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*****************Monday fly************************

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Aufish · 30/04/2007 07:04

Good morning all, am feeling alot better today. Have a busy week ahead of me this week as we have friends coming over this weekend and it needs a good sorting out before then. First though I have to take my DD to the train station to get her off on her 3 day trip. Will be back with a huge list a bit later.

OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/04/2007 10:42

Oh yes, also meant to are the sunflowers going??? Ours don't appear to be doing so well The frost killed several leaves, the wind has battered them too, and a small child has pulled one of them apart!

tortoise · 30/04/2007 10:45

Our sunflowers are slowely popping up. Quite a few seeds failed to grow. I had the pots in the bath overnight the other day because of the rain and ds1 sat on the edge a fell backwards onto them breaking a few but i have popped a few more seeds in to see if they grow! We like a few growing not just one or two!

dw emptied.
wm on(I thought i put it on last night!).
Must stop popping on here!

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 10:49

All our sunflowers popped up, dh and dc's viciously culled them at the weekend (i couldn't watch and had to stay trembling in a dark room till the ordeal was over) We now have 8 pots with 8 sunflowers about 6 inches high .. the fallen soldiers were dispatched to the recycle bin .. without ceremony


(I Think i might have got a wee bit too attached to the spindly ones)

tortoise · 30/04/2007 10:51

Lol Yaddah. How could they! Even the tiddly ones deserve a chance. All ours will get planted in the garden. Need to choose a good sunny spot!

glassslipper · 30/04/2007 10:54

hi everyone. i've hoovered everywhere downstairs, done a hotspot in the living room and dusted evewrywhere downstairs. pretty good going for me

BabiesEverywhere · 30/04/2007 11:00

Flipping heck 28 messages already

Good Morning Everyone

Recovering from a half lazy sunday with wine So of course DD was up at 6am for the day and I'm so tired today.

Tidied all the rooms upstairs
S&S bathroom
Cleaned Kitchen
emptied/loaded d/w
2 w/m loads done and on line

Ironing (just 4 items plus stuff on the line)
Hoover downstairs
Salsa Class later

yaddayah · 30/04/2007 11:05


You've all been good, new sofa's, gym
school trips

I've done

nothing nada

Oh i've had a cup of tea...

kick me very hard please , i'm a disgrace to this fly thread and don't let me back on or speak to me until i've cleared away the breakfast things

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 11:08

Hello ALL - too many for personal hellos. I did laugh At Aufish's bloke posting in her absence.

I've been fairly productive so far today but am losing momentum, so hoping Fly will pep me up.

A question
Those of you who prepare lunchboxes the night before, what do you put in them? Do they not go a bit soggy by next day? I've never thought of doing them at night so I'm very curious!

My jobs now:
1)mission and general tidy
2)finish handwashing and hang laundry
3)school email
4)empty house bins & put rubbish out
5)wash pillows

Mhamai · 30/04/2007 11:13

Morning everyone, yaddayah meet your twin sister, I haven't done anything either. Am off now to lurk, hopefully I'll get a fit of flying inspiration.

tortoise · 30/04/2007 11:35

Grrrr as usual i got sidetracked! Went to use the loo to see the seat had more or less broken off. Remembered old HA seat in the loft. Off into the loft to find it. There i find scholl clothes that should fit dS1. Get seat out loft. Remove old seat (bugger of a job!) and scrub old seat from loft! In the process using DD2's toothbrush by mistake so now have to remember to buy a new one when i pick DS's up! So kitchen still isn't really done! And i might as well start in the bathroom now and probably fail to do front room again!

Aufish · 30/04/2007 11:51

I have just got back and read my lovely other half's post, cheeky sod! He'll be in trouble later, believe me! Well my to do list today, not going big on this one today.

Kitchen tidy up
Front room tidy up
Conservatory tidy up

Not planning on anything else today as most of my day has gone. DD was all teary at the station but excited as well. Had to fight back the tears when the train got there, didn't want her to get on it, but was relieved in another way! This house is going to be so so quiet without her here.

OP posts:
Jelley · 30/04/2007 12:11

Hello all

Have you daone anything yet yaddah and mhamai?

DS slept when I got back from the shops so I have done loads. Just got to hoover now. I have nothing left to do this afternoon.

