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shouldbe · 03/05/2007 07:21


OP posts:
shouldbe · 03/05/2007 07:33

Good morning all

Ahh, did the mission last week

Had a big tidy-up yesterday so am planning an easier day today. Dd was feeling a bit poorly last night and is still asleep (very unusal) so I'm thinking she'll probably need a day at home today I'll spend some time doing bits with her and also need to do
~make beds
~wash towels etc
~wash dds bedding (wet the bed last night (a sure sign she's under the weather)
~return a top I bought dd which doesn't fit (had forgotten it and it's the last day I'm allowed to return it today!)

See you all later x

OP posts:
Aufish · 03/05/2007 07:37

Good morning everybody.

My to do list:

Kitchen, wash dishes, dry up, sort kitchen sides out, mop floor
Hallway, sweep floor and mop it
Front room, dust, hoover and sweep floor
conservatory, general tidy up and sweep floor
hoover the stairs
clean the bathrooms

Most probably will find something else to do as I go around but that is it for the time being.

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 07:37


simply I'm in the same village as the pavillion. My DD1 is there on Saturday performing too

I have a general tidy to do today. DS is still not well! ...tort it seems to be similar to your DD's bug.

DD1 has school, but the other two are at home all day.

I'll be back in a bit xxxx

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 07:38

Oh...I took so long writing that post....morning both

shouldbe hope DD is ok ....all these bugs!!!!!

Jelley · 03/05/2007 07:42

Thankyou shouldbe

Up late, read in bed for an hour while ds trashed my room. DD1 is still asleep..

Back after toddler grioup....have a good morning everyone.

yaddayah · 03/05/2007 07:54

Maidin mhaith (hope i got that right)

All these illie's

My to do list

1 vote

2 phone repair company about d/w (keeps cutting out)

3 clean kitchen floor

4 put away clean sheets that are sitting on dining room table

take robot pills

5-1 pile clean washing to sort/iron/put away

6 bring bins/recycling back in

7 not spend too much money at the shops

8 drink coffee at the cafe

9 be nice to MIL when she pops over for a coffee and ignore her little digs about dd's lack of progress with toilet training

10 wonder about the amount of coffee i'm drinking

glassslipper · 03/05/2007 08:00

Morning all. DD2 slept all night - yay. but she is a bit whiny this morning so probably wont get much done.

It was lovely coming down to a shiny sink again. I've cleared tthe breakfast stuff and put a load in the w/m on.

hope all the poorly children are either on the mend or start improving.

bewilderbeast · 03/05/2007 08:28

morning all Shouldbe I saw no fly thread in the list and thought I'd start it today but you beat me to it, maybe I should have got up earlier .
picked up washing off floor - bloody dp
put wm on

am sat down thinking about doing job application so unlikely to get much more done today and I have people coming to line the chimeny in an hour - more bloody mess.

Londonmamma · 03/05/2007 08:33

Morning fellow Stepfords. Did Lucyellen's mum just come to insult us or is she joining???
I think if you just read Kelly and think that's it, it is a bit scary....!

My list for now:
1)hang laundry 2)new load 3)phone calls (still trying to sell piano - no luck so far!)4)sort airing cupboard 5)mission.

Have a good morning x

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 09:04

glasss well done you you are doing great.

yaddah I cheated and googled it But it translated it as good evening in Irish..
I have to vote today also, thanks for the reminder

Jelley hope toddler group went well...I'm giving it a miss this morning as DS still isn't right.

Londonmamma (I was a bit insulted too....I guess there have just been a few too many anti FLY comments lately)

BBeast Good luck with the application form sounds exciting Hope the chimney isn't too messy.

EHM · 03/05/2007 09:17


Just wanted to post to say that I am flying in the back ground been out most days. Flying being done late afternoon/evening when DH comes home.

Hope all little one's are ok, anybody who is ill or has lo's that are ill{{{{hugs}}}}

I haven't read any of the threads this week so if I've missed anything so sorry

I won't be around until next week going to my Mums today until Monday. Happy Birthday to those of you who have birthdays this week

Welcome to any newbies, big hello to all my regular fly friends. Take Care see you all soon.Love Lisa & Ellie.x.x.x

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 09:20


I was wondering if you were ok. Have a fab time at your mums

Oh...and Thankyou!

