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Toy Storage solution for Living Room

40 replies

mairimac · 12/09/2007 20:45

I've been searching for a solution for storing toys in the Living Room. I would like something that would fit in with lounge decor and not a child's bedroom type thing. Does anyone have any solutions. I don't think the big chests are a good idea as the toys at the bottom are hard to get out. Drawers maybe but can't be something small as you'd need 100's of them. HELP!

OP posts:
pirategirl · 12/09/2007 20:47

i had/have two large floppy seagrass type things that went under my pine coffe table, and now they r shoved in a low bench i have for the tv. they fit great.

ja9 · 12/09/2007 20:52

in our den we have two ikea units expedit, one alongways and one up the way. these are filled with clear brownish plastic boxes. i love that they are neat but at the same time you can see toys through them.

mairimac · 12/09/2007 20:52

where did you get the seagrass baskets from pirategirl?

OP posts:
ja9 · 12/09/2007 20:53

these are the boxes

mairimac · 12/09/2007 20:53

ja9, are the boxes in the ikea unit large enough to fit toys like puzzles etc inside? Cause I saw that on ikea website but thought drawers/boxes may be too small for toys?

OP posts:
dyzzidi · 12/09/2007 20:53

I bought the pine toybox from Ikea for all DD's crap she is 20 months and has loads. If its just us i let it stay open with easy access but if i have guests i close it put a couple of cushions on it and it looks 'grown up'

TheMadHouse · 12/09/2007 20:55

I have a unit with 6 large seagrass baskets in from the cotswold company

It is great, holds loads and both Ds' know whcih drawer has whot in it

pirategirl · 12/09/2007 20:56

gosh i bought them about 4 yrs ago now, jute, yes thats what they are, they were in oneof those baby catalogues. iIhave a feeling it was one of those ones with all the clever bits and bobs in and extortionatly priced furniture!!!

they have a gingham lining, um i wish i could remember, the catalogue it was only wee.

i will have a search online

pirategirl · 12/09/2007 20:58

these are the exact ones, i was mistaken about the lining, thats in the toy box upstairs.

storage boxes

pirategirl · 12/09/2007 20:59 .html

mairimac · 12/09/2007 21:00

themadhouse, I love that chest really nice, how big are the baskets? Do they fit puzzles etc inside?

OP posts:
mairimac · 12/09/2007 21:01

I like some of the storage units from Mini Marvellous but not the plastic boxes, does anyone know where one can get seagrass boxes to fit?

OP posts:
Nemo2007 · 12/09/2007 21:02

We have a big wicker chest that holds tons of toys but isnt too huge.

ja9 · 12/09/2007 21:02

yes boxes are decent size... don't have measurements but i would guess, front of box is 30cm by 30cm and depth is about 35 cm. We have puzzles and games and cars and cuddly toys in just now. the square duplo base board doesn't fit in but that's the only thing we have slid in at the side of the unit iirc.

we considered baskets but they didn't fit the spaces so neatly and so didn't make maximum use of each space iyswim.

TheMadHouse · 12/09/2007 21:03

43cm wide, by 33 deep and 22 high. It is great we have one for cars, one for colouring etc, one for musical instruments, one for tractor tom, one for baby toys and one for puzzles. Makes tidying a breeze for the little ones, although DH said it is the most expensive toy box in the world

singyswife · 12/09/2007 21:06

My friend is a childminder and she has these argos units, dont kn ow how to do links but item number is 6108937

mairimac · 12/09/2007 21:13

TheMadHouse - yes I've liked that farmhouse chest for a few weeks now, but the price puts me off, considering it's for toys.

OP posts:
Toothyboy · 12/09/2007 21:15

We've got one of these

filthymindedbolshevixen · 12/09/2007 21:18

I've always fancied something like


TheMadHouse · 12/09/2007 21:18

My reasoning was that it does not look like toy storage and we can use it for other stuff when they are out of the toys downstairs stage. Ie CD's, Newspapers, books.

So we will get years of use out of it, also it is well made and should last for ages.

we are building a convervatory and moving it and the toys in to it and it will still fir in.

I think i am trying to say it is an investment peice

Raggydoll · 12/09/2007 21:23

all our toys are kept in clear lidded boxes. the majority kept in the bedroom and 2 or 3 in the living room - this way the dc's can have new/different toys downstairs every few days.

sputnik · 12/09/2007 21:25

We have these

Raggydoll · 12/09/2007 21:25

the gltc one is great and would look more grown up if you chose just the neutral coloured boxes.

TheMadHouse · 12/09/2007 21:29

we looked at the GLTC one, but I worried about the fabric getting dirty and once you add up the baskets it is expensive too

mustrunmore · 12/09/2007 21:30

We got 2 pine blanket boxes from freecycle, and use them without lids so they're safe for fingers. I get your point about the lower toys getting hidden away, but they hold so much! And because they were free, we can just give them away when we're done with them. We also got a small set of Ikea pine drawers from freecycle, which is in the boys' room with cars/plastic animals/instruments in each drawer, labelled.

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