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~~~~Tuesday Fly~~~~~

34 replies

ChaCha · 22/05/2007 07:22

Hope it's okay for me to start today's thread I have been up with DS2 since 6 and for once have a chance to contribute to thread:

So far:

  • Hung 2 loads of washing out [beam]
  • New load on
  • DS2 fed and asleep
  • Drank cup of tea in peace and quiet
OP posts:
ChaCha · 22/05/2007 07:28

Todays MUSTs:

  • Make DH a packed lunch
  • Make DS1's breakfast
  • shower and dress DS1
  • top and tail/dress DS2
  • Play with DS1
  • Hang out more washing/bring more in
  • Make my breakfast
  • Pay 2 bills online
  • Wash dishes (dishwasher still on the blink)
  • Friend round at 11 then another at 12.30
  • Feed DS1 somewhere inbetween
  • All leave together at 1pm for retail park
  • Pick up DS2's order at Boots followed by retail therapy
  • Take DS1 to swing park on way home

Should bring us to around 4pm.
OP posts:
Jelley · 22/05/2007 07:37

Kelly is getting her rooms muddled again

Jelley · 22/05/2007 07:42

Morning ChaCha
Have I missed you or are you new to the thread?(Whoever is willing and able first thing starts the new thread, so you did fine btw)

we were up at 5.30, but ds played and I drank tea and read in bed for an hour
WM is on, washing up done.
Back after the school run with a list.

Oh tortoise I have no idea where weymouth is - give me a clue and save me looking it up Glad you stuck to your guns and meeting went well.

ludaloo · 22/05/2007 07:57

Morning chacha
Morning Jelley DD2 still has temperature it is turning into a bit of a cold too......thankyou for asking smile]
GO Thanks for the link....your snail home sounds great! It might be a project for the half term holiday!!
Aufish lol at wanting the repair man to live with you! glad it is fixed anyway.
Tort Glad you had a good meeting. Pleased the train was on time too!
yadd I love your little ditty's they never fail to make me !!
MWW OOOhhhh I'm sorry to hear your back is so painful take it easy and I hope it improves soon.

Right off to wake DS and DH. Will be back with a list soon xxx

ludaloo · 22/05/2007 08:04

shouldbe can you mail me the email on fussy eaters (thank you)

ChaCha · 22/05/2007 08:06

Thanks Have posted a few time before but DS2 was only weeks old so never really got much done. Now he's 3 months old and we have a bit of a routine in place which has helped me get organised. The key for me is to be up before anyone else, have achieved so much in past 2 hours and they are only just waking now A cup of tea in peace, a bit of MN, washing on and lunches made all a good start to the day for me, hurray!!

[waves] to all.

OP posts:
GlassSlipper · 22/05/2007 08:21

Morning all.

Tort - weymotuh is a bit far for me.

luda - fussy eaters email was good one.

DD1 tried a night without pullups again last night and kept the bed dry so I'm very proud.

DD2 full of cold.

D/w loaded. All breakfasted. Bed made. All dressed. Have to get a load of washing and then we're off out.

GlassSlipper · 22/05/2007 08:21

and welcome chacha. i have a 5 month old and am permanently knackered

Olivebranch · 22/05/2007 08:37

Morning ChaCha, Jelley, & Ludaloo

Need to catch up today

~ W/M on
~ lunches made for DD & DS
~ DD already off to school with DH
~ DS dressed for school

To Do
~ D/W
~ More Washing x 2
~ Vacuum up/downstairs
~ Clean bathroom & downstairs loo
~ Make beds & tidy bedrooms

Will be back after the school run as I'm sure there's more

shouldbe · 22/05/2007 08:39

Morning everyone

I've been even more poorly over-night my cough/sore throat/cold stopped between 9pm-2am in order for me to have v&d for a few hours before going back to coughing again Feel very wobbly this morning so have no choice but to sit on MN for a bit/watch daytime TV/read/sleep. Soooo much FLYing needs to be done
Tort I'll look into Weymouth...I have no idea where it is either and if it's an hour from you, it'll be at least a couple of hours from me so might be too much travel for the kids....will see what we can do Otherwise you could also plan a day to the Cotswolds

yaddayah · 22/05/2007 09:17

Hola !

What zone are we this week? Bed/bath or is Kelly on the pick and mix ?

chacha I remember you from a few weeks back ! Welcome back !
waves to olivebranch glassslipper well done your dd !
luda hope your dd is ok
tort Weymouth is lovely (fab beach) Sorry its about 5 hours away from me so bit long for a meet up !
aufish does your repair man do d/washers (mines still not back and i suspect my repair man is hiding as he can't fix it)
shouldbe get some rest

Just having a cup of tea back with a list bit later

Aufish · 22/05/2007 09:27

Good morning everybody, am feeling really tired today and I went to bed at 9.15pm last night, have no idea what is the matter with me.

