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fitted sheets, do you iron them?

48 replies

Beenleigh · 20/08/2007 22:56

and if so, how???

OP posts:
emkana · 20/08/2007 22:57

Are you out of your mind???

themoon66 · 20/08/2007 22:58

Never ever iron any bedding, fitted or not. Jeez.

TheQueenOfQuotes · 20/08/2007 22:58

I don't - but DH does (I don't iron any sheets ) - haven't got a clue how he does it but it looks much nicer getting into freshly made bed with ironed sheets on than with crinkled ones

PeachesMcLean · 20/08/2007 22:58

Good lord no!!!!

Are you that bored?

cornsilk · 20/08/2007 22:58

Iron sheets?

paddingtonbear1 · 20/08/2007 22:59

I don't iron any bedding either. so long as it's clean, that's enough for me...

Heathcliffscathy · 20/08/2007 23:01

[faints at the thought of ironing sheets]

Tommy · 20/08/2007 23:02

sheets? iron?

TooTicky · 20/08/2007 23:03

Blimey, I've given up on folding them!

BecauseImWorthIt · 20/08/2007 23:08

I thought that was the whole point of fitted sheets - that it stretches the creases out of them!

hatwoman · 20/08/2007 23:09

I assume that in order to iron them you have to take them off the bed?

clumsymum · 20/08/2007 23:11

I have never ironedx sheets, towels, underwear, or anything that you can get away without ironing.

Life is tooo bl%%dy short.....

Hulababy · 20/08/2007 23:13

I have never ironed any bedding!

blossomsmine · 20/08/2007 23:16

When i am trying to be 'Anthea' i will iron bedding, this never lasts long though. I just go mad with the iron all over apart from the elastic bits at the edges. Must say it always looks nicer......then i fold them the Anthea way!!!! But although this sounds really only happens occassionally!!

TequilaMockinBird · 20/08/2007 23:36

I put the fitted sheets on the bed straight from the line and iron them there!

Clary · 20/08/2007 23:43

No it's too hard.

Do iron duvet covers and pillowcases tho.

GooseyLoosey · 20/08/2007 23:47

An iron - oh yes, one of those things that ds looks at and says "grandma has one of those".

Lizzer · 21/08/2007 00:21

LOL goosey, so true!!!

fortyplus · 21/08/2007 00:25

Please don't let Xenia see this thread!

Does she still do mn?

EscapeFrom · 21/08/2007 00:39


Are you on maternity leave before popping your first?

fortyplus · 21/08/2007 00:40

You don't mean me, obviously!

jura · 21/08/2007 00:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EricL · 21/08/2007 00:48


Of course not. If it's not seen by the general public it's not ironed.

That's my mantra.

And the wife agrees too.

(I am the only man i know that does the ironing and i can't belive that i am answering a thread about ironing tips - please don't tell the guys or i will be lynched OK?.....)


LieselVentouse · 21/08/2007 03:21


eidsvold · 21/08/2007 04:15

iron sheets !!!!


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