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Friday Fly

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EHM · 30/03/2007 06:04


OP posts:
yaddayah · 30/03/2007 16:29

i ? I mean it

see told you i wasn't with it today !

shouldbe · 30/03/2007 16:31

My God-daughter has taken the kids out for a walk and they'll deliver the parish newsletter as they go, saving me another job - yay

Just putting away the days laundry while they're out (well, shouldbe putting away the laundry but as always find myself drawn to MN!) then need to get on with some supper for the kids and think of a nice Friday night supper for dh and going off the idea of anything with chicken though

Jelley · 30/03/2007 16:32


shouldbe · 30/03/2007 16:32

Still no tort? I expect the new bed is sooo comfy they're all tucked up in it

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 16:34

How are you getting on Aufish? I've put the kids' school clothes in the wash, too. I hope to do a quick check in the hols to see how much school uniform we still have. I have a funny feeling that some has gone missing. I hope you got on well with the rest of your list.

Thanks yadda. Hope you have a lovely night.

Right. The oven is on and I'd better get the tea going. I think I'll ask ds nicely if he'd be willing to make a crumble for pudding.

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 18:59

SimplySparkling, Thanks for the heads up. I've given up on the ironing today but I did get a lot of other stuff done, so I feel good overall

I think that the ironing is going to be a hard task to automate as I hate doing it,but I am determined to get on top of it. I love having all the clothes in the cupboard clean and ironed.

Maybe I need to chuck loads of clothes so that the potential ironing pile is smaller ?

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 19:13

Hi BabiesEverywhere. Scarily enough, I've had the same thought! Go through wardrobe. Sell/recycle/whatever never gets worn. Fewer clothes = less ironing. I have recycled a number of dh's shirts recently which had worn at the cuffs/collar but have ordered another 6 in the M & S sale. There are a few in his wardrobe that need to be weeded out so I hope to do that these hols. Plus he doesn't need about a dozen pairs of gardening trousers, does he? So much easier to be ruthless with other people's clothes, I find! With his permission, of course!

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 20:26

SimplySparkling, If I asked DH what clothes I could chuck, he would sulk. I think I'll sort out my clothes and then hide the DH clothes I want to chuck.

If he hasn't asked about them in 6 months time then I'll chuck them...sneaky eh

Aufish · 30/03/2007 20:37

Evening everybody, school clothes are all in the washing machine being washed, got a bit behind with the lure of a game of hide and seek with the kids! so the idea of them all being done and ironed by this time has truly gone out of the window! Everything else on the to do list has been done though!

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 21:06

Aufish WOW, You finished that long list. Well done you

Aufish · 30/03/2007 21:16

I usually have a list like that most days as with 4 kids and a messy other half adds to a very messy house and me, being me, needs it tidy and every thing in its right place. If I leave it go even for a day it really does show in this house!

tortoise · 30/03/2007 21:41

Long thread again. Haven't caught up so hope all ok.

Had to phone a friend to pick ds's up from school as Argos phoned to say delivery on its way. It arrived at 3.30. Then my bro turned up and boys got home!!
I made a start on the bed and stopped after 45 mins to make tea then got back to it. An hour later it was all built and ready.

Its fab! DD1 is fast asleep in her new bed. And she didn't complain about it being bed time!

Hope everyones had a good day.

Jelley · 30/03/2007 22:05

Everyone has been waiting all day for news of the new bed, tortoise. Glad she likes it

tortoise · 30/03/2007 22:30

Oooops. Sorry for keeping you all waiting! LOL!

shouldbe · 31/03/2007 08:26

Weekend FLY

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