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..................... Monday FLY....................

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Jas · 03/09/2007 07:20


Last day of the hols today, so I'm taking the girls out this morning, and have to shop in the afternoon.(I am the rubbish mother who has no plimsolls tofit her dds when they go back to school).

I will be back to FLY properly soon though.

HN - Lovely to read your post yesterday. I do hope you get used to using the wheelchair and find it a help. Take care.

FGS I hope dd2 is feeling better today.

OP posts:
Mhamai · 03/09/2007 12:26

Oh God no Ruby, not rubbish advice at all!!!! Unfortunatley, his mind is one tracked at the moment which is understanable, I mean disease aside, no one likes being in hospital but it's the fact that I know that he can't come home and that I have to lie to him about how long he has been there so he doesent go off on one coupled with the possibility that we are probably going to have a fight on our hands with the hospital because they might warrant hi ok, they did before!

It's the suspension and uncertainty and I know this is a bit childish but all my family and friens will be at my party on Fri but my parents won't be there.

God I'm so sorry for hi jacking the thread.

RubyRioja · 03/09/2007 12:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mhamai · 03/09/2007 12:38

Oh Ruby I'm sorry to hear that. ((((Ruby))) Things are not very straight forward either in our family.

RubyRioja · 03/09/2007 12:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mhamai · 03/09/2007 12:47

Unfortunatly we don't Ruby, we had a window of six months when dad was first diagnosed and stubborn man that he is was refused point blank. It's now in the hands of the hospital to determine his capacity, all straightforward you would think but consultant psychiatrist now wants to reasess him.

He was admitted in Feb and we felt then that he wasn't capable of being at home and they discharged him, now we fear they just want him out of the hospital. It's a very complex situation, we don't have the funds to place him privatly and he has no assets to speak of so we are pretty stuffed tbh.

Anyhoo, must go and get ready, but thank you so so much for listening Ruby, your an angel! x

EHM · 03/09/2007 12:55

Hello everybody

Hope you & your lo's are all well? Not been around for the last 2 weeks. Ellie was poorly now very well, and been to my mums for a week. Also problems on domestic front which are hopefully now sorted.

hn nice to see your post.{{hugs}}
shouldbe & luda hope you enjoyed your meet up
jas i hope your lo is ok after the stitches
tort hope you had a nice break
BIG >>>>> to GO, Aufish, FGS,SS, Ruby & all the regular fly ladies. Hello to any newbies. Mhamai happy birthday & nice to see you.

Sorry If I've missed anybody. Hopefully I'll be back on a regular basis very soon. Love Lisa & Ellie.x.x.x

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 15:44

Hi EHM nice to have you back

Mhamai sorry you are going through such a grim time at the mo I hope they can sort something for your dad, and the family xx

shouldbe I received your message today (as soon as I had gone into town and had a signal!) I couldn't text back (my phone has lost the ability to text!??) I hope ds is ok anyway

Well I managed to get into town...

Kids are all ready for tomorrow now..
New coats, shoes, knickers/pants, socks, caps(?) (I was blagged into the caps!)
Picked the uniforms up first thing whilst the car was at the garage, so we are ready to go! (well actually no-where near ready! but at least we have all the bits!)

Going to go and eat!

hippipotami · 03/09/2007 16:13

maybe not then?

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 16:23

Oooooooh Hippipotami sorry!!! I whizzed straight passed you there!!
You are very welcome of course!!!!!!!!!
How did you get on with the porch??

AufishFeQueen · 03/09/2007 16:25

Well that's all the kids school uniforms and coats all washed and labelled! Done the lunches as well for tomorrow and are in the fridge. Just need to sort out my clothes for tomorrow and the showers and I'll be ready to go!

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 16:25

squatchette I'm better now...thanks...they are a bloody pain in the arse though!!!!!!

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 16:27

I have had to put all DD1's new uniform and new knickers straight in the wash, as she has sensitive skin....nothing like leaving it to the last minute hey!!
Well done Aufish you've been a tad more organised I see!

