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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thursday FLY~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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shouldbedoingthehousework · 01/03/2007 08:40


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ludaloo · 01/03/2007 18:57

Thanks tort !

shouldbedoingthehousework · 01/03/2007 19:11

Couldn't resist a nose Luda
Nice house...looks like a nice area to be in The Abbey looks interesting - how far is that from Lampeter? May have to visit next time....

OP posts:
shouldbedoingthehousework · 01/03/2007 19:13

St David's day has been a big thing here too - ds came home from pre-school having ahd a talk about Wales from a Welsh parent, had made a leek and a Welsh flag AND had a daffodil for me

OP posts:
shouldbedoingthehousework · 01/03/2007 19:15

...made a model leek that is...

OP posts:
ludaloo · 01/03/2007 20:05

shouldbe You can come and have a cuppa!
Its about 25 minutes drive from Lampeter. I was there the other day infact, banking a cheque. They have brilliant bargain shops in Lampeter too!!

The Abbey is a nice place to visit when the sun is shining! It isn't very big, and it is more interesting for the kids if they can run around and play IYKWIM.

bewilderbeast · 01/03/2007 20:22

shouldbe so glad you got your dw fixed, we are without at the moment and it's a nightmare
Grouchy glad you are feeling brighter and more positive today

Niot done much, recovering from the 24 hours without DP, god what am I going to do when he goes away for 4 days soon, I'll be a wreck.


wm on but not emptied
bottles washed and sterilised
half washing up done
kitchen surfaces cleaned
bathrooms s &s
rubbish put out

other than that I have been a lazy mare, happy St David's day welsh persons, I (was at uni in Wales for 4 years so feel a tentative connection)

ludaloo · 01/03/2007 20:23

which Uni did you go to BB ?

bewilderbeast · 01/03/2007 20:26


grouchyoscar · 01/03/2007 20:54

additional Done list

Empty Ds school bag
Wash lunch box
Make gp appointment (more blood tests 0
Make DS tea
Tidy away
Load and run WM (ds all muddy again)
Empty WM
Sort into drying piles
Fish DS out of the bath
Dry and dress him
Clutter clear my bag for tomorrow
Put DS shool clothes out for tomorrow
Put DS dry clothes away
Read ds a bedtime story
Put other dry washing away

Everything ready for tomorrow now.

DH said how nice the house looked today. Awwwh he noticed

Have good nights ladies

ludaloo · 01/03/2007 20:56

ooh I went to the WAC

ludaloo · 01/03/2007 20:57

hi GO Glad your efforts have been recognised, it kind of makes it all worthwhile!

Jelley · 01/03/2007 22:10

I agree it's lovely when someone notices the extra work going on.

Urgent still to do list... all done
hoover downstairs
put away clean washing
put on washing machine
make phone calls (1 Hour with MIL)
have a cup of tea.

Also started on the wine

Check my profile pics for ds' birthday cake[boast]

shouldbedoingthehousework · 01/03/2007 22:37

Great cake Jelley - well done you I could never create anything as good as that

Off to bed now - see you in the morning

OP posts:
princesscc · 01/03/2007 22:56

Nice cake Jelley - I'd show you the one I made today, but my cakes are too widely known around these parts and I wouldn't want to blow my cover!!

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