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Weekend FLY thread - no original titles here as I am too tired to be creative...

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FunkyGlassSlipper · 05/01/2008 07:29

Morning Guys.

Are babysteppers on day 5?

OP posts:
FunkyGlassSlipper · 05/01/2008 07:33

Jas - I love some of those clothes. What sizes are they? If they are age between 4-7 then I'd like 11, 12, 20, 25, 29. If not the right ages dont worry as they'll just clutter up my cupboards and we cant have that

Off to a party at softplay with DD1 today so I get to take my ipod and a book

Then have people over for lunch.

DD2 sick in her bed sometime in the night and we didnt even know so washing her bedding at the moment...

Have a good day everyone..

OP posts:
Janni · 05/01/2008 08:15

Hello Flyladies, may I join you? I'm a SAHM with three kids and I feel like a hamster on a wheel regarding the household! I wake up full of good intentions and end the day feeling defeated I think it might help me to commit myself to things on here....

To do: 1)Get dressed - usually the hardest bit. Reading babysteppers reminded me it's the first thing needed! 2)Hang laundry, put dry away, do new load,
3)Clean bathrooms 4)dusting, 5)wash kitchen floor. Good luck all - I'll need it if I'm going to become the new me this weekend!!

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 09:04

Morning All

Welcome Janni....and good luck with the new you

I slept terribly last night, spent half of it playing musical beds with the kids! DD1 woke up and came into our bed at about midnight, DH swopped with her. DS then came in at about 3am, then at 5am DD1 came in with a nose bleed!
So inbetween wriggly kids and two hourly wakings I didn't get much kip!

I'm still in my dressing gown, so I had better get dressed.
Back in a bit

DontDreamItBeIt · 05/01/2008 09:12


FGS the sizes should come up under the numers if you have it on "grid" They are approximate, but the last two will be too big. The rest are ok though, facebook/email me your address and I'l try and send everyhing omorrow.

Luda - do you want any of it?

Welcome Janni - I find it helpsto commit to doing stuff here. Good luck

Just making breakfast. Back in a bit

glitterfairy · 05/01/2008 09:41

Morning luda FGS and dontdreamit and hello janni.

I am tired today but have done some filing already and am off to buy milk having run out!

Then it is the usual Saturday ballet run and out for a run myself which is going to go form strength to strength this year.

To do:

Get kids to take their decs down
Filing and work - write report
Shine sink (after buying bleach)
Sort out correspondence
Washing - ring repair people about dryer

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 09:43

Jas Yes please...

Could I have 1,6,7 and 12 if its the wrong size for FGS ?
Email me and I'll give you my address
ludaloo at lycos dot com

Do you want postage costs at all? If so let me know

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 09:45

Oh...and thanks for the planners tort
FGS could you email me yours by any chance? (address in my last post) Thanks xx

DontDreamItBeIt · 05/01/2008 09:48

12 will be a good size for FGS('s dd), and tortoise wants number 7, Ludaloo. 1 is age 13-14 (I bough it from Simply, but dd1 doesn't like it) so you may not want that either

TheMadHouse · 05/01/2008 09:56

Morning all

I need to pop the washer and dryer on again this am and also mop the floo0rs as DS1 is being a demon and we have milk all over again.

So on wards and upwards.

tortoise · 05/01/2008 09:56

I am not even dressed yet! lol! guess that should be my 1st job.
I REALLY MUST put all the washing away today! I have a man coming from HA to fix my bedroom radiator on Monday! There is no room in there! It will be sorted by the end of the day.
Welcome Janni. FGS Enjoy the party! Hope dd2 is ok.
Luda Sorry you had a bad night.
GF Hope your run goes well.

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 10:13 well I'll give it a miss this time then...number 6 are too big too now I have had a closer look. Thank you anyway though

tortoise · 05/01/2008 10:41

I have just managed to get dressed.
I am so cold i don't want to do anything! lol!

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 11:05

Well we are all up and dressed (except for dh)

Have cleaned the guinea's out...they are looking fat, and their nails need clipping....might mean a trip to the vets I think.

