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Friday Fly

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EHM · 30/03/2007 06:04


OP posts:
yaddayah · 30/03/2007 11:51

sparkling i think so !

Just cleaned kitchen floor, unloaded/reload w/m had a cup of tea, and thought about leaving the house .. no hang on thats a Blur song...

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 12:22

EHM I hope your daughter gets better very soon.

Good morning everyone

Done List
W/M 2 loads, one in Drier, One ready to go in drier. It is a horrible rainy day here so I can't use the line
D/W emptied
Bathroom cleaned
Kitchen cleaned
Hoovering downstairs done
Nappies/trainer pants cleaned/dried folded and away
Hoovered all the sofa cushions as per yesterdays mission.

To Do List

  1. Put tea in slow cooker
  2. Find Steamer (still lost just be in utility room somewhere)
  3. Do a hot spot check downstairs
  4. IRONING...ARGHH I need to get a grip with the ironing but I find I'll do ANYTHING to avoid it. Maybe I should give myself a 'no computer whilst I have an ironing pile' rule or is that too cruel;)
shouldbe · 30/03/2007 12:26

I'm back SS and have more to tick off my list
~make beds done
~empty and reload dw done
~empty, fold and put away laundry from td 1 load done
~washing x2 (carried over from Weds!)1st load done
~s&s kitchen done
~hotspot in kitchen (carried over from Weds)done and windowsill
~put away shoes from hallway done
~make train track with ds done
~go to chemist (they must have something to help shift this cold!) nothng more that I have
~go to library done
~tidy sitting room done
~s&s bathroom (carried over from Tues!)
~quick tidy upstairs done
~look in understairs cupboard....

  • have you done those parcels yet?
shouldbe · 30/03/2007 12:29

Ruby I can always think of something better to say after an upset but at the time I'm always to shocked to think of anything...hope it's resolved now anyway x
We're still lying low from this upset with our neighbour...I just hope it blows over soon - can't see things getting back to how they were though cos we've lost a lot a respect for her after the language she used!

Jelley · 30/03/2007 12:32

wake up dds
feed dds
make packed lunch
take to school
Co Op
toddler group
wash up
wipe surfaces
washing x1
drying/put away first load/yesterdays
15 mins in dds room while they are at school

still to do

clean coffee machine/kettle
mop kitchen floor
s&s bathroom
sweep bathroom floor
tidy sitting room
look at/do mission
15 mins in dds room with them after school

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 13:19

A very quick post to tell slavedriver (are we allowed to use that phrase now or is it non PC?) shouldbe that I have now got one return item ready for posting!

Will post again after I've had lunch.

yadda I'm sure you're spot on.

Aufish · 30/03/2007 13:20

Hi, can I join you guys, been a lurker for some time and you have encouraged me to fly as well.

My done list

Washed and dressed myself and 4 kids
Pack Lunches made
Washing up DONE, no dishwasher here
2 loads of washing DONE
3 loads of drying DONE
A huge pile of ironing done
Hoovering done all downstairs
5 minute room rescue of DC bedrooms and beds made

To do list

Put away towels and basket of clothes
Make Tea
Do another 2 loads of washing
Wash and iron kids school clothes when they return home.

ludaloo · 30/03/2007 13:29


Have only briefly looked through the thread...

tort any sign of the bed???
SimplySparkling I hate that phrase too, makes me shudder...they use it for Stag Nights don't they too....UUURRRGHHH!

Well I have:

~Dropped Ds at nursery
~Whisked into town to food shop
~Pick Ds up
~Unpack shopping
~Ate lunch
~Picked DD1 up from school (half day)

The kids made it back to school for the last day!!! They aren't daft are they
Came home laden with cards, chocolate, Easter goodies! DD1 had an egg hunt, and is very happy to have been in for a morning of games!!
They have a Disco this evening in our community hall, so we are going to have an early dinner and baths all round!!

ludaloo · 30/03/2007 13:30

Aufish hello and welcome, great list!!

ludaloo · 30/03/2007 13:33

phew ladies your list are huge today!!! I need a rest just reading them!! WELL DONE ONE AND ALL

ludaloo · 30/03/2007 13:44

Oh Ruby I am just the same, usually too stunned at the time to say what I mean!

(and I'm usually way too polite to say what I really feel, and end up sulking because I'm so cross, and cross that I didn't just say what I wanted to.)

