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Hmmm... Vinyl Floor? Yes or No?

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Quootiepie · 08/02/2007 20:50

I am debating what to put down on my living room floor (for starters) and I really don't know. We re carpeted throughout in cream (!) when we moved in, in June! Despite being really really careful, they just look shabby now and an accident with cough medicine has made a big blue patch, coffee marks are dotted around everywhere by DHs careless cousin (and DH aswell ) and I just think cream is not cut out for having babies (mopped up nappy leakage today ). I think wood is too expensive for this type of house, we are not planning on staying tooooo long to make it worthwile, laminate was an option but DS tumbles over all the time so not really a good idea. I was watching a makeover programme today and they used vinyl, and I thought "urgh, that's going to be revolting" but it looked quite good . I have seen some that is textured like wood, obviously is easy to clean and most important is abit softer for DS to crawl on and fall on.

Has anyone tried the newer vinyls? Are they any good? Am I just being totally stupid thinking about it?

Please advise me as I really don't know if I would be insane to lay it in living dining room! Thanks xXx

OP posts:
Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 20:50

Not sure about vinyl. We have Marmoleum in our kitchen which I love, but it wasn't cheap.

Quootiepie · 08/02/2007 20:52

that was quick! What is marmoleum?

OP posts:
PanicPants · 08/02/2007 20:52

Whats marmoleum?

Still debating what to put in kitchen - keep swinging from slate tiles to ceramic tiles to laminate {sigh}

drifter · 08/02/2007 20:53

Our marmoleum has been down for about 10 years and is still looking good - very hardwearing too. The price can vary a lot depending on whether you have something plain or lots of feature panels.

Quootiepie · 08/02/2007 20:54

Maybe it's marmoleum I saw... textured wood effect vinyl/lanoleum stuff.

OP posts:
drifter · 08/02/2007 20:55

It's a bit like Amtico, but cheaper!

Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 20:55


It is natural, so more environmentally friendly than some other floorings.

Smells fab and looks nice and is warm underfoot and easy to look after.

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 20:55

Marmoleum is traditional linoleum. Its a natural product and smells lovely. It also feels warmer than vinyl. Check out the Forbo website they make it.

Katymac · 08/02/2007 20:55

Marmoleum is modern linoleum - it's natural, anticeptic and very hard wearing

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 20:56

oh dinosaur, are we one in the same?

Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 20:57

Ooh, another Marmoleum fan? [excited]

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 20:59

love it, have it in my kitchen/family room and the bathrooms. Happy to lie naked on it and sniff

PeachesMcLean · 08/02/2007 21:00

Dunno about marmoleum - the modern traditional linoleum.
We do have new vinyl though in our kitchen and bathroom. Both are wood textured and the bathroom one in particular looks quite good (I like to think). Not sure I can imagine it in a living room though.

PanicPants · 08/02/2007 21:01

I've never never heard of it before. I've not seen it in shops like B&Q or floors2go etc.

Was it very expensive?

Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 21:01

frumpy I wish I had got it in our new bathroom, instead I went for some red Spanish ceramic tiles that just so aren't me, somehow

and which I would never lie on

Katymac · 08/02/2007 21:02

I wanty hundreds of sqms of it for my nursery

Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 21:02

The first quote I got was hair-raising, but I shopped around a bit and in the end got someone who did the lot (and we're talking a big area here) for about £1,700.

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 21:04

Its probably more expensive than vinyl but you can see and feel that it is a great quality product.

I don't know that I'd use it in my main livingroom but I have it in my kitchen/family room and have a big rug down at the family bit beside the couch so it feels perfectly cosy whilst being hugely practical.

Katymac · 08/02/2007 21:05

what sort of "big area" Dinosaur?

Sqft or Sqm...please

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 21:06

It can get expensive because you often need to lay a sub-floor on top of your floorboards to get a perfectly flat surface and you need a specialist fitter. But then you'd have to do that will any floor other than carpet. It comes with a 15 year guarantee.

frumpygrumpy · 08/02/2007 21:07

If its a nursery as in private childcare then you can get all sorts of colours and designs.

Katymac · 08/02/2007 21:07

FG - yes but it's also nursery as in massively small budget

Dinosaur · 08/02/2007 21:07

Katymac I couldn't do that without going and digging out all the plans etc but it is about three quarters of the footprint of a double-fronted Victorian house, if that helps you to picture it.

Quootiepie · 08/02/2007 21:07

ah yes, I thought vinyl and lanoleum were the same thing. It's manoelum I think I saw. We have quite a small living area, and small dinig area so most would be covered by the rug, the sofas, the TV unit and the dinig table, but it would mean that DS could eat right at the table rather than slightly back into the kitchen. Is it sort of softish? ie. would it hurt DS to fall on it as much as laminate or wood?

OP posts:
PanicPants · 08/02/2007 21:10

How much do you think for 21 sqm?

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