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..................... Monday FLY....................

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Jas · 03/09/2007 07:20


Last day of the hols today, so I'm taking the girls out this morning, and have to shop in the afternoon.(I am the rubbish mother who has no plimsolls tofit her dds when they go back to school).

I will be back to FLY properly soon though.

HN - Lovely to read your post yesterday. I do hope you get used to using the wheelchair and find it a help. Take care.

FGS I hope dd2 is feeling better today.

OP posts:
Charlee · 04/09/2007 07:46

Right i am moving soon so i need a mass clearout! That includes my entrace way which is full of shoes and pushchairs and mail!

I just need to get the kids to behave whilst i start!

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