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~~~~Tuesday Fly~~~~~

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ChaCha · 22/05/2007 07:22

Hope it's okay for me to start today's thread I have been up with DS2 since 6 and for once have a chance to contribute to thread:

So far:

  • Hung 2 loads of washing out [beam]
  • New load on
  • DS2 fed and asleep
  • Drank cup of tea in peace and quiet
OP posts:
Jelley · 22/05/2007 13:53

Hi, I forgot to post a gain when I got back earlier. I've done all the basics, but not much more. I put the ladder away from going in the loft yesterday, and now find I need to go back up.
It will have to wait now, I'm not getting it back out today.

Olivebranch No idea at all what to suggest fro your dd. Mine are 6 and 7, share a room and I have exactly the same problem.
My mum used to just gather upeverything off the floor and put it in a bin bag. What I didn't put away by the end of the day went in the bin, It didn't change my tidiness (or lack of) at all though[hm]

tort I think it will be too far for me, too. I hope you do get to meet up though. I've met some lovely people through mumsnet. It gets less scary the more you do it, too.

ludaloo · 22/05/2007 16:37


I have been fairly busy today. Dh has bought a new mobile phone....and some walkie he can talk to me from work and not have to use the phone . are driving me mental! Dd2 is sooooo wingy and sooooo clingy!!!! Have to do the hoovering and put supper on...then I promised Dd1 I would help her on her bike (learning to ride with no stablisers)

See you all in a bit xx

tortoise · 22/05/2007 17:20

What a lovely warm, sunny day.
Took DD's to the park after i picking DD1 up from pre-school.

tea is cooked and about to be eaten.
I forgot to put 2nd load of washing out. Oh well! it will dry tomorrow!

Olivebranch · 22/05/2007 17:22

Hi Everyone

To do
~ D/W ~ done
~ More Washing x 2 ~ done
~ Vacuum up/downstairs ~ done
~ Clean bathroom & downstairs loo ~ done
~ Make beds & tidy bedrooms ~ done

Except DD I have handed her a carrier bag and asked her to clean her room ... she just gave me one of her lovely smiles! No wonder she never cleans it she has mum to do it!

Jelley DS 7yrs is very good at tidying, sexist as this may appear I find it surprising as he's a boy. Maybe its a girl thing to be messy

SimplySparkling · 22/05/2007 20:54

Hello to all. Sorry, I've not read the thread, just skimmed through. I hope all are well. Get well soon wishes to any who aren't. I've worked a long day today (an extra 2 hours or so) and need to do lots of jobs tonight in the next hour or so.

~ chat to ds about his music and whether he wants to continue Done. Need to ring music teacher

To do:-
~ return manky cheese to Morrisons. Have found the receipt. tomorrow
~ e-mail a few friends tonight and tomorrow

dazzlincaz · 22/05/2007 20:56

Looking forward to your email then SS

tortoise · 22/05/2007 21:27

Hi Simply. it must be really hard to work as well as coming home to house stuff.Hats off to you!

DD1 has her pre-school jabs tomorrow. She wasn't impressed when i explained to her about them .

SimplySparkling · 22/05/2007 22:27

Haha dc. Maybe tomorrow but I've got to sort the house out as we've got someone from work coming for tea and so I need to sort out the dining room, kitchen, sitting room, conservatory, hall, landing and bathroom out first. Aaagghh! Am working Thurs instead of tomorrow, though, so at least I'll have all day to do it. Am considering going swimming first thing, though only loons do that, of course. Whoops. Forgot. Silly me.

Thanks tort. Sometimes I feel that I'm doing everything after a fashion but nothing well. I'm currently going through a busy period in work (should last until about Sept) so there'll be no let up for a while. I hope the pre-school jabs go as well as they can for your dd1 tomorrow. It isn't nice as I well remember with my dd.

Jelley · 23/05/2007 07:04


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