To do today:

wash up and dry up
shine sink
clean downstairs loo and shine sink
hoover and sweep the floors
2 loads of washing
2 loads of drying
clean and shine the upstairs bathroom
get other half up
need to do some shopping, need to get something to wear to wedding next month
some ironing

Think that is about it but if it isn't I'll do it tomorrow as I think that is enough for me today. DD1 has a friend coming over for tea today and DS2 is going to his friend's for tea so I need to organise something nice for them for their dinner. Will need to get my thinking cap on.

shouldbe · 22/05/2007 09:41

I'm still here. Have dispatched the kids to school and put a load of washing in. Next I plan to close my eyes to the mess and enjoy having an excuse to do nothing much for the morning
Luda (((hugs))) to dd. Your 3 seem to have a run of illnesses so far this year
Glasslipper your dd1 is doing well - my ds still needs pull-ups at night although mostly as a precaution - some nigts he wakes for a wee, others he sleeps through but he almost always does a wee in the night - do you left your dd for a wee during the evening at all?
Should have said earlier Hello ChaCha, good luck with your list today
yadda, Aufish, olive good morning
Hope that's everyone

grouchyoscar · 22/05/2007 10:12


Golly, I feel like Grover now

for Shouldbe, I hope you feel better very soon

Molluscy Musings. - Patch fine and has gone for a slime down the glass. Austin has reverted to shell

Done List

Up, washed and dressed
S&S bathroom
Sort out uniform for DS
Make beds
Empty DW
Clear draining board
Put away
Have breakfast
Tidy kitchen and load dw
Empty WM
Sort wet laundry for hanging to dry
Vac downstairs

To Do
Collect DS
Change Him
Put his laundry away
Entertain DS
Huge pile of ironing

Was planning to do the ironing at 9:45 but my dad rang (it's our birthdays tomorrolw) and it put me off schedule. Ah well, never mind, I'll do other things first.

Olivebranch · 22/05/2007 10:55

Hello to Glass, Aufish & Grouchy
Shouldbe I hope you feel better soon, sounds like a nasty bug you have.
Big waves back to Yadda .

To Do
~ D/W
~ More Washing x 2
~ Vacuum up/downstairs
~ Clean bathroom & downstairs loo
~ Make beds & tidy bedrooms

I'm a little frustrated with DD today her bedroom looks like a bomb has exploded. Everyday I clean and tidy her room the next morning I start all over again. I ask her to keep it tidy she says ok, then just carries on as normal . She's 11 any suggestions??

tortoise · 22/05/2007 10:57

Morning all.
DS's at school and dd1 at pre-school. She cried again. She has been happy to go since sept but now gone back to not wanting to go. I guess it could be to do with ds's being home and all the changes that have gone on.

I have loads of washing to put away! And washing to hang out!

Shouldbe Sorry you are so poorly. (((( hugs ))) Hope you get some rest and feel better soon.

Jelley Weymouth is in Dorset. Google maps are best for looking for places! here
Sorry to far for most to make. One or two other MNers should be coming. Its a big step for me to take because i am not good at meeting new people but i feel its something i need to start doing!

Luda hope your DD2 is better soon.

Hello to everyone else. I have forgotton who said what now.

JARM · 22/05/2007 11:20

ok, sorry girls - got sidetracked by pregancy yukky feelings so didnt do yesterday.... but am on track today....

between me and DH we have so far today

  • stripped our bed (new mattress due to be delivered today!)
  • 2 loads of washing, 1 on line, 1 in tumble dryer, and another load on
  • Cleaned and hoovered living room
  • De-cluttered living room
  • Sorted kids with breakfast, snack, dressed them, changed nappies etc (they are now playing in garden so keeping house tidy!)

    Need to :

  • Go to post office
  • Do lunch
  • Prep tea
  • Await delivery of new mattress
  • hoof old mattress downstairs and into shed until saturday when dad will help take it to the dump!
  • Hoover stairs and upstairs

    Kitchen will get done tomorrow!
tortoise · 22/05/2007 12:19

2 piles of washing put away so far! Loads left to put away though. I suppose i should get back to it!!


shouldbe · 22/05/2007 12:29

Hello again
I've got myself up and dressed ready to collect ds and had a sudden burst of energy so have hung the washing out, dusted and hoovered downstairs and cleaned the cloakroom! Will probably regret it later but at least downstairs is bearable now
Better go and get ds now, I'm hoping he'll be open to a lazy afternoon in the garden when he gets home.

GlassSlipper · 22/05/2007 12:38

shouldbe. we took her for a wee before bed and she just slept through. a few weeks ago she tried and wet the bed, was very upset and wanted pullups next night. this is the 3rd time she has asked for no pullups so we're going with what she wants really. fingers crossed last night wasnt a one off.

tortoise · 22/05/2007 12:56

Well done shouldbe Have a relaxing afternoon.
All washing away that was upstairs. Now need to do the 2 basket loads that were ironed the other day!
Just stopping for a quick bit of lunch. I would like to get it all put away before Neighbours.

yaddayah · 22/05/2007 13:00

watered new seedlings/tomatoes
strip beds/wash bedclothes/hang on line
order new d/washer RIP smeg my old adversary
online banking
sainsburys order for tommorrow

To Do
Collect dc's
Huge pile of ironing
re do beds
tidy kitchen
clear draining board
drink tea

oh well up and at em

Madwelshwoman · 22/05/2007 13:13

Quite chuffed with myself, back still agony and getting worse, don't know what else to do!!!

Stripped all beds done
3 loads of sheets washed and hung done
Nappies washed doing

Still to do

Make myself lunch!!
Pick up dd from school
Take dd and ds1 to swim lessons
Collapse in agony on sofa for evening with F Word on tv

tortoise · 22/05/2007 13:30

All the washing has been put away.
I have one basket of ironing to do. One load on the line and one load waiting to be hung out! Sometimes feel like we have too many clothes. (Well the kids do, i don't!)

grouchyoscar · 22/05/2007 13:40

Hello everyone again

To Do list done now so I feel I have achieved for the day. I will spend all afternoon with my 3.75 yr old DS who is really really taking me for granted.

Oh and I checked on Patch and Austin and cleaned their home out (Snails do lots of pooing - What do I expecy? They're part of the decomposing food chain?)

All I have to do is cram the ironing away and make DS's tea now


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