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How do you dry washing …

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FawnFrenchieMum · 05/07/2021 07:55

When it’s raining?!

Towels, jeans, underwear etc all get chucked in the dryer but things like T-shirt’s, joggers etc that shrink, how do you keep on top of drying them? Got half a load that was on the line that got soaked and half of the next load waiting to dry.

Obviously radiators arn’t on at this time of the year and too wet to hang out?!

OP posts:
JohnLapsleyParlabane · 05/07/2021 08:33

Just hanging over radiators that aren't on won't be enough to dry things. T-shirts on hangars then hung over curtain pole or shower rail. Also, an extra spin in the washing machine can have an amazing effect on drying speed.
We have a pulley airer over the stairs and no tumble dryer. In the utility we have another pulley airer and a dehumidifier. Full load dried in about 4h

finallyfoundout · 05/07/2021 08:33

things like T-shirt’s, joggers etc that shrink, how do you keep on top of drying them?

In the dryer. I have always used the dryer. Last time I hung washing out was about 1994 before I moved out of my parents house. Dryer ever since. No issues with shrinkage, although I am careful to avoid t shorts from NEXT with the horizontal lines through the material (worst explanation ever) because they do shrink. NEXT used to be my go to for kids basics as well!

dementedpixie · 05/07/2021 08:36

Don't hang things on a cold radiator. I use my banister for towels and they can dry overnight

iglpgl · 05/07/2021 08:36

Same as I do when it's not raining (live in a flat, no outside space and no tumble dryer). Airer and dehumidifier, if it's cold enough for heating then the airer goes next to the radiator as well.

Angel2702 · 05/07/2021 08:37

Clothes airer in winter and when raining. Don’t have a tumble dryer.

JustFrustrated · 05/07/2021 08:39

Turn the rumble to low heat....never shrunk anything.

SushiGo · 05/07/2021 08:40

Lying anything wet on radiator won't get stuff dry if the radiator isn't on.

They need to be hanging on an airer or hangers with air moving around them.

C8H10N4O2 · 05/07/2021 08:43

Lakeland heated airers (or similar) are good if you have no outdoor drying space or limited indoor space for airers. Open a window though to reduce condensation.

TBH most kids' clothes which say "don't tumble dry" used to go in the drier with no ill effects. Tiny bit of shrinkage sometimes on the first wash but nothing after that and often no shrinkage at all.

ShagMeRiggins · 05/07/2021 08:47

Also, an extra spin in the washing machine can have an amazing effect on drying speed.

Hear, hear!

userxx · 05/07/2021 08:51

Yep, the extra spin tip is brilliant. Anything being dried indoors is given at extra spin at 1600 and it cuts the drying time down by half.

wtfisgoingonhere21 · 05/07/2021 08:54

I always extra spin everything in the machine before it comes out.

Anything that can't go in tumble dryer I put on hangers and line them up on my lounge curtain rail with the windows open.

Dries them out within the day ready to be ironed or folded that evening.

I once bought a heated airer but found stuff would smell musty or take forever to dry on it and the time it took to sort was unreal so I sold it

NotMyCat · 05/07/2021 09:01

I don't have a dryer so use a heated airer
Things like t shirts I put on hangers straight away and they get put on a rail to dry, less creasing and dry quicker

Theoldwoman · 05/07/2021 15:33

I have lines undercover on the patio, and also a clothes horse I put in the lounge room by the heater.

SquashMinusIsShit · 05/07/2021 15:34

A really good dehumidifier, one that preferably has a drying washing setting. They literally suck the water out of the clothes

EatingTheElephantInChunks · 08/07/2021 09:51

Useful and interesting thread, OP, thank you.

For those pps mentioning using a dehumidifier to help dry laundry - and possibly to improve damp and air quality too - can anyone recommend a make and model please, or ones to avoid from experience?

JohnLapsleyParlabane · 08/07/2021 19:58

@EatingTheElephantInChunks Mine is a meaco dd8L. A couple of friends have the same one and we all find them good quality and not overly expensive

Floralnomad · 08/07/2021 20:02

Anything that doesn’t tumble gets hung on a pole at the French doors , it’s always dry within 24 hours winter or summer .

Fiercestcalm · 08/07/2021 20:03

We have a covered back deck, which even in winter allows drying ( dog bed duvets are washed weekly) items stay there until they are dry and then popped in airing cupboard. My dryer simply takes up room in the laundry….

EatingTheElephantInChunks · 09/07/2021 09:31

Thank you @JohnLapsleyParlabane - do you find that 8L size is big enough to deal almost daily in wet or winter weather with a full airer of washing? I'm looking for one to do that and help dry out a damp old house, so wondering if 8L is enough?

vdbfamily · 09/07/2021 09:42

I have never owned a tumble dryer. Family of 5. At last house we had a wonderful old pulley style Victorian airer which hung over stairwell so as the heat rise up through the house it dried quickly. The 2 worst times of year were spring and autumn when not quite cold enough for heating to be on in house.
Now I have a big airer but also have put high up rails into immersion heater cupboard plus airer underneath so can also put a load there.

vdbfamily · 09/07/2021 09:43

You can also get the rails that hang over a radiator so the item of clothing is hanging, not actually on the radiator

BiBabbles · 09/07/2021 09:45

Alongside the extra spin, I have a door airer, plus an over the door hooks which I always use for button-up shirts and most of my spouse's clothes. I find that plus a small line for socks and light things has helped us after our dryer died in the middle of very wet weather.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints · 09/07/2021 09:50

We're a family of 7. I have 2 airers in our bedroom 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the boys room & the rest goes in the tumble (but because I wash daily it's rare I can't fit it all on). DH is hoping to build a lean-to for me later this year & he'll put me a maiden in that I'll be able to use plus there'll then be side space for the airers (get them out of the other rooms). In winter I tend to tumble dry more & just put light bits/ items that can't be tumble dried on the airer. I prefer air dried clothes (I also have 2 outside lines). I find they last longer, the tumble drier is just a very good back up.

TeaSoakedDisasterMagnet · 09/07/2021 09:51

An airer and dehumidifier.

Jackthementalkitten · 30/07/2021 00:49

How much roughly does a dehumidifier cost to run an hour? I have a dryer- as my last house was full of mould, however much we had the windows open. (We were using 2 clothes airers).

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