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Tuesday FLY :0)

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ludaloo · 22/01/2008 07:21


Day 18

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ludaloo · 22/01/2008 07:26

Morning Ladies

I have had a quick read of yesterday's thread.

Bianca Hope you get on ok at the dentist

Gibberish Awww I have never seen a guinea pop corn before! We let ours out and they scuttle behind the nearest piece of furniture and stay there! You sound like you have happy little piggies!
When the weather gets warmer and dryer (if it ever stops raining) I'll put them in the garden for a bit...they like that.

Hello to everyone

Well yesterday was as hectic as I thought it was going to be....but today I am in all day so can catch up with the house work. The mission needs doing, as there are about 3 piles of washing in our room.

Will get on and get the kids ready for school

OP posts:
DontDreamItBeIt · 22/01/2008 08:11

Morning ludaloo

I hope your appt goes ok this morning Bianca

I'm not even looking at missions at the moment We have no bedroom any way so I reckon I'm ok!

BiancaCastafiore · 22/01/2008 08:18

Thanks An hour from now and I'll be almost half way through...keeping crying though - so pathetic! I know at the very least I'll cry in front of the dentist, if not have a v&d attack Hate this bloody thing, really hate it it's just not me, I'm not this sobbing anxious wreck in everyday life!

I'm going to the supermarket after the dentist and will be treating myself to someting yummy for lunch - sod the calories, I've barely been able to eat for the past couple of days!

Then I need to blitz the house so I hope to be back with a list. See you all later, thanks again for the thoughts

ludaloo · 22/01/2008 08:33

Morning Jas

Good luck bianca I really hope you don't have a v&d attack Just keep in mind that it will soon be over with.

Just a quick list so I don't forget!

~Clean Fishtank
~Hoover all over...including under the sofa cushions
~Tidy Kitchen
~Change all the beds
~Bathroom and toilets
~Sort out stuff for Gardening Club

I expect there is plenty more, but that'll do for now

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 22/01/2008 08:49

Morning All

I do the V&D too Bianca do you asre not alone. I am thinking about you.

Groucy I hope you had no more sickness - one can never have enopugh bedding

Luda Hope you had a hope if not busy day yesterday.

Today is mums and toddlers and I must cancell my CBT so that the preschool can come and see DS1.

Janni · 22/01/2008 09:47

Morning ALL Good luck today, Bianca We missed you yesterday, Luda!

I'm having a day out at a friend's today. Will do the mission before I go and have a quick pick-up in DS2's room. Have a good day x

BiancaCastafiore · 22/01/2008 09:55

Wooohoooo! I'm back, it's all over
I did cry and make a bit of a fool of myself but at least the v&d all happened before I left home and the extremely kind dentist was so sympathetic and calm she really helped Still with myself for getting in such a state about such a minor thing Anyway, it's all done, hopefully it'll be a while before I have to go through it again.

Right, off to the supermarket now. Better clean the fridge before I go. Back later x

tortoise · 22/01/2008 10:24

Well done Bianca. Hopefully next time you will feel les anxious.
GO Hope Ed is ok today.

I was suppose to be jogging now while DD2 is at pre-school but my chest is tight and i am coughing a bit so i really don't think jogging in the cold air is a good idea! Plus i have put on another 3lb since last Tueday. Why am i so crap with food??

Suppose i should get something done. maybe wash up. DD2 only at pre-school until 12 so i don't have long.

ludaloo · 22/01/2008 10:43

Bianca YAY!!! well done you

Jannie Awww...thank you!

Mad Its was a good day..very busy, but I got a lot done. Hope everything goes well with DS1

Tort I have a cough too...had it a good while now as well! Hopefully the weather will get better soon. I haven't actually weighed myself since I started this healthy eating milarky, which was last we shall see how I have done when I weigh again this Thursday. (fingers crossed I have lost weight! I am supposed to be losing 2lb a week)

Well, I have sorted all the gardening club stuff out, we are making Cheerio Bird Feeders, there is a picture of a bird to colour and then they need to draw a picture of their feeders in their scrapbooks.
That should take them 40 mins hopefully (they whizz through everything so quickly!)

House wise, I haven't even started! I am hungry now though, so will find something to eat, then get cracking.

OP posts:
tortoise · 22/01/2008 10:44

I have just stopped what i am doing to watch This Morning! They are pant testing! PMSL!!
(And a bit of oggling!!!)

Grouchyoscar · 22/01/2008 11:12

Ed managed to lavishly coated his bedroomat 1am. DH helped get things sorted but we had a visitor in our bed ALL NIGHT!

So he's off school, DH is off work with ear trouble. I've sorted out loads of laundry this morning all ready and I really want a kip

so, everyone OK?

tortoise · 22/01/2008 11:14

Aww poor Ed. Maybe it wasn't the milk. Lots going round at the moment(as usual!)

Washing up done.
Work tops wiped down ready for making biscuits with DD2 after i pick her up from pre-school.

TheMadHouse · 22/01/2008 11:56

We are back and I have lunch on for the boys.

2nd load of washing in and dryer on again.

Must stop thinking about ironing and start ironing - I hate it cant you tell.

Groucy Sorry about Ed.
Well done Bianca often the thinking is worse than the doing. Not that I can talk

ludaloo · 22/01/2008 11:59

Biscuits sound good tort

Poor Ed...I hope he gets better soon GO

I have done the beds, and sheets etc. are in a pile to be washed.
Upstairs is reletively tidy, just needs a hoover
Downstairs is also quite tidy...that also needs a vac.
DD2 is watching Mickey Mouse and colouring in, I'll fix some lunch, then do the fishtank and the hoovering...and the loos.

