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Do you have a cleaner?

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jenk1 · 01/07/2006 19:39

Wondering whether to get one, cant cope with the house of top of my 2 kids (SN) and am tired of stressing over cleaning, DH thinks we should get one, - probably so ill stop nagging him to help!!!!

If you do have one can you please tell me:

A, How much does she/he charge?
B, What do they do for their money
C, Are there any national companies that do it as i cant seem to find any.


OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 01/07/2006 19:40

Yes, I do
£8 an hour
whatever I've asked
no idea about national cos sorry.

Medulla · 01/07/2006 19:42

Me too - in fact I have a live in housekeeper! It is fantastically liberating! Go for it Jenk don't let housework grind you down!

Blandmum · 01/07/2006 19:42

WE use a wonderful cleaner (same every time IYSWIM) who we got via a company called 'Time for you'. We pay 7.75 an hour. The company covers the insurance issues. It is a franchise that I think is country wide.

She cleans the house and also irons if she has time.

Wonderful and worth every penny.

tinyFox · 01/07/2006 20:10

no can't afford one and i don't work so i shouldn't need one.

Also wouldn't want other people poking around with my stuff.

norah · 01/07/2006 20:11

I've just taken a new company on - they are pretty nationwide I think although it's franchised - so depends if someone in your area has taken a franchise - it's called "Poppies" - sure you can find by googling as I haven't got the web address with me.

I'm in Hampshire and will be paying £14 ph plus VAT - so not cheap, but after the two nightmares I've had employing people directly I am hoping it's worh it ! They start Monday - so will let you know how good after that !

Marne · 01/07/2006 20:13

Yes, DH

Gobbledigook · 01/07/2006 20:19

Not at the moment but always toying with the idea. I'm a SAHM but work freelance - when I'm busy with work I really struggle to keep on top of the house and could do with one, but when I get a gap in the work I don't need one.

I don't like the idea of someone doing my tidying etc either but I could cope with someone just to do the big jobs like kitchen, bathrooms and floors.

anchovies · 01/07/2006 20:42

I've got one starting on monday, went for a big local agency as I figured they would be easier to complain to than an individual! Am paying £10 plus vat per hour so pretty expensive but am hoping it's going to be worth it. Have been well stressed juggling a baby, a toddler and work recently and although the house is reasonably tidy it could do with a good clean. Have booked 2 hours a week and they reckon she can clean all rooms and floors plus one extra (blinds, a window, the fridge etc) per week.

Tommy · 01/07/2006 20:42

I have the same one as Marne....

expatinscotland · 01/07/2006 20:43


rktb · 01/07/2006 21:05

don't know where you are but cleaner best money we ever spent, even when we can't really afford it. We use an agency because if they are no good or go away on holiday, the agency sends another cleaner (without you having to deal with the politics/complications). Can take a few different cleaners to find one you like - but you don't have to raise any complaints with the cleaners and the agency are fine about it - just send you someone else on their list. Called Homeclean - have a website under that name \link{}. Based in London. Cleaners 6.50 per hour and agency approx 120 per year so works out about 7.50 per hour. makes it a stressfree experience.

southeastastra · 01/07/2006 21:07

..i'd love to have a cleaner

singledadofthree · 01/07/2006 21:08

yeah me...durrr

octavia · 02/07/2006 14:04

Jenk I clean for 10 different familes .
I charge £8.00 per hour
before I commit myself to a family we meet and they tell me their needs and the amount of time they are willing to pay for.
I then say if thats achievable and suggest extra jobs like cleaning windows/oven etc OR tell them straight that I can't possibly do what they want in the time they want
so far so good !

jabberwocky · 02/07/2006 14:28

Ours comes twice a month. It really helps to stay on top of changing beds, cleaning bathrooms and floors. She came over first for an evaluation of our house and what I wanted done, then gave me an estimate for the job. She is usually here about 3 - 4 hours and charges $70 (we are in US, don't know how it compares). She will also do a "detailed cleaning" that takes all day and costs approx. twice as much. We do that maybe once a year before a big party or somethng like that.

Littlefish · 02/07/2006 14:32

Yes - every week
£20.00 for 2.5 hours work (does the kitchen, 2 bathrooms, dusts the sitting room and dining room, hoovers the whole house. She does the bedrooms on a rota basis and if there's any extra time, she cleans out the fridge).

She is absolutely wonderful. I've known her for about 4 years now.

We also pay her to do our ironing every other week, but pay for this separately.

EmmyLou · 02/07/2006 14:33

I have a cleaner for 2 hours a week. She's a friend and ex-nanny who can earn more cleaning part time and nannying only a few days a week than she could as a full time nanny. I pay her £10 an hour and she brings all her own kit. We gossip and chat before I head off to do stuff with dd3 in the knowledge that the house will be clean on our return. It helps remove one layer of stress from my life - albeit only till the kids have got toothpaste everywhere again.

mummydear · 02/07/2006 14:58

When i was working with too young children i had a cleaner , in fact she was an aupair who lived down the road and she came in for three hours on A friday afternoon and I paid her £5 per hour, I provided all the cleaning products.

Alais I no longer have a cleaner as I am now a SAHM so I do it alomg the cooking, childcare, washing, gardeing..... for the love of my children an hubby

NappiesGalore · 02/07/2006 15:00

yep - 5 days a week for 3 hours a day or more as needed. she is brilliant and i love her. shes been on holiday for a fortnight and is back tomorrow. roll on monday morning!!!
i pay her £10 an hour. not cheap but worth every single penny.

EmmyLou · 02/07/2006 16:49

Nappiesgalore - can there possibly be that much cleaning in one house???

sparklemagic · 02/07/2006 17:07

I agree Emmylou! That's not a cleaner, that's a housekeeper - staff, in other words....

only picking up on it cos I'm jealous, I freely admit

mummydear · 02/07/2006 19:23

Nappiesgalore-- good luck to you , but alot of money per month !!!

QueenPeaHead · 02/07/2006 19:28

I have a housekeeper. Liberation. Haven't changed a bed or ironed a thing for years hurrah hurrah

mousiemousie · 02/07/2006 19:32

stop showing off, your majesty

mummydear · 02/07/2006 19:33

will admit that if ever I should have lots of money then I would have a housekeeper , I don't care about a nanny or anything . I would be able to go out and enjoy the children without having to worry about changing sheets, etc etc and perhaps come home to a cooked meal .

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