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Housekeeping retro they are trendy again?

37 replies

liath · 22/06/2007 13:27

Dearest MIL, bless her cotton socks has given me a housecoat of all bloody things ! In her defence I was looking for a pinny last time she stayed so she thought she was being helpful (I presume) but this thing is polyester and a revolting check design.

Thing is, I'm wondering whether to wear it, just in the privacy of my own home, as I always spill flour down my front when I'm baking.

Any closet house-coat wearers out there?

OP posts:
BettySpaghetti · 22/06/2007 13:29

lol! not a housecoat wearer but I will have to confess to recently investing in a (tasteful ) apron as I'm forever spilling stuff down me when baking and cooking.

My Grans used to wear housecoats of the sort you described

ViciousSquirrelSpotter · 22/06/2007 13:32

Where do you actually buy them? I've never seen them in mainstream shops.

There was once a shop in my neighbourhood which had a big sign on the window saying "warm dresses" and they sold housecoats, you won't be surprised to know. Unfortunately that shop has now closed down, otherwise I am sure I would have been a regular customer.

filthymindedvixen · 22/06/2007 13:40

no liath. Step away from that thought. Wear an old t-shirt if you like while baking. You are not 97.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter · 22/06/2007 13:41

What about a kimono?

Would that be more acceptable?

liath · 22/06/2007 13:42

Hmm, there's a point - where did she get it? The same shop that sells those pull-along shopping bags on wheels that little old ladies use? Although they do look useful too.....


OP posts:
ViciousSquirrelSpotter · 22/06/2007 13:43

I think you'll find the shop sells warm dresses as well

liath · 22/06/2007 13:44

WTF is a "warm dress" ?

OP posts:
bookthief · 22/06/2007 13:45

pmsl at housecoats! I actually remember my mum wearing one in the 70s. She'd have been all of about 30 poor soul.

filthymindedvixen · 22/06/2007 13:49
ViciousSquirrelSpotter · 22/06/2007 13:51

A warm dress sounds like a practical and stylish solution to the need to keep our boilers down because of global warming...

Housemum · 22/06/2007 14:12

Ikea is selling shopping trollies too - I just can't do it, I'd rather cripple my shoulders!

Liath, did you get 3 curlers and a headscarf too so you can be Hilda Ogden?!

Seriously, I would love to go all retro and do things like wearing a pinnie or housecoat but would feel too daft. I do have a Cath Kidston apron from their outlet shop and figure that's OK! I can pretend I'm a mixture of Nigella Lawson/Anthea turner/Bree van der Camp...

Housemum · 22/06/2007 14:13

Housecoat Wearer of The Year!

Rhubarb · 22/06/2007 14:14

Sherlock Holmes had one.

It's just an mc dressing gown.

Nip · 22/06/2007 14:15

My DH always says i should get a housecoat cos i always end up with dribble/food/crap all down me.

I want one of those Mile for Maude/Mumsnet ones... anyone have the address?

Nip · 22/06/2007 14:16

I meant i want to get an apron not a bloody housecoat

portonovo · 22/06/2007 14:28

I've got half a dozen aprons, all lovely cotton ones. Some for cooking jobs, a couple for messy cleaning jobs. Wouldn't have polyester though.

And I've got a shopping trolley - got it as soon as youngest child gave up the pushchair at age 2. Had to put my shopping somewhere!

MrsMuddle · 22/06/2007 14:33

Er, what is a housecoat? Is it the same thing as a dressing gown? Excuse my ignorance.

liath · 22/06/2007 14:37

Does Cath Kidson do housecoats? Maybe our generation is ready to re-embrace the housecoat - but in cheery polka dot or flower prints!

OP posts:
Housemum · 22/06/2007 14:44

MrsMuddle - watch a 1950's/60's film - the sort where the woman stands on the doorstep chatting to the neighbours wearing a cotton/poly flowery thing over her clothes. Or imagine Les Dawson when he dressed up as a woman doing the chatting over the fence bit. Got the idea?

MrsMuddle · 22/06/2007 14:47

Yep, got it now. Thank you.

NorksDrift · 22/06/2007 14:51

How about these?!

liath · 22/06/2007 14:54

My word - I could get one for me and one for dd. DH would come back from work to find me & dd resplendant in matching 1940 style pinafores and run for the hills !

OP posts:
portonovo · 22/06/2007 15:45

Funny though, because what you're describing would never be a housecoat to me, it would be an apron or pinny or similar.

A housecoat is definitely a dressing-gown sort of thing to lounge about in during the day!

portonovo · 22/06/2007 15:51

Yep, a quick Internet search has brought up masses of sites offering dressing gowns, kimonos, negliges, wraps etc. But no aprons!

filthymindedvixen · 22/06/2007 16:41
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