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***** Friday FLY *****

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Jelley · 16/03/2007 06:39


Baby Steps


For FLYladies, new and old.


OP posts:
Jelley · 16/03/2007 06:47

Mhamai I always say Mar-mee in my head. Am I miles off?

9nut , and tortoise Sunday is renew the spirit day. . I know too much abouy FLYing Shame I don't put much into practice!

ludaloo hope you get on ok at the Drs today.

everyone else Good wishes to those still not well, or coping with dhs with manflu!

I'm off to do breakfast. Back later with a list....

OP posts:
staceym11 · 16/03/2007 07:47

morning jelley!!

taking dd to soft play this afternoon, so this morning must do:

all up washed dressed
washing up
s+s kitchen
shine sink
s+s bathroom
open all curtains
make beds
5 min room rescue (dds again, i dunno what she does in there!!)
steralise bottles
hoover if i have a chance!

and thats it!

hope everyone is ok!

satinshoes · 16/03/2007 07:49

morning all.

still have poorly baby but another birthday in our hous so i got some chocolate cake at 7am.

DH an absoulte star and let me go to bed early last night while he tidied downstairs

have a good day all.

Jelley · 16/03/2007 08:25

Would it be your birthday satin?

OP posts:
staceym11 · 16/03/2007 08:35

oh i think it is, satin is it your birthday?

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 08:55

Oh! Choccy cake at 7am? - must be satin's birthday surely

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 08:57

Morning Jelley and stacey too

Have sooo much to do I don't think I can face listing it. I'm going to do my usual Friday trick of starting at the bottom of the house and working up.....

JustIvor · 16/03/2007 08:58

I think satin won't say if it is as she won't want us all going there and giving her the bumps! Happy birthday, birthday person in satin's house!

Thanks for the thread Jelley. I have taken a look at the links that you put on your OP. I think I'd benefit from a control journal. I might put it in my current diary which is supposed to live in the kitchen except it walks constantly. That way I'll be trying to keep it to hand for 2 reasons.

Todays list:-
~ cuddles in bed with dd done
~ load and put on d/w done
~ brekie and see the kids off to school done
~ clean a couple of kitchen surfaces done
~ hoover utility room and downstairs loo done
~ fill bird feeder done
~ give cat a nice new clean litter tray done
~ make drs appointment for ds done
~ shower and dress
~ walk the dog
~ meet friends for lunch
~ strip beds and wash it all
~ put the washing I did last night on the line
~ remember we're having chicken for tea to put the oven on in time

Oh, and luda, don't think I didn't see your post about my alleged hairy hands. You must remember this:- luda describes herself in more detail

Ivor runs away laughing again!

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:03

Ivor! How dare you have so many "dones" before 9am ...

JustIvor · 16/03/2007 09:07

Ah but shouldbe, I am sat here in my lovely floral brushed cotton pjs and bright pink dressing gown and look a wreck as I haven't showered or dressed yet! I'm going to do that now and hope that a programme I like to do housework whilst listening to will be on by the time I'm back.

Race you!

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:09

Well, at least I'M dressed "to the shoes" then (but only cos I had to do the school run)

JustIvor · 16/03/2007 09:11

Oh, and Well Done shouldbe on the walking to school that you posted about a day or two ago.

JustIvor · 16/03/2007 09:11

x posted. There you go. Doing well.

taylormama · 16/03/2007 09:13

morning all
Happy birthday Satin - if it is your birthday

Wish me luck please as i have just arrived home after a few days away and have to unpack and do my flying - also have friends coming for dinner so need to cook (and buy a chicken) ... been to Sainsbury's tho!

Have a good day!

Upsadaisy · 16/03/2007 09:13

Morning everyone!

I started my first babystep last night and the sink is looking pretty good if I do say so myself lol.
Then this morning I've dressed to the laces or is it shoes...anyway I'm dressed and the boys are at school.

My list for today

Washing everything in wash basket
getting everything dried
a general pick up and straighten up
A few phone calls for course
too complete assignment!!!
gym if I get chance

Does anybody follow or do the control journal?

Satin -Have a lovely Birthday! whether your celebrating your own or sharing someone elses.

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:15

Thnaks Ivor - seems a small step, but managing to be out of the house for that long (all of 30mins!) is a really big deal for me - felt great to achieve it

Hi TM, been anywhere nice? Sounds as though you have your work cut out today - Good Luck!

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:17

Welcome Upsa Saw you joined last night - well done on that shiney sink
I don't keep a control journal but do wonder if I might - if and when I ever feel up to it

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:19

...someone make me go and get on.... it's lovely this morning sitting at our desk looking out at the countryside, watching the lambs in the field opposite our house...will sit here all day unless osmeone makes me go and get on with some jobs (and I have LOADS to do!)

JustIvor · 16/03/2007 09:42

Oi shouldbe. Are you still here? I am still in my pjs but am about to go and shower, honestly. I have just stripped the three beds, pretreated a couple of marks before washing them and put them in the w/m. Oh, and I opened blinds and curtains around the house. Back in a bit.

shouldbedoingthehousework · 16/03/2007 09:49

GGrrrr Ivor stop making me feel bad! I am still here, yes, but have been making some phone calls while sitting here so don't feel too guilty about it! Really am going to get on now - honest

damewashalot · 16/03/2007 10:00

Morning all! And Happy birthday to the birthday person

Thanks for the warning re the hairy hands luda, looks like I had a lucky escape there

Well I have taken children to school and had some breakfast it's 10 not doing to well am I? sink is shiney but there is a pile of breakfast dishes next to it.

DS2 has an ear infection and antibiotics, much perkier today and has gone to school.

Going out in about half an hour best get something done first.

tortoise · 16/03/2007 10:10

Morning all.
DD's have been awake since 6.!
Washing is out on the line. Make the most of the sun while it lasts!
I'm going to strip my bed in a minute.
Something seems to be biting us. Woke up with big itchy bites on the back of my knee and had 2 on my neck yesterday. now have another one on my leg. DD's have a few too. Only thing i can think of is the rabbit/guinea pig. We had them indoors last week while i cleaned them out. Going to have to check them for fleas. I hope not though.

Shouldbe I hope your getting something done now!
satin Happy birthday to whoever its too!
Jelley I say it like that too.
taylormama Good luck!!
Upsa Good start.

Going to strip my bed now. Back soon.

ludaloo · 16/03/2007 10:18


Had to cancel my appointment with the doctor this morning ...going monday morning now instead!
Dd1 was up very early being sick She isn't managing to keep anything down I have her tucked up on the sofa watching Tractor Tom...

Mhamia Sorry....didn't get back on last night....I always think Mwamee?? or Mwamii??
Anywhere close??


Jelley, thanks for thinking of me this morning! I just couldn't get to the doctors though! Will have to wait until monday now! And just prey I don't have one inbetween!

Well no particular list today, just looking after Dd1....and bits and bobs.

Bye for now xx

ludaloo · 16/03/2007 10:19


staceym11 · 16/03/2007 10:19

shouldbe i was giving you a polite kick up the jacksy when my comp crashed! hopefully your're doing something more conwsturctive than sitting on MN!!

well my list now looks like this:


all up washed dressed (ok except me!!!)
s+s bathroom
open all curtains
make beds
5 min room rescue (dds again, i dunno what she does in there!!)

to do:

washing up
s+s kitchen
shine sink
steralise bottles
hoover if i have a chance!

not doign too badl seeing as ds has also woken and had a bottle, but now i really must go and get dressed!!

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