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FLYing - baby steps - day 14 - Tue

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CindersNeedsHelp · 08/10/2007 20:10


OP posts:
bilblio · 08/10/2007 22:33

It's still Monday but I'll post here instead, as Tuesday I plan on getting on with FLYing again.

Had a fantastic break in Scotland. The place was amazing! So amazing that previous guests had included Cher, Michael Jackson and Sean Connery. I now want to figure out a way of making lots of money so I can get my own time share. Either that or hope that my friend has more unexpected conferences to attend and we get another free holiday.

So I haven't really kept up with FLYlady, but I did keep the sink shiney in the lodge, and I've dealt with the wash mountain since we got back. I'm behind you lot on control journals and things so I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

Right, off to wake DD for a feed then it's bed for me, I've eaten something which has liquidised my insides. I'm feeling rough. Plans for tomorrow may go out the window.

Oh, and my DD is 11.5 weeks old.

SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 07:07

Morning all.

Glad you had a good break bilblio, hope you're feeling better this morning.

Well I'm up but not dressed yet as DS is still asleep. Bleeding MIL called at 5:00am though because she knew we were "sometimes up early" . Needless to say I couldn't get back to sleep. Fortunately the junior members of the house slept through it.

Back in a bit when I've formulated my thoughts.

SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 07:12

Get clean, dressed and make up on
Give DS breakfast
Empty dishwasher Done
Get my own breakfast Done
Clear away breakfast stuff
2 minute hotspot (dining room table)
5 minute room rescue (utility room)
15 minute decluttering (kitchen)
Kelly's mission (wipe kitchen work tops)
What's for tea?
Go to the supermarket

Cook tea
Load dishwasher
Complete one admin task from list

Put dishwasher on
Rubbish out
Shine sink
Put all dirty washing in basket
Put clothes out for tomorrow

The boy's just woken up. Moscow.

systemsaddict · 09/10/2007 08:05

Hi guys! Thanks for all the congrats and good wishes I think I did mention I was pg when I first joined but of course no-one 'knew' me then, so yesterday can count as my 'official' announcement on the thread

Good to hear mylastrolo and bilblio had good breaks. I'm trying to talk dp into some time away in November when we both have a week off - watch this space ... of course I may just want to spend the week in bed!

Am feeling rubbish this morning, quite sick, BUT last night I did a hotspot (living room floor), washed up and shined the sink, and got my clothes ready, which means that the house is not so bad, me and ds are now dressed to shoes and I have him sat in front of a bowl of small cereal which will keep him happy picking them up for a while. I have a HUGE pile of clean washing to put away in the bedroom, if I have any energy this evening I'll do a few minutes on that. Bit worried about how the day at work will go but at least today is a day I'm not in front of the PC all day. I don't want work to know yet but people are starting to worry that I'm looking so tired, so someone might guess soon...

@ Supermonkey's MIL!!!

Bienchen · 09/10/2007 08:40

Welcome back bilblio.

Sorry to hear about the interruptions SuperMonkey.

Here's my action plan for today:
Clear away breakfast stuff done
empty dishwasher done
2 minute hotspot (dining room) done
Make beds
Read control journal and reminders done
5 minute room rescue (lounge)
15 minute decluttering (sort out box in bedroom)
15 minutes for me
Kelly's mission (wipe kitchen worktops)
What's for tea? (pasta, seafood sauce, salad)

Cook tea
Load dishwasher
Load washing mashine done
Write shopping list
Help out at Rainbows

Put dishwasher on
Put washing machine on
Rubbish out
Shine sink
Put clothes out for tomorrow
2 min hotspot (write birthday card Christina)

DP should finish work early today, so might give me a hand!!!

Happy FLYing!

flowerybeanbag · 09/10/2007 08:57

Morning all

Cinders hope you have a better day today
Bilblio glad you had such a good holiday and welcome back
Rolo - good to hear you had a good birthday
SA hope you feel better and sickness doesn't last too long
Monkey I can't believe your MIL!!!!!

Well DS's feeding went haywire yesterday, he was completely ravenous, taking more than would fit in the bottle at each feed

Was anticipating having to feed him in the night for the first time in 2 months, so upped his dreamfeed. He didn't need feeding til 7 but was awake at 4.40am. Normally if he's up at that time he just needs settling back, he doesn't normally decide it's morning til 5.30, but he was awake singing to himself and making loud noises for at least 30 mins, then up several more times before crashing out again til feed time.

I am feeling a growth spurt, and trying desperately to hold off weaning if I can!

I'm on a roll this morning though

Dressed to shoes and make-up done
Dishwasher empty done
Washing machine on done
Hotspot done
5 minute room rescue done
Babystep done, and have calendar already
Mission done, counters thoroughly clean
Control journal checked done
Reminders read done

Still have to do 15 minutes decluttering which will be kitchen cupboards as I failed with that one yesterday.

Catch up later
flowerybeanbag · 09/10/2007 08:58

And morning Bienchen, sorry missed you off!

purpleturtle · 09/10/2007 09:41

Morning all!

I'm up and dressed (just as well, since I've done the school run and prayer meeting!)
Dh hung out the washing
I rescued dd's room
Breakfast cleared away
Hot spot done

To do:
Make dd and ds's rooms respectable for after school playdate

I think the last time I did this, the 15 mins decluttering was the daily mission, YSWIM. That's what I do, anyway. Bare minnimum0

ds2 a
t keyb

purpleturtle · 09/10/2007 09:47

Add to that:
rehang washing on airer, as ds2 has taken everything he can reach off it, and is climbing it like a ladder.

(Must spend less time on the PC!)

spiderbabymum · 09/10/2007 10:11

Good morning all.