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 22/01/2008 12:43

Poor Ed Grouchy, hope he's soon better x

Luda you've been busy!

TMH I know, I build things up in my mind so the thought is worse that the's largely in my mind these days, but I have suffered in public many times in the past gets me down though, as you know.

Tort pants testing lol! Sorry I missed that

I've done the supermarket shop, half of it is still sitting in bags on the kitchen floor though, I must get on and unpack it soon.
I also ended up doing some errands for dh so have been out longer than I expected to be.
No other FLYing done, haven't looked at the mission yet - house is a TIP!
Going to see how much I can do in an hour before Doctors is on, then I'll have lunch (spinach salad) and try to have a long walk round the fields to school to collect the kids

ludaloo · 22/01/2008 12:56

Wish I could walk to school today Bianca But its piddling down.

Made lunch, DD2 and I had Tuna Pasta

Fishtank is done
Downstairs is all hoovered
Downstairs loo all clean

Just upstairs to hoover, and the clothes to put away...and the bathroom to do.
Need to wipe the kitchen tops down too...full of toast crumbs and the like.

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 22/01/2008 13:05

I have lots of tuna and some tortillas to use up for supper - what would anyone do with them?....

Luda nice day here - we had blue skies till about 30mins ago. It's a bit more cloudy now but I'm hoping it'll stay dry before I go to school

Haven't achieved much yet....

TheMadHouse · 22/01/2008 13:34

well lunches and the like done. DS1 is playing eith his cars and the like and DS2 is asleep.

No change on Lincoln, still keeping our fingures cross and hoping for a miracle.

No Ideas at all re Tuna Bianca as I hate the tinned suff, although you could do Tina fahitas - tuna, peppers, onions with herbs and wrap in the tortillas or tuna and cheese quesidillas. Pop Tortiliia in frying pan with tun and cheese another totilla on top and cook, turn over and cook. Makes the tortillas crispy. Serve with salad

Grouchyoscar · 22/01/2008 13:44

Ed has polished off a cheese and homemade red pepper relish sandwich, a yoghurt, a carrot and 2 fruit biscuits. I think he's better

DH has an appointment tonight for his ears, I'll pop and get some supplies from Tesco

Just about up to date with the housework so I'm going to oogle Dr kermode. I've earned it {grin]

NineUnlikelyTales · 22/01/2008 13:50


Hello ladies. I was a good flyer for a few months but lost the impetus for a while and stopped posting on these threads. Now DS is a bit older and has a good long lunchtime nap I find I am able to devote a bit more time to keeping the house clean and it's not looking too bad! Will you accept me back into your ranks?

So far today I have
Made the beds
Shopped for food
Tidied kitchen
Prepared veg for tonight's dinner
Put on a load of washing and sorted another one ready

Still to do
Vacuum cobwebs from sitting room ceiling
Buy cheese, bin liners and other bits (should have made a proper list earlier)
Tidy sitting room
Mop kitchen floor
Plan tomorrow's dinner as we have a friend over
S&S bathroom

It feels good to be back

EHM · 22/01/2008 13:54

Afternoon all
Sorry I stil being a very poor excuse for a fly friend at the moment. Had Ellie at Dr's yesterday she has an Ear Infection, 2nd one in 3 months She is presently snuggled on couch watching her Baby Signing DVD for about the zillion time since Saturday.

bianca Well done youI would go with Tuna quesidillas. yummy!
ludathanks for thread, hope rain stops soon.
FGS how is dd1?
dontdreamitbeit hope work in house is going well.
TMHhello janniEnjoy your day out at friends
Grouchy hope ed is ok? Every night since friday I've had to change Ellie's bedding at least onceIs the rain bad where you are?
tort look after yourself.{hugs}
bewilderhows the weather effecting you? Hope all is ok?
gibberish hope painting is going well

HI to Ruby,yadd,simply & shannar & anybody else I may have missed very sorry sleeped deprived mummy here.

Right sick toddler demanding more dvd(too ill to climb down from couch to restart dvd)

Grouchyoscar · 22/01/2008 14:08

Hi EHM The weather has been awful here so the house looks like a chinese laundry atm. I'm hanging wet stuff up to dry and when the worst of the water has gone, wacking them in the TD.

We're near Leeds (and Bewilderbeast too) so it seems it's been really bad round here. I've not seen anything too bad but the local beck is wild apparentley.

Dr K has gone so I'll see what I can dry now. Ed's bed has been made and assorted friends and teddy and blanket have been washed and dried.

Janni · 22/01/2008 16:09

Hello ALL, welcome back to NUT(great name!). Grouchy - sorry to hear about your DS - mine threw up all over the bus the other day. Luckily for me I wasn't with him

I am really tired this afternoon but had a nice day out and enjoyed feeding ducks in a forest lake with my friend and our daughters.

Need to: unpack shopping, prepare dinner, call swimming pool to change time of lessons, FINALLY put Xms stuff away

RubyRioja · 22/01/2008 16:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 22/01/2008 17:18

9NUT Your back! Hellllooooooo How lovely to see you

Just a quick pop back on to say hi. I have just got back from gardening club..the feeders went well
Supper is in the oven...the others have southern fried chicken pieces and a salad, I have the last of my tuna pasta...and a bit of salad (hate salad!)

Righto better get on

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