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Wednesday FLYLADY thread - Dust the tops of your curtains!!

41 replies

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 27/09/2006 06:55

Kelly's mission is to dust the picture rail, top of door, top of curtains etc!

OP posts:
shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 27/09/2006 06:57

flylady website

OP posts:
SusiS · 27/09/2006 07:49

morning! not really functioning just yet - again 6am wake up call - it's starting to get to me now

oh well, having a very slow start into the day

i did made my bed though and s/s upstairs toilet!
but no ones dressed (i'll do that after my workout dvd) - but kitchen is clean

BarefootJasnem · 27/09/2006 07:53

I love having a clean sink in the morning...I can bath the baby in it.

asleep · 27/09/2006 08:06

i think today i will really start on the living room. if DS isn't too annoyed. he's still teething. seems to get worse every day!

tinshoes · 27/09/2006 08:12

Morning all.

Sink is now clean, washing off the airer and folded to go upstairs, dishwasher on, DD fed.

Living room not too bad. Have got rid of a hotspot that has been there for months and place is generally tidy. Havent managed to hoover yet. Did the dusting high up last week so kelly's mission already done again

tribpot · 27/09/2006 08:40

Morning - shiny sink still my only achievement, now off to work (2.5 hour meeting on a subject I know absolutely nothing about, joy).

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 27/09/2006 08:58

Asleep, I forgot for a moment that DS doesn't mean husband. Teething is a great metaphor for an irritable husband who gets in the way!

SusiS · 27/09/2006 09:21

lol at the teething husband

done my workout dvd, washed and dressed!
kids are fed and are getting dressed in a minute.
dishwasher is empty
and kitchen is still clean

SusiS · 27/09/2006 09:27

ohhh and i've taken the mince already out of the freezer for dinner - because i actually know what we'll be having according to mealplanner

crazydazy · 27/09/2006 09:35

Don't the barrage of emails get on your nerves??? I just can't be bothered reading them all. Today is my mass cleaning day but just not sure where to bloody start. House is not overly untidy but I want it to gleam!!!

SusiS · 27/09/2006 09:56

i am 'experimenting' with the emails atm. ticked the 'only important' ones but haven't received any since

allrighty, 1 load of washing is folded and ready to go upstairs (dp is still asleep so has to wait) - another one is in the dryer and yet another one is in the washing machine
i really don't know how the mountains appear so quickly!!!

singersgirl · 27/09/2006 10:10

Just checking back in. I've returned from Spain, house surprisingly tidy, but of course no shopping/homework/cooking done. Boys have had pizza every night as far as I can see!

So haven't read threads but will be flying later. Have my exercise class now so better go.

DontlookatmeImshy · 27/09/2006 10:36


I'm not flyingmuch this week. Ds and I have got stinking colds of dh who feels suitably guilty lol so I'm lounging around feeling very sorry for myself boohoo. Although I did get the weekly blessing done on Monday so the weeks not a complete loss.

So I will just watchyou ladies and try to wave a pathetic little flag(aka wet hankie) to cheer you on.

FlipFloppinRubyRioja · 27/09/2006 10:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazydazy · 27/09/2006 11:32

I've had that cold too, caught mine from DS although he didn't really get poorly with it but I felt rough for 2 days (Mon and Tues) but am back on form today. Have finished my living room am going to have some lunch and then start on the bathroom. Am really flying.

Skribble · 27/09/2006 11:38

I had 23 e.mails today, but I just scan them and delete them as I go, The only one I keep is the original babysteps one. It helps that I have a totally seperate e.mail just for fly stuff.

Having a break as I have put a load on,
cleared everything off one side of the worktops in the kitchen and given it a good clean, (WEd will be my kitchen day),
Emptyied all the utensils into the dishwasher and the container to for a good clean,
Cleaned kitchen window inside and dusted around the top.

Going to dust around the top in the living room to keep Kelly happy, tidy and dust CD's. But now I am going to spend 15m on top of my desk then 15 min under before lunch.

The timer really helps, it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel and is much easier to cope with than the marathon sessions I used to do.

Got a new timer for the kids, big dial ticks as it goes and rings at the end. They are using it for brushing teeth and showering, DD will happily plooter in the shower for 30mins and not wash a bit. I want a timer that does the Countdown bit at the end, as in the programme .

Skribble · 27/09/2006 11:40

15mins on desk.

Skribble · 27/09/2006 11:43

15mins under the desk

asleep · 27/09/2006 11:49

lol scribble

i can't get going today. just watched the last two lost episodes. must start cleaning!

tinshoes · 27/09/2006 11:57

lol at the pics scribble.

i've just been out for a swim. now have to make dd lunch and find a dora duvet cover for her bedroom. no tidying today but have washed baby clothes ready for no 2 in december, and kitchen is clean.

mummyhill · 27/09/2006 12:42

Tortoise Ignore my email as you can see verything is back to normal. Must of been a glitch.

Everyone was up, fed, washed, dressed and out of the house on time this morning. Went to mums and tots after the school run. Am just eating lunch and will then get back to flying.

tinshoes · 27/09/2006 13:09

I delete all of the testimonial emails as they are all a bit gushy. The reminders are useful if you are at a total loss but otherwise they get deleted too. The babysteps email was good and the kelly's mission one is useful.

I am v excited as I ordered some recycling bags from ebay and now my utility (read as back of garage) has 3 bags - one for bottles, one for newspapers and one for the fortnightly collection. Will save me time sorting and hopefully means I will recycle more - only cost £5!

Anyway, hope you're having a good day.

asleep · 27/09/2006 13:15

since i last posted i have blitzed the living room. i don't think it has ever been this clean and tidy. it is decluttered and only has stuff we use and like in it, so will move on to the detailed zone cleaning in this room. now feeding DS and taking a break.

asleep · 27/09/2006 13:18

oh and after my break i am going to tackle the catfood cupboard in the kitchen. cat's been missing for nearly 4 months, so time to put it away somewhere

Skribble · 27/09/2006 13:39

Sounds like most of us are doing not to bad today.
I spent about 40 mins clearing to junk off the desk, I did set timer for 15 mins but wasn't finished and wanted to do it, very satisfying. I can now get to all the little useful drawers at the back of the desk that are practicly empty as they were blocked in.
I might get DD to make lables for the drawers so we can sort out all the desk/ office stuff.

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