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Toy Storage solution for Living Room

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mairimac · 12/09/2007 20:45

I've been searching for a solution for storing toys in the Living Room. I would like something that would fit in with lounge decor and not a child's bedroom type thing. Does anyone have any solutions. I don't think the big chests are a good idea as the toys at the bottom are hard to get out. Drawers maybe but can't be something small as you'd need 100's of them. HELP!

OP posts:
NappiesGalore · 12/09/2007 21:31

these re quite nice . bit pricey, but. and they dont hide things away so much as the cotswold co thing does, or the ikea cubby hole thing with the brown boxes.

but another option if you like it.

NappiesGalore · 12/09/2007 21:33

mustrunmore, you are very wise. am lovign the freecycle idea, and labelled up chest of drawers for toys.

mairimac · 12/09/2007 21:36

raggydoll, which gltc ones are you talking about? Have you got a link? Thanks

OP posts:
singyswife · 12/09/2007 21:36

what is freecycle??

mustrunmore · 12/09/2007 21:37

Those are really nice, but soooo expensive! Thing is, when I was looking around, even all the plastic box type things work out expensive too. Hence freecycle. We even got ds2 a cotbed from there, so we didnt have to kick ds1 out of his toddler bed so soon, and its fantastic! Found a mnetter to give the old cot too aswell And my Dad has got the boys a freecycle puppet theatre in really good condition, for xmas!

mustrunmore · 12/09/2007 21:38

singyswife, just google it. You sign up for your area, then place an ad for wanted or offered, anything you dont want but dont want to go to landfill for example, or something you need but think someone might have.

NappiesGalore · 12/09/2007 21:41

i think freecycle is a fab idea. (singyswife, basic premise is a desire to keep useable stuff out of landfill... but its amazing the things people dont want or need, and feels terribly virtuous to pass on things you no longer have any use for, but which someone else will do.)

mairimac · 12/09/2007 21:48

thanks ALL for your comments, brilliant. Will have good look and think about all ideas. Thanks

OP posts:
singyswife · 12/09/2007 21:55

Hi, I have been on and signed up but I cannot work out how to go and find things that people dont want. Am I being a complete moron????

mustrunmore · 12/09/2007 22:01

There should be a bit that says 'new messages' to click on. All the wanteds and offereds are mixed up, in time order, so just look through the list.

maisiemog · 12/09/2007 22:02

We have the bulk of the small toys in three large seagrass baskets with handles, they go under a big wide coffee table. I got them in Au Naturale for about £20 each. I liked these ones because they have a metal frame, so are pretty robust.
We have a couple of other kind of occasional/small tables which have lift-off tops. We got them from the Rocha homeware thingy in Debenhams. The only downside is the lids are killer heavy and have narrowly missed my DS's toes a few times. Upside, we can use them as well, handy for a cuppatea - unless DS wants his toys and cannot be stopped...

amidaiwish · 12/09/2007 23:03

i have a few of these toy "bags" scattered in different rooms and they hold a mass of toys and look great imo

amidaiwish · 12/09/2007 23:06

link doesn't seem to work, i was trying to show you a list as the different designs are in different sections,
anyway, here's the gingerbread one but if you browse the section you'll see the different ones here

fingerwoman · 12/09/2007 23:10

we have this from ikea

with some seagrass baskety things in (also from ikea)
it's only veneer not solid wood, but looks really nice. toys are divided into different baskets (ie, train set, soft toys, bricks etc etc) it all works very well

notnowbernard · 12/09/2007 23:11

I know you said nay to the chest thing but I've just bought one in a second hand shop and it hides ALL the plastic fantastic, and blend in marvellously with the decor.

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