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Housekeeping retro they are trendy again?

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liath · 22/06/2007 13:27

Dearest MIL, bless her cotton socks has given me a housecoat of all bloody things ! In her defence I was looking for a pinny last time she stayed so she thought she was being helpful (I presume) but this thing is polyester and a revolting check design.

Thing is, I'm wondering whether to wear it, just in the privacy of my own home, as I always spill flour down my front when I'm baking.

Any closet house-coat wearers out there?

OP posts:
Slubberdegullion · 22/06/2007 16:51

LOL at those mother-daughter aprons.

(I think I want some).

What's the middle class equivalent of a house coat? Just a nicely starched pinny?
Or is there something you can get with know to use if you have to erm, polish your fish knives for instance? That Silvo is a bugger to get out.

filthymindedvixen · 22/06/2007 16:54

the middle class equivalent? Whatever you buy for your cleanewr to wear....

Slubberdegullion · 22/06/2007 16:57

She comes with her own house coat .

But she never polishes the mahogany what should I wear?

filthymindedvixen · 22/06/2007 17:01

well, something like this, obviously

Slubberdegullion · 22/06/2007 17:02

Yes, I think I like that look. Especially the G&T in lead crystal glass. The wrap around looks a tad flammable mind.

Housemum · 22/06/2007 17:38

Looking at the mother/daughter aprons just made me think of Stepford Wives.

Perhaps while Mrs Overall is doing the cleaning, you could wear this little apron upstairs? apron

Slubberdegullion · 22/06/2007 19:10

Oh I don't think so.

£25 for something called 'Miss Hot Cakes'. I can do 'Mrs Hot Cakes' in my sensible blue & white apron for nowt thank you!

DoubleBluff · 22/06/2007 19:22

I have an ancient ' Forever Freinds ' Apron, which I wore tonight. I was making chilli in a long sleeve white tshirt. The body was protecetd but was most worried about my arms. How about a hoouse coat with matching sleeve gaiters ? Now that would be useful.

liath · 22/06/2007 20:30

Hmm, I see a gap in the market. Polka dot house coats with detachable sleeves.

Must get a photo of the offending garment & stick it on my profile. It's even worse than the fake suede waistcoat with gold crocheted detail that dear MIL bought me for Christmas the year before last. Either she has no taste or enjoys giving me crap presents!

OP posts:
DoubleBluff · 22/06/2007 20:42

tbh I think I would buy one.I am so messy. I only have to look at bleach or ketchup and they jump all over me!
HAve ruined so many good jeans by pressing aginst teh work top apres bleaching.
And don't tell me not to bleach - I have white work tops - poor choice!

liath · 23/06/2007 08:37

I can send you a delightful polyester one, if you like Doublebluff. You won't mind getting bleach on it, believe me!

OP posts:
DoubleBluff · 23/06/2007 10:48

MAybe bleach is not so bad after all!!

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