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FLYing - A new group of baby steppers begins – day 1

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SAHMof1 · 23/09/2007 23:16

I am a SAHM of a 16 month old, and I am fed up of running around like a headless chicken, working hard on the house all day and having nothing to show for it. I need to get organised and reading the most recent group of FLYbabies has inspired me.

Monday ? day 1 ? Shine your sink

If you want to join me in my quest to free my house from CHAOS, say hi here!

Anyone with experience want to offer advice with this thread, please feel free to jump in too.

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 21:43

Hands up if you have made a slightly bemused DH/DP look at your "behind tap area" to see your shining?

unknownrebelbang · 24/09/2007 21:44

I shined my sink.

Then went out.

DH cooked me a lovely romantic anniversary meal whilst I was out.

My sink is no longer shiny.
(meal was lovely though)

I'll shine my sink again tomorrow. Sigh.

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 21:49

shine it quick before bed - it looks sooo nice when you get up in the morning.

DH gets told when the sink is closed (normally after about 9ish), and he has to pile dishes he uses after that on the oven so I don't see them as soon as I look in the kitchen

unknownrebelbang · 24/09/2007 22:08

but it's my wedding anniversary!

mylastrolo · 24/09/2007 22:12

flamesparrow soooooooooooooooo funny halo of good intentions made me laugh. i wear that all the time but this time is different i mean it [really gonna do it this time icon]

anniversary shine your sink tomorrow or is that me lapsed already

daisyandbabybootoo · 24/09/2007 22:13

bugger missed this earlier today (how? I've been on MN all bloody day ), but me me me, I'll join.

I shone my sink two weeks ago....and have neglected it ever since. My house is worse than chaos, I have piles of laundry....and now piles of lovely laundered nappies and I can't ever find anything, ever!

Will try to join in proper tomorrow!

bilblio · 24/09/2007 22:15

Okay I'm in. I tried Flylady at my old house in an attenmpt to keep it clean while we were selling it. Needless to say I didn't care enough to keep it up. Also shift work and flylady don't mix. Especially when you've spent all day cleaning at work, only to come home to a messy house and a stack of emails about what your should have done
But now I'm on maternity leave so have the time to do it.

Best stop wittering and go shine my sink.

trixymalixy · 24/09/2007 22:22

OK I have scrubbed my sink to within an inch of its life.

Wouldn't call it shiny, but it is slightly cleaner .

Bafore and after can be seen on my profile not that you can see much difference between the two......

Simply · 24/09/2007 22:26

I'm just doing a quick post so that I can "bookmark" the thread, start at the beginning and build up. I'll continue to post on the regular FLY threads, too.

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 22:27

Ah, anniversary = go have sex (missed anniversary in the first post )

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 22:27

Trix - you can see the difference, and I LOVE the wedding car!!!!

daisyandbabybootoo · 24/09/2007 22:27

what are SOS pads?

my sink is sadly old and scratched too .

Where do I get shiny sinks in the blue bottle?

funnypeculiar · 24/09/2007 22:29

right, I'm in. Have done it before & am kind of half still managing it, but could do with some kicking

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 22:33

(Anyone else pondering that Rebel can't shine her sink on her anniversary but can MN? )

SOS pads we think are brillo pads.

Shiney sinks - my mum got me mine, but I think I saw it in lakeland

SAHMof1 · 24/09/2007 22:33

Tuesday ? day 2

OP posts:
motherhurdicure · 24/09/2007 22:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

entropy · 24/09/2007 23:02

I've already fallen off the last flybaby wagon. could someone please tie me to this one as the week with a shiny sink and clean kitchen was nice, even if I didn't manage to improve the rest of the house.....

I made it to day 7 last time but got complacent with the days off and never got going again

pooter · 25/09/2007 02:33

Me too! I moved house just before giving birth to my lovely son (now 7.5months) and the dining room and spare bedroom are both still full of unpacked boxes. I really need to do this - so pleased you started this sahmof1!

I may be 2.30am, but my sink is very clean and shiney - yippeee.

LadyOfWaffle · 25/09/2007 02:49

urgh, still haven't done my sink. I shall to 2 things tomorrow I did do the washing up before bed though and didn't leave it [weak]

unknownrebelbang · 25/09/2007 07:26


I had to "check my emails" whilst DH got his stuff ready for his shift this morning (see he's already organised).

Sink is shiny - for now (DS1 has just gone into the kitchen for his breakfast).

unknownrebelbang · 25/09/2007 08:13

OMG - DS1 has actually put his dish in the dishwasher!

Minor miracles do occur!

Flamesparrow · 25/09/2007 09:18

psml @ "check your emails"


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bilblio · 25/09/2007 17:21

My sink isn't shiney yet, but it is currently soaking in milton (I don't have normal bleach). I did get dressed to my slippers this morning. I hate wearing shoes, so slippers will have to do. I'm pleased I did my hair though, to me that's more of an achievement than putting shoes on.

Is there anyway to change the emails so that they're in my time zone? I remember it's what thwarted me last time, having nothing all morning which is when I'm normally in the mood to do stuff, then being inundated with stuff in the evening when I want to relax.

daisyandbabybootoo · 25/09/2007 18:05

biblio....don't know about the e-mails I'm afraid...

..but we're all over here on day 2

unglued · 26/09/2007 09:41

what happens on day 3? do I have to clean my sink every day or can I try and make it last as long as possible?

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