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 09:30

yadda...oooh I'm says it is good morning too


NineUnlikelyTales · 03/05/2007 10:15

Morning Stepfords

I finished my list yesterday and even managed to find time to vacuum under the furniture in the sitting room. The washing baskets will definitely be emptied today, so I feel on top of things at last.

Yadd Thanks for the reminder to vote

Done so far
Tidied bathroom
One load of laundry on
Tidied sitting room

Still to do
Get vegetables and fruit
Tidy spare room
Tidy kitchen
Unload/load dishwasher
Finish laundry
Ironing tonight when DS in bed
Mop bathroom floor again

Am off now to be generally perfect,

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 10:21

I'm not actually getting anything done....just pottering about a bit aimlessley!
I started to water the garden flowers, then noticed there were plants left to hunted for the trowel....then spotted the lid off the Bar-b-que (I've been looking for it) took it out and went in to wipe it down....saw the washing machine had stopped and unloaded it....went to hang the washing out but realised the peg basket has been blown across the garden. Couldn't be assed to pick all the pegs up!!!

You see...just like the person in shouldbe's email!!!

I have to write a list, it might help me focus!!!

~wipe bar-b-que lid down
~pot the plants
~water them
~hang washing out
~put another load on
~find all the bloomin pegs
~tidy kitchen
~wipe cupboards (dd2 had a chocolate biscuit)
~clean george forman
~change d/w over
~dust my bedroom
~hoover upstairs...and down
~gah...not in the mood!

ludaloo · 03/05/2007 10:26

Hi nut glad you are getting on top.

Did u know...if you put your mouse on the pepperoni pizza (to the right of the screen) It shakes salt out!


tortoise · 03/05/2007 10:29

Morning all.
DD1 is back to normal!
I really must sort out the front room today. i have had enough of toys and mess everywhere and its DD1's birthday soon so there will be more toys (not many though as she wants a Dora bike!).

Luda Poor DS. Hope he is well soon.
shouldbe Hope DD is better soon too.

I never vote. I know nothing about it so no point in me voting! I don't think i am alone in that really.

Right, 1st job is to put all the videos onto shelf in my room (old vidoe shelf i had that i spotted in the loft!) then DC puzzles can go on the shelf the vids are on.

My Mouse is falling apart. Need to buy a new one but where from and which one.... I know nothing about comp mouse!

tortoise · 03/05/2007 10:31

Lol Luda So it does!

tortoise · 03/05/2007 10:54

All videos are now upstairs. DD's had fun helping me. We have far to many really and not many get wached. Oh well, they like them when the do watch them!

Next step is to dust shelf they were on and sort puzzles to go on there.

shouldbe · 03/05/2007 11:15

Hello again
Good to hear from you EHM, have a good time away
Typically dd seems much better so far today but I think a lazy day isn't a bad thing every now and then anyway.

~make beds
~wash towels etc
~wash dds bedding (wet the bed last night (a sure sign she's under the weather)
~return a top I bought dd which doesn't fit (had forgotten it and it's the last day I'm allowed to return it today!) done
~vote (thanks for the reminder yadda)

that's it so far! Everyone else seems to be doing much better! Will be back later, hopefully with a few more done's on my list

OP posts:
tortoise · 03/05/2007 11:15

wached? Obviously meant watched!

Puzzles in place now and boxes manded!

looks like i am talking to myself here.

tortoise · 03/05/2007 11:16

Ohhh hello shouldbe.

shouldbe · 03/05/2007 11:16


OP posts:
Londonmamma · 03/05/2007 11:31

Hello tort - you're not alone! Children's toys etc are the worst thing to get a grip on i.m.e. because no sooner do you tidy them than the kids dump them all over the floor again. Like shovelling snow while its stil snowing.

I'm having great frustration trying to place an ad in LOOT online.....Have emailed for help...

Next jobs:

  1. prep what I need for school pick-up
  2. email to school office
  3. take poster for framing
tortoise · 03/05/2007 11:35

Hello LM. I have given up for a bit! DD's have wooden bricks out all over the floor now.

Washing hung out.

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