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Roomba IRobot Owners Please!!

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cleaninglady · 16/12/2007 14:11

Calling Roomba owners - having just become the proud owner of a roomba i just have a query hopefully one of you established users can answer!! I heart my roomba already but wondering if I leave it to its own devices would it really cover more than one room if i left the doors open or just end up not doing one room and staying in the other? i know, i know , get a life and all that but was thinking it may be better to just do one room at a time? TIA !!!

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ShrinkingVioLetterstoSanta · 16/12/2007 15:50

it will only run until it's got no battery left (about 45 minutes?), adn needs to be within two metres of its recharger if it's to go back there by itself. So, probably best to do one room at a time I would say.

cleaninglady · 16/12/2007 16:09

thanks Shrinking.... I thought that might be the best bet so am leaving it in a room for 30 mins and then moving it to next room or letting battery die - Also looking at a scooba next ! a very expensive xmas for DH

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AMerryScot · 16/12/2007 16:16

Which version did you get? The 560 enables you to leave it to its own devices. It will thoroughly clean one room before moving to the next.

cleaninglady · 16/12/2007 16:34

Ive only got the Roomba 2 Silver as it was the last one in John Lewis that I sent my DH for in a "I neeeeeeed one" moment I have just read on the website though and it has a Max function that cleans multiple rooms for upto 75 mins so am getting to grips with it! Would any roomba users recommend one for each floor or do you just move yours around where needed?

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cleaninglady · 17/12/2007 13:19

Also, Is the scooba any good? i have a slate floor so slightly uneven - would it work on that? TIA

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preggersagain · 17/12/2007 14:24

ooh- i heart my roombas and my scoobas- BUT beware- i bought the top of the range new scooba and a lower end scooba at the same time- the top whack one is great but the other i tend to have to babysit! so if you go for one buy the best- and remember that you have no warranty and irobot will not provide any help with a scooba as it is not intended for use in the uk. Othere than that- take the plunge i'm glad i did

jura · 17/12/2007 14:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pollyannainexcelsis · 17/12/2007 14:40

where can you get the roomba and scooba over here? i really want one (or more than one really )

preggersagain · 17/12/2007 14:41

i import all of my irobots, mower magic does roombas but the scooba is not intended or licensed for use over here- hence the no warranty problem!

jura · 17/12/2007 16:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cleaninglady · 18/12/2007 12:59

hmmmm plenty to think about!!! you can get scooba's every now and again on ebay but im a bit wary about the lack of warranty but think i may take the plunge after xmas anyway !!! Am also going to get the 560 as this seems to be the best Roomba model? I have a 3 storey house so of course I need two thanks for the link Jura !

OP posts:
cleaninglady · 18/12/2007 13:03

Polly - Domotec are a UK distributor for Roombas in this country as well if that helps!! here

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hanaflower · 18/12/2007 13:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cleaninglady · 18/12/2007 15:46

LOL Hanaflower - i know what you mean but Ive already become so attached to "Roomi" that I move furniture and toys etc so he has an easier run round so he is helping me to be much tidier all round!!

OP posts:
PortAndLemonaid · 18/12/2007 15:48

Anyone know where you can get them repaired/serviced?

Califraunkincense · 18/12/2007 17:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cleaninglady · 18/12/2007 19:28

Can I just say how glad I am that I'm not the only one to have a slightly abnormal attachment to a hoover I totally understand what everyone was going on about now though I really do!! I should be on commission as I have told everyone I know about them and at least 2 people have tried to buy one now!! I just really really neeeeedd another one now though!

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hanaflower · 19/12/2007 11:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShrinkingVioLetterstoSanta · 19/12/2007 11:57

help me settle win an argument with DD1 - my Roomba is obviously a boy, but DD1 insists that becasue his name ends in an "a", he has to be a girl. I don't care about Latin grammar, I simply want her to admit that he's a boy .
So, MNetters - is your Roomba a boy or a girl?

Eliza2 · 19/12/2007 12:13

My Bob Roomba does more than one room. But ours are quite small.

He's OBVIOUSLY a boy because men need all the positive role models for housework they can get.

I love Bob. I just wish I could train him to say 'You look beautiful,' to me and make me a cup of tea.

Seriously, he has saved me hours of hoovering each week.

cleaninglady · 19/12/2007 12:43

hanaflower - please accept my apologies I am obviously still adjusting to the new technology and will make every effort to not mention the word hoover again
mine is called "Roomi" and he is of course a boy mainly because I liked the idea of having a man servant

OP posts:
preggersagain · 19/12/2007 12:51

i have a Roomby (boy- obviously!)who's blue and a Roombi (girl- as she's pink ) and scooba-doo!!!

And Roombas are def not even vacuums- they are a way of life

Eliza2 · 19/12/2007 12:59

I wish my Bob could walk the dogs and check children's spellings.

I love the way he sings a happy song when I ask him to clean. Unlike everyone else in this house.

cleaninglady · 19/12/2007 13:04

There's a pink one urgent web surfing needed......... My DH has very kindly agreed to an extra one for the top 2 floors yay!

OP posts:
preggersagain · 19/12/2007 13:49

the pink was a limited edition breast cancer campaign one- very rare

you can get skins for them though!

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