Mhamai · 30/04/2007 12:13

No Jelley Going to after my coffee, promise!!!!!

Jelley · 30/04/2007 12:13
Mhamai · 30/04/2007 12:15

You made me sit bolt upright in my chair when I saw your post.

NineUnlikelyTales · 30/04/2007 12:19

Hi everyone

DS has conjunctivitis and had to go to the GP, and DH forgot his lunch this morning so I kindly walked to his work to bring it to him - half hour each way - so I haven't done much yet so far today!

Washed and hung out one load of laundry
One load on to wash
Put ironing away
Bought and posted birthday card for grandma

To do
Today's mission
Buy veg for dinner
Go to bank

It's such a lovely day, hope you all enjoy it

Mhamai · 30/04/2007 12:20

Aw nine sorry to hear about your ds, poor lamb but big up to you for bringing dh his lunch!

BabiesEverywhere · 30/04/2007 12:22

We are getting nowhere we are off for a shower and then going to walk to the local park

tortoise · 30/04/2007 12:27

jelley! Pop round and do mine for me will you?
Bathroom is now clean and sparkling including floor.(I can tell their are boys in the house more now.Ewww!)

DD1 has just gone to sleep. She was fine a minute ago.

DD2 is watching a sing song dvd.

Maybe i should get kitchen finished now! Not a lot to do in their.

Londonmamma · 30/04/2007 12:32

Aufish - it will be a great experience for your daughter. Hugs to those with sick children

Can't remember the last time that happened. Can only say it on Fly or I'll be told to get a life!!

Next jobs:

  1. More research on voluntary work
  2. Find out how to sell my piano
  3. Banking and recycling
  4. Buy new weighing scales
tortoise · 30/04/2007 13:18

Kitchen done
Washing out
Next load in.

Really can't be bothered with front room but it really needs doing! Also pile of washing to put away is growing!
DD1 still asleep.

Aufish · 30/04/2007 13:23

Back again, just having a cuppa and watching the news. Have done living room and conservatory, just needing to do the kitchen and some ironing later. House is starting to look ok for the BBQ. I bet it will rain once he starts cooking! Oh well once the news is finished I better get on with it.

OP posts:

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ludaloo · 30/04/2007 14:06


londonmamma I do my packed lunches the night before. I make the sarnies up, put them in a sandwich bag, put them in the lunch boxes, fill the lunch boxes with the other bits and bobs, then put the whole box in the fridge. I do a drink up and put that in the fridge, seperatly (incase it leakes lying down all night in the lunch box). They are absolutely fine the next day Cartons of juice are a good idea as you can put them in the box and not faff with a bottle, but I find it cheaper not to....I do it every now and then.


~Kitchen done and tidy
~living room...dusted, patio doors cleaned, surfaces decluttered, 2 hotspots extinguished, just hoovering left to do.
~Upstairs tidy
~Bathroom to S&S

Right, off to have a drink, and then hoover. Going to move all the chairs and sofa, and do under the seat cushions.

grouchyoscar · 30/04/2007 14:09

Afternoon ALL

I've had a fun morning so here's my done list

Up, washed and dressed
Wake ds, draw curtains, fold duvet back and remove pjs
Organise DS's uniform
Back to DS, repeat step 2 twice!
Apply wet flannel to DS and offer toothbrush
Downstairs with laundry
Load WM
Empty DW
Put it away
Make and serve breakfast
Tidy away
Dress DS
Take him to school
Go to town
Post Job app
Check time/date of GP appointment
Pay library fine
Return to toddler group
Make list of priorities for next month (DS needs new shoes etc)
Collect DS
Tidy round front room
Change him from uniform
Check family finances (DH now owed for May)
Make lunch
Tidy away
Play board game with DS
Hit the office.

My dilema from yesterday, I have decided to try and collect DS early, however, if I can't then I will cover the cost of a taxi for MIL to and from my neice's school. I need more than 48hrs notice of a change of plan really.

Another lovely sunny day, I might turn DS out and do the ironing outside. Have great days everyone

bewilderbeast · 30/04/2007 14:16

not really achieving anything today or at least I don't feel like I am.

1 load washing out
1 load washing in
1 load folded
washing up done
bottles washed and sterilised
bed stripped
kitchen worktops cleaned

really need to get on and finish a job application that could seriously change my life but ds is in full on klingon mode bless him

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