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How do you keep your bathroom smelling nice?

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GDG · 27/06/2006 11:43

Very shortly after ours has been cleaned it smells really musty again - not dirty smelly iyswim, just not pleasant.

What do you use in the bathroom to make it smell nice?

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 27/06/2006 11:44

i have the window open a lot in summer, but interested to see what other ppl say to this....

GDG · 27/06/2006 11:45

Yeah, I just open the window too but I'd like a 'nice' smell iyswim!

OP posts:
FioFio · 27/06/2006 11:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard · 27/06/2006 11:46

can u still get those stick on air fresshners?

expatinscotland · 27/06/2006 11:47

Smokeless incense.

NomDePlume · 27/06/2006 11:47

rofl fio.

GDG, if you are getting a musty smell after cleaning then I'd be wondering about dampness somewhere (carpet maybe? bath mat?), or a fousty/musty old towel screwed up and hiding....

Jazzi · 27/06/2006 11:49

If you have a shower curtain wash it regulaly as this can smell!!!

Gingerbear · 27/06/2006 11:50

Are you sure you are cleaning thoroughly GDG? Shall I come round with my white cotton gloves on and test?
I had a similar problem - mine was due to manky overflows in the sink and bath. Oh, and DD had peed on the toilet 'drip mat' bleurgh, no more drip mats here.

CountessDracula · 27/06/2006 11:51

Also is your sealant scummy? That can pong

GDG · 27/06/2006 11:51

No shower curtain - have a cubicle.

NDP - I think you are right about the dampness as we had a pipe leak under the bathroom a few months back. We ripped up the laminate in there and the leak was repaired. Just got lino in there now - so no carpet, no shower curtain - there is no fabric that could smell in there and it's not a poo smell!!

OP posts:
GDG · 27/06/2006 11:53

No, sealant is fine. But the plug holes could smell I suppose. Dh has just unplugged the sink one as the water wasn't running down properly and the amount of hair I pulled out the shower one teh other day - bleurgh, I nearly barfed!

Does nobody use any kind of nice smell in the bathroom?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 27/06/2006 11:53

plugholes can go manky too (especially in showers), even when they don't look all that horrible. Hair gets stuck in them and starts to rot = grim smell. I take to it once a month with the sharp end of a tailcomb to scoop/pull any nasties stuck down there

GDG · 27/06/2006 11:54

Sorry NDP - that last post had me ROFL!! Just the way you wrote it!

I'm not sure I can face the hairy plug hole again? Will a dose of bleach do the trick?!

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 27/06/2006 11:54

ah, x plughole post.

No I don't use any fresheners etc in our bathrooms.

FioFio · 27/06/2006 11:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

GDG · 27/06/2006 11:55


OP posts:
Jazzi · 27/06/2006 11:55

My bathroom always seems to smell no matter what I do - I blame it on living in a house with 3 boys - have you seem them aim????

FioFio · 27/06/2006 11:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume · 27/06/2006 11:55

lol, no bleach won't do it if there is hair down there. You need to have a good poke around .

GDG · 27/06/2006 11:57

Eeew! I think I'll get dh to do it! Ha ha!

Jazzi - hmmm, now therein may lie the problem. I have 3 small boys, dh, FIL staying and brother staying!!! Is there any hope for me?!

Mind you, the floor is clean.

I'm thinking it's the plugs and probably the shower one but I don't fancy poking around in it!

OP posts:
Jazzi · 27/06/2006 12:00

I think that is your answer - boys!!! Doesn't matter what age, they are all terrible at getting pee where it should be. HV advised putting small plastic balls in their potty for them to aim at!!!

melrose · 27/06/2006 12:01

Mr Muscle foamer stuff for plugholes is pretty good at shifting hair in my experience. Once it is done you can buy a cover thingy from lakeland that stops it going down there in the first place

Do not find mine smells too bad but

  • never shut the door
  • often open the window
  • only fabric is bathmat and wash that once every couple of weeks
  • Do not leave wet towels in there, they dry over the bannisters and then live on thee back of bedroom doors
acnebride · 27/06/2006 12:07

Mine smells of wee much too often but i really, really hate air freshener. I usually find the problem is that ds's step/loo seat isn't quite as clean as it might be . Also I had a problem for a long time which turned out to be that ds had stuffed paintbrushes down the basin plughole, causing an almighty Alien-style nightmare down there.

Happy family memories. Shoudl have taken a picture of the Alien thing to counteract pics of sunny days in the garden, eh.

UCM · 27/06/2006 12:55

Carpet is usually the biggest culprit in bathrooms and bathmats which havn't been wash recently even if they look clean. I buy 2 sets at a time and wash one, have the other down.

I clean the entire place with domestos - everything. warm water in sink and slurp domestos in and wipe away

ameli · 27/06/2006 16:09

scented candle in the bathroom from ikea, mmay not always be practical with little kids though. Just put it high up somewhere, the ones from ikea are great. I sometimes put shake n vac in my laundry basket, just so stuff does not reak.

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