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 17:18

SS for some reason I haven't saved your correct email address (sorry)I have just tried to email you, but it gave it back to me! when you next get a mo...could you email I can send you my message?
(I'll save the right address in my contacts this time)

yaddayah · 03/09/2007 17:42


Welcome back hippo mhamai and hn

Not flying today, will be back on the treadmill tommorrow (dc's back at school (year 1) and nursery so will have a chance to properly tackle stuff

Be prepared for a luda like onslaught of witty oneliners as I attempt to procraninate throught the day without actually doing anything

Laters dudarinos

shouldbe · 03/09/2007 18:17

Good evening

Just a quick post cos I have loads to do...

Luda my ds seems fine again now - it appears my bro had been forcing him to finish everything on his plate even though ds had said he was full! Resulting in sick everywhere (and all over db! I think he's learnt his lesson)

simply sorry I missed you when you called, we've ended up being out most of the day and are only just home now! I hope to catch up with you soon x

Jas I finally posted your parcel today, it shouldbe with you tomorrow

Hello to everyone else Must dash, see you tomorrow x

grouchyoscar · 03/09/2007 18:23

Afternoon All

Had a quietish day today. Been flying tho

Ed up and washed
Beds made
Curtains drawn
Bathroom S&S
Loo S&S
Take bottles for recycling
Pop to Tesco for uniform stuff (Pack of polo shirts) and lunch
Make lunch
Tidy away
Empty DW
Put away
Do ironing
Put away
Play dough with Ed
Play games with him
Play lego
Tidy away
Make ready meals for Ed's teas
Make Ed's tea
Tidy away
S&S worktops
S&S hob
Put grey bin out

So I'm calling it a day for today...DH home so I'll say byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

RubyRioja · 03/09/2007 18:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise · 03/09/2007 20:23

Hellllooooooooooooooooo!!!! I am back online! Only dial up for now so its pretty slow but better than nothing.

hope all are ok. I will try and catch up in a bit. Have to make 3 lunch boxes tonight. back to school tomorrow. DD1 has her new uniform out ready for her first morning at school.

Hope any other starting school tomorrow have a great time.

hippipotami · 03/09/2007 20:35

Don't worry luda, and hello yaddah

Porch is looking fab, thanks for asking - dh was so shocked he asked if I was thinking of putting the house on the market

Not done much else today, other than weekly shop and hoovering downstairs. But I did make some muffins to take to a friends' birthday tomorrow.

ludaloo · 03/09/2007 21:20

Hi all

Ah Ha...well done with the porch then hippi tort hello...glad to see you online!

shouldbe ....ah my neighbour once did that to my DS... didn't land on her though

yadd does that mean you think I'm witty....or does it mean you think I'm a blagger??

God...I have rushed about this afternoon!!
~Uniform washed
~Packed lunches made
~Clothes folded and put away
~Clothes laid out ready for the morninf
~Kids all fed, bathed, washed, scrubbed, talc'd, pyjamad, bedded!
~Dishwasher emptied
I've forgotten what else...

Dh has gone somewhere to look at a gearbox!??? Men! who would possibly need their gearbox fixing at this time of night??
(I would be suspicious too, if I hadn't taken the call...and it was most definately a man...)

Anyway...I am off to potter a little bit more, then I'm off to get my head down..
N,Night xx

tortoise · 03/09/2007 21:43

Hello Luda

I still haven't made lunches! I have iced and decorated the cake i made with DS2. The lunches will be made soon!

tortoise · 03/09/2007 22:55

shouldbe look I asked that question i wanted to ask!


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Bewilderbeast · 03/09/2007 23:14

evening all


scrubbed paintwork in ds's room and hoovered underlay to remove 130 year old plaster dust before it is painted tomorrow

kitchen cleaned

dinner made

ds's tea for tommorrow night made

washing out and in again

blossomsmine · 03/09/2007 23:30

Evening everyone!!
I have got on ok today, you all seem to have done so so well
I really sympathise about the car luda, how did you manage about seeing to the pets? It is a nightmare when your car is suddenly off the road isn't it I would be happy to walk to school/shops/work etc., but we live too far away from everything
I haven't got a dining room, my porch is small and doesn't need much doing to it, oh just realised i should have cleaned the door inside/outside, will it matter if i do that tomorrow or have i messed up everything now??

Jas · 04/09/2007 07:23

Today we will be FLTing

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