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I know this has been done 1,000 times before but can someone recommend a good, reliable vacuum cleaner?

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littlemissbossy · 25/08/2007 15:11

don't mind what brand, cylinder or upright, I just want a good vacuum that will last longer than a few months.

OP posts:
bubblagirl · 25/08/2007 15:23

i dont think you can beat a henry hoover as all cleaning firms and businesses use these for there long and hard waring used many dysons all have broke but my faithful henry is still living

WendyWeber · 25/08/2007 16:00

Have a look at this thread, lmb

totaleclipse · 25/08/2007 16:02

Sebo, a commercial one will last a decade.

meandmy · 25/08/2007 16:06

oh i love my dyson although its dying (hole in hose and clip broken-my fault dropped it ) my mom and sis also love there dysons too!

totaleclipse · 25/08/2007 16:09

heres mine I bloody love it.

mimi1uk · 25/08/2007 16:11

totally love my dyson

totaleclipse · 25/08/2007 16:13

Nooooooooooo! Have tried dysons too, they are crap compared to sebo's

littlemissbossy · 25/08/2007 19:01

Thanks for the suggestions and the link. I've actually had a look at a few old vac threads - sebo and miele appear to get the most votes - as well as dyson, but I've had one before and didn't rate it.

OP posts:
BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 25/08/2007 19:02

Sebo Sebo Sebo.......

NadineBaggott · 25/08/2007 19:02


CarGirl · 25/08/2007 19:03

my miele is 7 years old and still going strong!

MarsLady · 25/08/2007 19:03

I love my Henry!

snowwonder · 25/08/2007 19:03

i love my cylinder dyson.... 5 year garuntee.. so if it goes wrong before then they will be contacted.... if not then it has done ok

SixInTheBed · 25/08/2007 19:12

Had a Miele for 8 yrs but had the builders in and they banjacked it cleaning up .Got a Dyson- lovely to look at but useless and fiddly to empty.All that dust in your face.Uggh.Hated it with a passion.Got another Miele.

littlemissbossy · 25/08/2007 19:32

definately not dyson
miele or sebo - depending on what's in stock
can anyone recommend an actual model, we mainly have carpets

OP posts:
Mhamai · 25/08/2007 19:35


UCM · 25/08/2007 19:38

Henry Henry Henry or Charles or James, they have all different colours which do different things now.

UCM · 25/08/2007 19:39

What to you want it for hard floors or carpet?

MoosMa · 25/08/2007 19:46

My Dyson (DC07 allergy) has been brilliant for 4.5 years so far and when I did have a small problem with it, a man came and replaced half of it or free

chocolateteapot · 25/08/2007 19:51

Miele Cat & Dog, a complete revelation after two Dysons which completely sucked (well they didn't which was the problem really )

pooka · 25/08/2007 19:57

Another vote for the miele cat and dog. In fact, any miele. We have one upstairs for the converted loft (solution something or other, it's green) and bought a new one for downstairs and the basement (the cat and dog).

Honestly, they rock. They are very powerful, easy to carry and the one we originally had came with a brush specifically for hard floors and the new one with a mini turbo head, both of which are excellent.

The old one, we have had for nearly 8 years and it hasn't faltered. Only think is having to get rid of hair (mine) from the turbo brush, but that's easy enough and don't have to do it too often.

Nightynight · 25/08/2007 20:24

I had a dreadful dyson, it was the original model, second hand, and it spewed up on the carpet all the time.

then I bought a new dyson, much better design and bingo! I never want a different vacuum cleaner, it is perfect

WendyWeber · 25/08/2007 20:25

Miele unless you desperately want an upright, in which case Sebo.

Which never used to recommend Dyson because they broke down so often; now Dysons come with a 5-year guarantee Which are prepared to recommend them, but only because the breakdowns are covered, not because they break down any less

WendyWeber · 25/08/2007 20:29

When I bought my (crap) one (red and purple) I did shell out for an extended warranty and I have needed it. I did eventually get most of the working parts replaced but I found when I rang up they were v reluctant to send an engineer, they kept giving me a list of things to try myself first before they would even think about making an appt.

I had to repeat "I've done that", several times, very patiently , before I felt I was getting somewhere.

And it's still crap

Aitch · 25/08/2007 20:33

i've never had a problem with my dyson, i've had it about 8 years now, it's great.

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