Like to say I am really enjoing this flybaby stuff . Getting through it .... But still find it difficult to do the evening routine.

Hi Flowerybean bag. My ds is 5 Months this week too . Like you I am trying to hold off on weaning , hopefully until 6 months because I believe mine is definately not ready for solids. Its hard work isnt it .!

Todays mission and step look pretty easy TG

Bye for now

purpleturtle · 09/10/2007 10:12

Have done the washing, and the mission.

Now to change ds2's nappy and head out to tumbletots.

SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 11:29

spiderbabymum - when's your DS's birthday? We've now got 3 boys in the same week! (Mine's 5mo on Saturday)

SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 11:30

And BTW spider - I cracked on the weaning. He's loving his food so he was definitely ready

funnypeculiar · 09/10/2007 11:48

Morning fellow flybabies (am I the only one who thinks 'maggots' everytime they read that??

at spidermonkeys's MIL.

No time to chat (am 'working' )

  • have done sink, hotpost & 5 min room rescue, had my & dcs clothes ready this am
    (boy that one really makes a difference - never did it last time I did flylady)
spiderbabymum · 09/10/2007 12:01

birthday was may 10 5 months old tomorrow........ but born 5 weeks early.... so still has a bit of catching up to do .

CindersNeedsHelp · 09/10/2007 12:30

Only just catching up on reading yesterdays and today?s threads.

Well done SuperMonkey baby for rolling over for the first time yesterday and [grrrr emoticon] for MIL this morning!
Congrats Systemsaddict on PG (I didn't know either) and so well done on FLYing. I was zonked the first couple of months!
Funnypeculiar LOL at maggots - makes me think of yesterdays mission, my black bin has maggots in. Yuk! Bui currently has soapy water in 'soaking' what I think is rancid cream spilled down the side! Makes me heave!
Flowery don't hold of weaning if it's upsetting you and DS. You know if he needs it or not! My DS weaned at 5 months!
And hello to Bilblio, Purpleturtle, Bienchen

So is it Spider, Flowery and SuperMonkey with 5 month olds? My DS is now nearly 18 months old.

I fell off FLY wagon yesterday as I went to a friend?s for the day. We had breakfast, I washed up things and left them on the drainer put laundry on and left it and when I got in it was time to sort out tea. After eating, bathing DS and cleaning up (did have shiny sink before bed though) I was really tired and so went to bed without putting today?s clothes out!

OP posts:
CindersNeedsHelp · 09/10/2007 12:31

Done (so far)
Chose clothes and got dressed
Had breakfast and cleared up
Put yesterday laundry in tumbler (raining here you see)
Put blue recycle bins out for bin
Emptied black bin of rubbish, and put hot soapy water in (will clean later)
Bathroom swish and swipe
Check calendar for today's events
Check control journal
Read today's reminders
Did 5 minute room rescue and 15 minutes decluttering in spare room (emptied two boxes)
Errands ? took clutter to charity shop, brought bread and milk, went to post office
Went to friend's for cuppa (DS's play date)
Am currently having 15 minutes to myself!

To do
2 minute hot spot
Kelly?s Mission - Clean bin - Monday mission
Kelly?s Mission - Scrub down counter tops - Tuesday mission)
Sort dinner
Wash-up and shine sink
Pick out tomorrow?s clothes
Try to get to bed at a decent time (I am still a bit tired although not PG so no real excuse!!)

OP posts:
flowerybeanbag · 09/10/2007 12:35

Hi Cinders - not upsetting either of us yet, just needing more formula (and bigger bottles...!) and adjusting feed times, which is actually going well today. Certainly won't hold off if it becomes a problem though.

Interesting to have 3 5month-olds, I wonder if 5 months is a key age when you are more in the swing of things, and starting to notice house getting a bit too messy after a few months of late pg and young baby means it's been neglected?

CindersNeedsHelp · 09/10/2007 12:36

And re today?s babystep, I am pretty good with the calendar. We have a family one, and who ever writes something down first, the other person has to go along with it! It works for us. The only thing I must do at some point is write up all the ?Family Events? in my year-to-year calendar. I keep meaning to, but never quite get around to it.

Might try to do it today, but then again, might not!

OP posts:
CindersNeedsHelp · 09/10/2007 12:37

Flowery ? perhaps it?s because they?re moving then and you want to make sure that it?s safe for them?

OP posts:
flowerybeanbag · 09/10/2007 12:38

ooh, could be could be

CindersNeedsHelp · 09/10/2007 12:41

My motivation was we?ve just moved and house is not particularly nice - decor really needs re-doing and can?t afford it just now, and so
clutter + droopy decor = very sad cinders

OP posts:
SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 13:11

I think 5 months is also an age where you can leave them to occupy themselves with toys for 15 minutes while you clear out a kitchen cupboard.

Done all my morning tasks apart from the mission. Wiping down the worktops shouldn't take long though, might do it while tea is cooking.

Swimming again this afternoon . Lets hope DS still enjoys it.

SuperMonkey · 09/10/2007 13:22

Quick straw poll - should we get a cat?

DSD (11yo) wants a pet, I've had cats before, far more straightforward than a dog and more interesting than a gerbil.

But is it a stupid idea with a 5mo? Will I spend all my time keeping them apart?

flowerybeanbag · 09/10/2007 13:26

Tricky one - we have a dog, but made sure we got it in plenty of time before DS came along, so he is now 17 months (birthday day before DS!), trained and controllable. He's pretty good with DS, knows he's not allowed on baby gym or too near DS's face.

But I wouldn't obviously leave them alone. Trouble with a cat is they jump up, so you wouldn't necessarily be able to put DS in bouncy chair on table out of harm's way. (Not that I ever put chair on table, no no ).

Don't know much about cats though, I'm sure others will.

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