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FLYing - A new group of baby steppers begins – day 1

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SAHMof1 · 23/09/2007 23:16

I am a SAHM of a 16 month old, and I am fed up of running around like a headless chicken, working hard on the house all day and having nothing to show for it. I need to get organised and reading the most recent group of FLYbabies has inspired me.

Monday ? day 1 ? Shine your sink

If you want to join me in my quest to free my house from CHAOS, say hi here!

Anyone with experience want to offer advice with this thread, please feel free to jump in too.

OP posts:
trixymalixy · 24/09/2007 15:32

My sink will never be shiny because it is made of a cream coloured plastic type material and it is ancient and has been used for mixing plaster and cleaning paintbrushes etc so is covered in scratches and stains.

I have put some hot water and bleach in and will do my best!!

Might post before and after pics to show you what I'm up against LOL.

Cappuccino · 24/09/2007 15:34

I will join this

I have been doing flylady for a year but am ill

babysteps hopefully will keep me ticking over while I recover

SuperMonkey · 24/09/2007 15:34

Trixymalixy - mine won't shine either . It's old stainless steel and just seems too scratched to shine. She says to use a SOS pad on stainless steel, any idea what this it? Even so, it's the cleanest now it's ever been.

SuperMonkey · 24/09/2007 15:37

Is it the same as a Brillo pad?

LadyOfWaffle · 24/09/2007 15:40

shine the sink with window cleaner, that's what I used to do. Or that bicarb stuff, but even then i'd finish it with window cleaner.

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 15:41

Yay - i want photos of Trix's sink

MadLabOwner · 24/09/2007 15:51

I'm in!

My sink is all shiny now! Sad to say, it does make a difference to how the kitchen looks, but the window above it looks all dirty now.

SuperMonkey · 24/09/2007 15:59

OK so Brillo pads work and it now shines

Cappuccino · 24/09/2007 16:10

ooh no supermonkey stop

"Never use a wire wool pad such as Brillo® to clean your sink for two reasons; it
will create tiny scratches and it will also shed small pieces of mild steel that later
rust and give the appearance that your sink is rusting (this is not the case but it can
be very difficult to remove the small steel particles that have adhered to the

SuperMonkey · 24/09/2007 16:22

Oops! Fallen at the first hurdle.

Cappuccino · 24/09/2007 16:24

brillo does something else that does polishing it is on their website

PeckaRolloverAgain · 24/09/2007 16:27

Quootiepie! I was on original thread with you and cappucino and flame

its like a reunion!!

ok, havent shined sink yet, will do it tonight so its nice and shiny when i wake up

FunkyGlassSlipper · 24/09/2007 16:31

supermonkey - there is a prodcut called 'shiny sinks' in a blue bottle. brill stuff

Cappuccino · 24/09/2007 16:31

I have kept up with it I have to say it's been fab

but I can't do it this week or possibly a couple of weeks after that so will treat this as a cross between a refresher and a rest

Flamesparrow · 24/09/2007 16:39

I love the shiney sinks stuff - my mum gave it to me as a present (we both started FLYing together the first time )

My DH was a bit and to know me, let alone be married to me, when I came running in delighted with my shiney sink stuff and ran off to play with it

It was all soooo good I am attacking mine when DH gets home (shutting myself in the kitchen to clean and do dinner).

duckduckgoose · 24/09/2007 17:08

I'll join in. Guess I should go shine my sink...

madamy · 24/09/2007 17:24

OK, there's hot water and bleach in mine as we speak! Moved into new house 2months ago and have just got rid of boxes - now need to get some order!

unglued · 24/09/2007 17:46

have DONE it, I used 69p Tesco bleach spray but it looks fab - yay me!

what happens tomorrow?

mylastrolo · 24/09/2007 18:55

jif or cif is fab too or if your sink is like a plastic one like my sisters she steeps dishclothes in handwash detergent. Or does some hand washing in it and it comes up like new i do feel a bit naff posting that.


oh and also i bought an adapter tap from lakeland and it is fab for rinsing around like shower head.

sink is shined but dirty again after dinner. been to swimming with girls!!
Hilarious i spilt tea whilst trying to make it and talk on phone and it went all over surface and floor. so now kitchen is mega clean !!! plus your hubby comes in and thinks clear sink the whole house is tidy

pagwatch · 24/09/2007 19:01

Can I join please?
Really need some help. Tired all the time and house just so daunting! Last of three children just started at school so for the first time I should have time but damn it is hard to get on top of anything just now!

Cleaned my sink. Just about to put youngest to bed and soon DH will be home.
Perhaps tomorrow will be better

flowerybeanbag · 24/09/2007 19:02

May I join too? I want organised life as well, me please me please!

tibni · 24/09/2007 19:37

Can I join too? I started with Jas and co and was doing really well, then hubby was told he was going to be made redundant and life turned upside down!

Have spent the last week or so attacking spare room to turn it into a proper office, I had a whole room that was a hotspot!

I have picked up some good habits already but when I look at some of the routines and lists of the other flybabies I realise I have been left behind!


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SuperMonkey · 24/09/2007 19:54

I keep smiling at my shiny sink

purpleturtle · 24/09/2007 20:00

I think it's time I owned up to having lapsed. We've moved house, and dh has finally started at college today. I was hoping the flylady stuff was going to kick in as if by magic, but it hasn't, so i will join in the babysteps.

Off to shine the sink quickly before going round to the neighbour's for a drink.

Jas · 24/09/2007 20:02


It's great seeing a huge load of new (and not so new) FLYbabies

Good luck, and enjoy your shiny sinks. I will pop in and remind myself what I should be doing from time to time if that is ok? Babysteps are great, but doing it more than once helped get me going properly. I need reminding all the time.

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