I have a friend who is the very opposite...she gets offended by a comment and will say exactly how she feels. I just stew on it, and chew my DH's ear off instead!!!

shouldbe · 30/03/2007 14:00

Hi Luda My dd has come home with choc too after a visit to her class from the Easter bunny I'm pleased this term is over - we really need this time off from the rushed mornings etc.
I've been wondering about Tort's dd's new bed too - hope it's there and is fab!
Hello and welcome Aufish

Kids want to play on the computer for a bit so I'd better get off - I'm going to make a cuppa and watch some daytime telly for a bit before my God-daughter arrives for the afternoon

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 14:37

Welcome Aufish from one newbie to another

To Do List

  1. Put tea in slow cooker Done Low fat gingered beef to be served with jacket potato and steamed vegetables
  2. Find Steamer (still lost just be in utility room somewhere) Still Lost
  3. Do a hot spot check downstairs Done
  4. IRONING Clothes are sorted folded ironing board and iron out As soon as LO has a nap, I'm on an ironing binge...else I am not having a drink tonight !!!
SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 14:39

I'm probably worrying too much but I shouldn't have used the phrase I did earlier and I'd like to say sorry. I usually take care how with how things sound to others and I didn't that time. Sorry again.

shouldbe · 30/03/2007 14:46

Hi Sparklig Only just noticed that you did manage to pack one of your parcels - now you just have to actually post it
(I think you're worrying over nothing x x)

My lo's are suddenly very tired - ds is asleep on the sofa and dd is (blissfully happy) watching a Barbie dvd. I'd better go and snuggle up with them

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 14:59

shouldbe Thankyou. I'm still very sorry as I've never thought of the history of the word until after I'd used it and then realised it was totally inappropriate.

Onto a different topic (or else I'll say sorry repeatedly - I know what I'm like); yes, I have done one parcel.

~ unloaded d/w and reloaded
~ w/m on
~ bird feeder filled
~ recycling stuff to r. bin
~ all breakfasted and off to work/school
~ Get showered and dressed
~ Do washing up
~ I actually shined my sink! After a fashion, anyway. Not toothbrushes and stuff but it does look clean.
~ Strip the beds and wash
~ Ring the council - again!
To do:-
~ I'm not saying what else but I'm sure you can guess! - One done, two things left to do!

ludaloo · 30/03/2007 15:26

Well we are all bathed

Dinner is in the oven.....I have just realised I have done bath and dinner in totally the wrong order!!!! I'll have to "acidentally forget" the sauces!! And they can all have a bib lol!!! (actually they will probably think that is quite funny!!)

Right, well, see you all later xxx

Jelley · 30/03/2007 15:39

Sparkling - I had to hunt for offensive phrases from you I didn't find any. Don't worry about it.
that the parcel is done...another one tomorrow?

BabiesEverywhere - If you think a lost steamer is bad...I lost a Raw chicken breast in my kitchen yesterday, and still haven't found it!

Sorry about the random done list I posted earlier, I was adding to it as I worked, and pressed post before I finished, then had to go out

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 15:39

luda You're all bathed already! Talk about being ready in good time. Well done. Enjoy the disco.

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 15:42

Thanks Jelley. Another one tomorrow? Well ... ... seeing as it is you, I'll give it a go. At least I've found the receipt for that one so it should be an easier letter to write.

BabiesEverywhere · 30/03/2007 15:55

Jelley, Yuck...I feel better now ;) Do you have cats or something, how else can a piece of meat go missing ? I really hope it turns up, very soon.

This afternoon I have managed to clean sofa, fireplace, mirror etc in the living room and clean hotspots in the bathroom and our bedroom, none of which were on todays list BUT I am still managing to avoid the ironing

SimplySparkling · 30/03/2007 16:06

You're not alone on the lost things front. I lost half a chicken the other week. I worked out where it had gone before I found it iykwim. I'd put it in a container for it to cool down before going in the fridge. Unfortunately it was the type of container normally used for the cheese biscuits and dh often has cheese after tea so it had been put away in that cupboard. I worked out that possibility, looked in the cupboard, looked in the container and there it was! I won't say what state it was in as we're having chicken for tea tonight and I don't want to put myself off!

BabiesEverywhere Don't worry, you're not alone. I have an ironing pile which will take me about 4 hours (incl what is on the line and in the machine - 4th load of the day.) I find that I put off doing it but if I can get myself set up before something good starts on the tv, I'm more than happy to iron throughout. As soon as the programme ends, though, I've lost interest. Still, I've normally done a fair bit by then. You have done quite a bit today, you know.


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yaddayah · 30/03/2007 16:26

back from housesitting ds is complaining of a tummy ache so lying on a beanbag watching cartoons .. he has a load of sweets and chocolate in his bookbag ..and still wants to eat them
sparkling I've clocked who you are .. duh i'm really not with it today

welcome aufish

Well off out again (dinner at MIL) so won't be back till late so i'll say ta ta and have a good night all !

Yadd x

yaddayah · 30/03/2007 16:28

ps sparkling wouldn't worry i totally went over my head

Jelley · 30/03/2007 16:29

No cats, just a dizzy Jelley. It was vacuum packed so it may be some time before I find it if I have to rely on smell

I'll let you know if it turns up...

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