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How do people have such nice smelling houses

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Archersandlemonade · 16/01/2021 20:55

I have friends who when they open the door you can smell how lovely their house smells inside. More apparent since last year as I have fair few door stop visits. Do you know the type I mean? They just have a lovely smell. Mine smells of house - I think. It’s isn’t dirty- I do clean but it’s just smells ordinary , no lovely whiff. I have tried getting plug in air fresheners but after a while I find them over powering .
I know ..... it’s a Saturday night ..... I need more in my life Smile

OP posts:
Twobrews · 18/01/2021 09:03

Are the neom oils just essential oils or are they blends? I wish they did samples.

I bought some essential oils and a diffuser from Amazon they were recommended by someone on Instagram but they either give me a headache or smell like wet dog Hmm

The only time my house smells nice to me is when I can smell the clean laundry, I've been baking or the windows are open.

HasaDigaEebowai · 18/01/2021 09:08

For those talking about neom steam diffusers we have two, one upstairs in my room and one downstairs in the hallway. Our house is large and they do a good job of making a few rooms smell lovely.

However, they are just steam diffusers, no different from much cheaper versions you can buy and my particular bugbear with the neom diffusers is the lack of an off switch (meaning you have to lift it up whilst warm and full of water and pull out the plug from underneath the diffuser to turn it off if its been on the constant setting).

I'd go for a cheaper steam diffuser and a neom oil if the price point for the neom diffuser is out of your budget. The oils are expensive at roughly £10 a bottle but they do last for a good couple of months. I put about 10 drops in each time. I also have a lovely (non neom) peppermint essential oil which makes the house smell lovely and fresh and added benefit is supposed to deter spiders!

OP people are not talking about reed diffusers, they are talking about electric steam diffusers like used in spas

QueenPawPaws · 18/01/2021 09:25

For me - Reed diffusers, candles, wax melts
Then the normal stuff like making sure bins are out, windows open etc
My friends comment if I give them something that everything from my house smells lovely!

ShouldHaveCouldHaveWouldHave · 18/01/2021 13:14

@HasaDigaEebowai If you hold in the ‘mist’ button on the Neom, it turns off.

HasaDigaEebowai · 18/01/2021 13:15

@HasaDigaEebowai If you hold in the ‘mist’ button on the Neom, it turns off.

OMG how did I not know this after two years!

BettyShwarma · 18/01/2021 13:17

Well dear me old man Sammy Davis does this thing where he cooks up a lot of bacon but he sprays some febreze in it to give it a nice smell as he does like the old smell of bacon but me myself likes to have a smell of the sea. Our neighbours called the bomb squad.

ShouldHaveCouldHaveWouldHave · 18/01/2021 13:19

@HasaDigaEebowai I only discovered it by accident! Don’t remember it being in the instructions.

Archersandlemonade · 23/01/2021 09:18

@HasaDigaEebowai oh thanks - yes I thought it was a Reed diffuser - as I say I have one in my hallway and can’t smell it as lovely as people are describing

OP posts:
sharond101 · 24/01/2021 18:30

@Ntwa what oils would you recommend buying?

Ntwa · 24/01/2021 18:44

@sharond101 I get them off etsy.. Nikura ones, I've a few all really nice

sharond101 · 24/01/2021 18:46

@Ntwa thank you

Letseatgrandma · 24/01/2021 18:46

I have a cheapo steam diffuser form Amazon which is lovely but would love recommendations for any oils!

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