Had better try and tidy the house

tortoise · 05/01/2008 11:07

Guinea nails are easy to trim. I do our guinea and Rabbit, although rabbit is harder cos he scratches lol!
Just get pet nail clippers from a pet shop.

gibberish · 05/01/2008 11:13

Hellooooo to everyone! I notice a few new faces too

Got back late last night from Sweden. It was FAB FAB FAB! You all need to go immediately! Am going to write a big review on the travel thread once I get unpacked and the washing on. Loads to do today!

luda I was terrified to cut our gp's nails myself so took them to the vet a few weeks ago. Only cost £2.50 so was well worth it

tortoise · 05/01/2008 11:14

Hello Gibberish. glad you had a good time.

TheMadHouse · 05/01/2008 11:27

Welcome back Gibberish

I have just made a hugh pot of bolengnease sauce.

Question - what makes children so good one day and then so bad the next especailly two year olds. we are at our wits end this morning

tortoise · 05/01/2008 11:31

No idea TMH! Other than tiredness or possibly coming down with something.

ludaloo · 05/01/2008 12:50

TMH it is just a child thing I think....mine are all just the same, especially my 2 year old!
I agree with tort though, I think tiredness/illness really doesn't help either.

Welcome back gibberish, so glad you had a good time!
(I'm not brave enough to do the guinea's nails either...they scrabble about waaaay too much!!)

Weather is vile here, rain, hail, but of sun, then rain again. Just been out dodging the worst of it to get electric tokens.

Back to the house now!

tortoise · 05/01/2008 13:26

sorry you have bad weather Luda. Its sunny here at the moment. Had a small shower earlier as i was walking to the shops with dd's!

Haven't got anything else done yet! I will after lunch, promise!

Shannaratinger · 05/01/2008 13:47

Afternoon everyone

Gibberish welcome back, glad you had a good holiday
Janni hello

Have had a really lazy day. Went into town firstthing so could come back and get lots done, instead reinstalled Monopoly on the computer Have just put washing in TD.
Went to Iceland and they had the stew packs back in, so i can make my veg. soup anytime without having to buy nad then prepare all the fresh veg i.e.swede and turnip.
DS has just woken up from his nap, nearly 3 hours

TheMadHouse · 05/01/2008 13:57

I have to wash all our bedding duvet included as the cooking fat had a fur ball and was sick all over it - so Duvet is in the wash and , then on to the bedding. Sometimes it is a never ending slog.

DS1 has been sent to his room for a while after lunch - 10 mins and that has seemed to cool things somewhat.

We are planning to go out for a walk when DS2 wakes up - he did not surface till 9.10 this morning and was in bed for 7.30. He was a nightmare sleeper untill 11 months old (2 hours at the most) and then it was as though someone had clicked a switch

Grouchyoscar · 05/01/2008 15:11

TMH I found/find with Ed he acts up when he's
Feeling ill
Feels really secure and wants to push the boundaries

They do grow out of it but it is awful when they do it.

Having a crummy day. It started really well and Ed has been an angel but DH was just , you know, that way out. A grown man sulking and behaving like a spoilt brat for no reason is just beyond the pale. I was stuck in Tesco doint the shop with him. Everything I picked up was wrong or he'd got or we didn't need or... You know, that dead patronising patriarchal attitude. Then I went to get something we'd forgotten and I felt would be useful and while I was gone he went through the checkout without waiting for me. Then loads of why have you got those, what are we supposed to do with them. Hell I paid for them (storage boxes for Ed's xmas toys)By the time the cab home arrived I'd been pushed to the limit and lost it with him. Had a shouty session at him about his attitude. I'm not proud but I needed to do it.

It really upset me and I can't get the gumption to do anything now. I just feel drained really now.

I will get going soon. I have housework to get on with

Sorry to rant at you all. Thanks for being there as always

gibberish · 05/01/2008 15:15

Thanks for the welcome back. It was lovely being away but it's good to be back too.

Tidied downstairs, unpacked, second load of washing in, dinner done and dishwasher on and kitchen cleaned.

Off to tidy upstairs, swish and swipe the bathroom and put away clothes then play some games with the girls. Still finding it hard to get going though - holiday mode is lasting longer than it should...

gibberish · 05/01/2008 15:17

Aw grouchy Rant away if it helps. Don't you feel sometimes like the biggest kid of all is your dh/partner??

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