on hard floors. Okay on carpet. Battery lasts about 20 mins on high. Not as convenient as an upright.

Toomuchleopard · 04/11/2022 16:14

Shark cordless. I love it. I paid £190 on Black Friday last year from Much better than Dyson and I can do my whole house without the charge running out.

Bideshi · 04/11/2022 16:17

Dyson. It's good, but like all Dysons it should come with a resident engineer. Over-designed.

Floralnomad · 04/11/2022 16:20

We currently have Sharks , but I’ve also had a Bosch Athlet and Dysons previously , the Sharks are my favourite .


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catfunk · 04/11/2022 16:22

Dyson v 15. It's great, much better than previous models.

GnarlyOldGoatDude · 04/11/2022 16:23

Alas I am a vacuum locust (strangely, as I hate cleaning and do as little as possible…)

None of the cordless ones I’ve had are as good as a corded on carpet. All fine on hard floors.

I've currently got a Shark with 2 batteries and some anti hair wrap function. It’s nice but not great on carpets.

Previously I’ve had:
Bosch Athlet (lovely and nippy, not v reliable though)
gtech air ram (powerful but very noisy)
eufy Robovac (everyone raves about it; I hated it, lasted less than one day)
ancient Dyson handheld- still v good for quick crumb pickups

I have yet to find the holy grail of a vacuum that is cordless and amazing on carpet!

DoctorAcula · 04/11/2022 16:23

GTech Pro2. It's better on hard floors, prefer an upright for carpet.

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