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*****************Monday fly************************

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Aufish · 30/04/2007 07:04

Good morning all, am feeling alot better today. Have a busy week ahead of me this week as we have friends coming over this weekend and it needs a good sorting out before then. First though I have to take my DD to the train station to get her off on her 3 day trip. Will be back with a huge list a bit later.

OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/04/2007 14:17

GO what a good idea...ironing outside! That would make it less boring! Its too windy here today, my washing is only just staying on the line!
Hope all your plans go smoothly

ludaloo · 30/04/2007 14:19

BB ooooh the application form sounds good...hope all goes well there!!!!!

tortoise · 30/04/2007 14:40

Front room looking better at last. By no means finished but floor is clear!

Luda thats how i do the lunches too. Not had any complaints of soggy sarnies yet!

GO You have done well. I love ironing outside.

Ohh BB That sounds exciting.

Nearly time to get ds's from school now(already)!

DD1 not too bad at the moment. Not really interested in eating though.

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 16:10

Luda - thanks for the lunchbox tips. I'll try it this evening and make the mornings less frantic!

Got to make casserole then order the shopping.
Am trying menu planning this week. Am not a natural cook or foodie, so this is hard for me!

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 17:21

am i allowed back in yet ?

Peers hopefully around the door

Jelley · 30/04/2007 17:25

Depends if you've done the washing up yet, or not...

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 17:25
yaddayah · 30/04/2007 17:29

in d/washer

Chicken is in the oven
one bin bag worth of old clothes sent to charity shop
3x loo's cleaned
ds homework done
2 party invites sorted
bedcovers washed dried and remade

pretty please ?

Jelley · 30/04/2007 17:37

3x loo cleaning.... you can definitely come back

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 17:47

Hellooooooo !

Houes is still a mess though !!

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 17:49

Yaddayah - you're doing great!

So, next jobs:
1)clear dinner 2)make lunchboxes
3)dry laundry away 4)tidy understairs cupboard - it's a disaster zone!

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 17:59

londonmamma Do I have to do those jobs as well ?? EURHHHH

I have'nt had my dinner yet

Am now risking sounding like Kevin the Teenager !

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 18:40

Yaddayah (aka Kevin) - do what works for YOU, nobody else!

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 19:14

what works for me is doing nowt ! thats why i need this thread so much

Just had a mad 30 min and downstairs is looking acceptable

Hurrah !

Have a good night all sorry for the rubbish personal's today.. still getting over this rubbishy flu ..and have run out of my lovely beechums

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 19:38

Goodnight all - just got to get the DC into bed then RELAX!

Aufish · 30/04/2007 19:39

Good evening all, I've done really well today, feeling alot better about the house and the impending invasion of friends.

My done list

Hoovered up twice, once this morning, once this evening
Kitchen and conservatory swept, dining room table cleaned and fresh tablecloth on it
Washing up and drying up
Downstairs bathroom cleaned, will put bleach down both loos later on this evening before bed
Lunches all done
Some of the backgarden sorted out, just the outdoor toys to be tidied up and the slabs all washed down. All to be done by the weekend.
2 children washed and ready for bed.
3rd child needs to be picked up from supported learning in a few minutes by dear partner.
Washing machine will be going on in a minute.

I am going to finish my flying for today, tomorrow will be another day and from what I can see all that really needs doing is the washing, drying, bathroom upstairs and some ironing.

OP posts:
SimplySparkling · 30/04/2007 20:14

What do you mean "dear partner", Aufish? Do you think he might come back to the thread?

Just a short post. Hello to all. I have had to change my working week this week so I'm next in now on Thurs. I'll do as much ironing tomorrow as I can, I think. I didn't do any on the w/e. I did a few bits of school uniform this morning and that was all. I've had a long working day and had to do the food shopping so I haven't been home that long. I'll get the kids' beds made and then do the w/m and d/w and perhaps plan out my day tomorrow. See you all then!

tortoise · 30/04/2007 21:25

Evening all.
All DC in bed by 8.30!
lunches made and kitchen clean.
DW on (again). poor machine is working double time now.
My bath is run. Just need to jump in before bed.
DD1 is so so. Still says tummy hurts and had a dodgy poo earlier!(sorry tmi!)Hopefully she wil have a better night and be ok tomorrow. Will still keep her off pre-school i think.
Made another dinner tonight which DS's loved. It was bacon and potato cakes. Quite simple to do but messy. I am at 2 sucsessful meals in a week! What shall i make wednesday? At least i have an extra day to think about it.

I think everyone has done well today.

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