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Molly Maids - Advice please

41 replies

lfm · 15/06/2007 15:46

Hi, Can anyone tell me how much Molly Maids charge and whether or not you have to get them regularly. I looked on their website but couldnt tell and I didnt really want to contact them if I'm not going to use them. Thanks

OP posts:
theUrbanDryad · 15/06/2007 18:14

are they a regular cleaning service? i always thought it was something kinky!!

sorry, not overly helpful...

emmatomATO · 15/06/2007 18:21

I think they are around £10 - £15 per hour. (Vaguely recall this when I was phoning round for quotes). I suppose being a franchise they are going to be a bit more expensive than local firms.

Most firms will do an as and when required clean as well as regular contracts.

RubberDuck · 15/06/2007 18:22

Really expensive for what they do, but they are fast (2 come around at once) and of course they're vetted and have proper insurance.

If I could afford to have a cleaner again though I'd probably go for a private individual on personal recommendation rather than fork out for an agency.

RubberDuck · 15/06/2007 18:22

PS I wouldn't say they were more thorough than a regular cleaner.

BellaLasagne · 15/06/2007 18:35

I used them 10 years ago, they were at the most expensive end of the service but were excellent.

octavia · 16/06/2007 07:06

£76 for 2 ladies to clean your home in 1 1/2 hours.Agree with rubberduck,fast but not particulary thorough.

lfm · 16/06/2007 14:25

Thanks a lot for that. I knew they were a bit dearer but £76 sounds quite a lot although I do like the whole thing being quite impersonal and quick. Will need to check alternatives. Thanks for help.

OP posts:
PinkMartini · 16/06/2007 14:26

I thought they were those dreadful covers for your vacuum. Again not helpful.

SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 16/06/2007 14:28

These aren't bad.. £6.50 an hour plus an annual admin fee


Angeliz · 16/06/2007 14:28

I thought they were old fashioned mints . (Agau=in not helpful!)

RubberDuck · 16/06/2007 15:07

mine wasn't as much as £76 - It was £35 for a small 3 bed detached. I think they work it out on square footage and frequency and probably how much they think they can get away with... Used to take them about 45mins to an hour to clean the lot.

RubberDuck · 16/06/2007 15:08

(that was fortnightly, btw)

sophy · 17/06/2007 18:10

We had Molly Maid round to clean the house after we moved out. I would not recommend them. They were competent cleaners, but their attitude was terrible -- they would not do half the stuff we needed, e.g. climb a ladder to wipe the top shelves, because apparently I hadn't booked that kind of clean. I'd never use them again.

LittleMinx · 17/06/2007 20:08

sophy, thats my concern to be honest. I live in herts and would like to get someone round to do a one off spring clean but someone else told me molly maids were crap and i dont really know of any others

alibubbles · 18/06/2007 11:00

Little minx, where do you live as I use a very good agency. They did a one off clean and now come four hours a week and take the ironing away and bring it back next day.

I had Molly Maids and they were useless, cleaned round everything and far less than they should have one in the time. They don't move furniture or clean under things because they might hurt themselves!

lullamay · 18/06/2007 11:04

alibubbles, I live in Wimbledon. does the agency you use cover my area?

FelicityMontgomery · 18/06/2007 11:04

I have Molly maids. They charge £51 to clean the whole house firtnightly.

I prefer them as can stop/rearrange service whenever I want/need. I know many poeple who have had problems with hiring individuals, I like the lack of personal realtionship and just dealing with the manager for any complaints (but not had any so far). but obviously you pay more for this.

They have been fine with thier standards, some are better than others and more through but I've never felt the need to complain.

They do one of cleans.

lfm · 18/06/2007 11:28

Although some of them maybe arent that good I'm sure some private cleaners arent either. I like the idea of just complaining to the manager rather than having to complain to the person as tend to avoid confrontation. Will maybe get them to give me a quote although my DP doesnt know and thinks we should do it ourselves. When I told someone this they said just dont tell him which I'm seriously thinking about!

OP posts:
FelicityMontgomery · 18/06/2007 11:32

I know with private cleaners people who have had difficulty getting rid of them when they weren't any good, or felt sorry for them so kept them on even thoug they were rubbish or who became so friendly with them they couldn't ever get rid of them even when not needed any more.

I think it can be great if you get the rigt person but it can be very difficult to find them. an agency takes the hassle out of that, but obviously you pay for that service.

Suits me though.

alibubbles · 18/06/2007 13:14

lullamay, afraid not. Mostly central Herts.

MuffinMclay · 18/06/2007 14:26

alibubbles - do the agency you use cover North Herts too? I need to get a cleaner, and people I've asked locally are all disatisfied with their privately-arranged cleaners but feel stuck with them.

alibubbles · 18/06/2007 17:35

Here is their website

alibubbles · 18/06/2007 17:40

No, here it is if you use them and mention my name (Cobb) I get a discount on my next clean!

I have been pleased with what they have done,never had such clean windows and skirtings!

MuffinMclay · 18/06/2007 19:18

Thanks for that. Looks just what I need, although I think I'm outside their area. Worth a call to check tomorrow though.

MoppUK · 28/10/2013 03:32

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