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How do people have such nice smelling houses

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Archersandlemonade · 16/01/2021 20:55

I have friends who when they open the door you can smell how lovely their house smells inside. More apparent since last year as I have fair few door stop visits. Do you know the type I mean? They just have a lovely smell. Mine smells of house - I think. It’s isn’t dirty- I do clean but it’s just smells ordinary , no lovely whiff. I have tried getting plug in air fresheners but after a while I find them over powering .
I know ..... it’s a Saturday night ..... I need more in my life Smile

OP posts:
BonnesVacances · 17/01/2021 08:42

The White Company diffuser is a bit cheaper.

What scents do pp recommend from Neom? I find it hard not being able to smell them before I order.

doadeer · 17/01/2021 08:47

There are cheaper diffusers on Amazon OP

Archersandlemonade · 17/01/2021 08:52

I’ve found a neom refill on Amazon for £25. - I’d give that a go if it really
Is worth it

OP posts:
Mammaaof · 17/01/2021 08:58

@Archersandlemonade no they stop smelling after a while. I'd get the m&s one I had It for Christmas and absolutely love it can use any oils and they even do ones that smell like unstoppables so your house smells like clean washing all the time or you can get purfume inspired ones! Or just the essential oils if you prefer that sort of smell

Superstardjs · 17/01/2021 09:05

You are nose blind to your own house, so it is tricky to know properly.
Next door smells grim (from the front door) as it is a combination of plug in plus dog. Most houses, unless just cleaned, smell like whatever is going on. I may have timed expected doorstop visits with a hallway mopping and hiding of crap off the stairs and radiator...

Labobo · 17/01/2021 09:07

@BonnieLisbon - what washing powder do you use? I love that clean laundry smell in other people's houses but never seem to achieve it in my own.

Labobo · 17/01/2021 09:10

Clean floors, no dust, well-aired and then good smells of living like fresh coffee, fresh flowers, baking etc.

Can't achieve that in our house as DTeens both home from uni due to Covid and stir fry veg every lunchtime so the house smells of cooking oil, which I can't stand.

Dazedandconfused28 · 17/01/2021 09:10

[quote Labobo]@BonnieLisbon - what washing powder do you use? I love that clean laundry smell in other people's houses but never seem to achieve it in my own.[/quote]
I have membership to beauty pie - their 'Clean House' candle smells of lovely fresh laundry. I'm sure there must be others that do the trick!

Bluntness100 · 17/01/2021 09:12

I’d agree a diffuser is the answer. Clearly you don’t need to buy a neom one, they all do the same job, and uou can pick them up on Amazon for twenty quid. It’s the oil that smells. Not the diffuser itself. So you can buy the neom oils and use it in any diffuser, smells the same and does the exact same job.

I use a mix of ylang ylang and amber, just a few drops of each in the diffuser, it stays on for six hours, and everyone always comments how nice it smells.

You can buy loads of different types of oil, from mint to candyfloss, there is a shit ton on Amazon, it depends what smells you like.

Plug in air fresheners always smell awful and give many people headaches, myself included. They are really artificial smelling. Essential oils is just more natural.

Fuckitsstillraining · 17/01/2021 09:12

Years ago at a country show I smelt this wonderful scent, it was like walking into the most exclusive spa, it came from a stall selling diffusers, they looked great, smelt better but were way out of my price range, I was tempted but common sense prevailed. When the show was over we were stuck in the carpark queuing to leave for ages and I was still thinking about the diffuser. Out of pure boredom I put 'diffuser' in to Wish's site and find the exact one I'd been looking at earlier for 10th of the price. They were €7 on the site, I ordered one and still use it, it has the same time settings as Neom, the leds and a remote, you decide what oils to add and it looks pretty OK.
💰 Look what I found on Wish! I'm giving you €5 off your first purchase with code: hfjczqs

lunar1 · 17/01/2021 09:18

I put a single drop of lemon grass essential oil in the bin liners when changed and in the toilet at night and in eufy when he mops. I also air the house for an hour a day no matter how cold.

I can't use diffusers or air fresheners due to my fish tank

PegasusReturns · 17/01/2021 09:19

I use neon sensual essential oil in the day and burn candles in the evening - diptyque - the smell lingers.

But underneath the house is clean, well aired and I always have plenty of flowers around.

AmIAWeed · 17/01/2021 09:26

Those with a neom - how far do you find the smell goes? We live in a bungalow with a stupid layout. 3 Bedrooms on one side of the hallway, then living area and another 2 bedrooms on the far side.
Neom have a bundle of 2 on offer... Decisions decisions!

GreekOddess · 17/01/2021 09:26

We live in a new build and it had a new house smell when we moved in. It still has that smell even though we've been here a year! You don't notice it when you are in it but you notice when you have been out and come back. It's a nice smell but I don't know what causes it. My brother had new houses too and they had the same smell.

Labobo · 17/01/2021 09:47

I put 5 drops of geranium oil on a cotton wool ball inside the vacuum cleaner. Then when it switches on, the house smells of geranium, which I love. Not sure it lasts, though.

Ntwa · 17/01/2021 10:22

I'm back again! So my cheaper diffuser is an abakuki off amazon (£28) it's really good, I almost prefer it tp the neom as it does more! Has different coloured lights which I thought I'd hate but actually some settings are really nice in the corner of a room at night, if it's day time I just leave the light off.
I also add either oils or zoflora on a cotton wool pad and place on the rads and when hot they smell amazi g! Add to your hoover too and a bit down the loo

BonnieLisbon · 17/01/2021 10:26

@Labobo I use either Ariel (colour or white) surf lavender, daz and Fairy conditioner

lemonsquashie · 17/01/2021 11:00

I once viewed a house that smelled amazing. Neom diffusers in every room

lemonsquashie · 17/01/2021 11:04

neom perfect sleep is my favourite. Smells of lavender

ShouldHaveCouldHaveWouldHave · 17/01/2021 11:09

I have a Neom diffuser, got in the sale for £65. My favourite scents are the Boost your Energy one and also Bedtime Hero.
Also have a Neom Reed diffuser on the windowsill halfway up the stairs (half price in the recent sale) and I put a couple drops of the diffuser essential oils in my vacuum bag.
I had a cheap electric diffuser before but it wasn’t as good as the Neom one.
DD has one from MadeByZen in her bedroom, that’s really nice and makes her room smell lovely. Got that from John Lewis.

ShimmyAndShine · 17/01/2021 11:11

Clean is the best smell. Ditch the chemical air fresheners and feel healthier

jay55 · 17/01/2021 11:14

Open the windows at every hint of sunshine

BangingOn · 17/01/2021 14:20

Fresh air is great, but we are surrounded by farms and at certain times of year the air is far from fresh. I use really good quality candles or essential oils in a diffuser- Diptyque and Jo Loves are my favourites from the bigger brands, but I also love Rebecca Tracey candles and oils, everything smells like a spa.

BonnieLisbon · 17/01/2021 14:38

If op is standing outside people's houses doing doorstep visits and thinking people's houses smell nice she'll already be in the fresh air, so it's probably something other than fresh air she can smell from their homes

JovialNickname · 17/01/2021 14:38

@Archersandlemonade your house probably does smell lovely, you just can't smell it because it's your own house. No one can smell their own house because they're so used to it. To other people they probably are hit with a novel nice, fresh scent at your doorstep too.

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