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How do you keep your bathroom smelling nice?

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GDG · 27/06/2006 11:43

Very shortly after ours has been cleaned it smells really musty again - not dirty smelly iyswim, just not pleasant.

What do you use in the bathroom to make it smell nice?

OP posts:
Caligula · 27/06/2006 16:11

By having fragrant poos

ameli · 27/06/2006 16:11

lol caligula

so ure poo smells of roses eh

Caligula · 27/06/2006 16:16
BettySpaghetti · 27/06/2006 16:17

Buy a slice of stinky soap from Lush and just have that in a dish somewhere (not to use, just to give off a subtle smell).

When the smell starts to fade just cut off a thin slice to revitalise it. If you pop it on the radiator when its on in the winter you'll get a much stronger scent.

(Thats if you can bear the overwhelming smell of the shop to go in and buy some soap! )

Greensleeves · 27/06/2006 16:18

By pressurising dh into saving his craps for the toilet at work and making him go outside to fart, even when it's snowing

Caligula · 27/06/2006 16:21

LOL, what does your DH do at the weekend?

Astrophe · 27/06/2006 16:38

Wih carpet in the bathroom I don't see how it can not stink...impossible. Its one of the strangest things about this country - carpet in bathrooms

flatmouse · 27/06/2006 16:49

stinky (but in a nice way) candles - i have rice milk & honey flavoured ones which smell even when not lit (and are gorgeous when lit and i'm in tub with glass of wine....)

UCM · 27/06/2006 17:39

I thought it was just me re: Lush Shops. They look gorgeous but the smell hits you a few shops away and it just puts you right off. Far too perfumy for me to enter, specially with all day morning sickness.

Caligula · 27/06/2006 17:42

I can't do lush. Prefer my fragrant poo.

BettySpaghetti · 27/06/2006 19:22

The secret with Lush is to have just 1 item in your bathroom and not an entire shopful ! I don't like the smell of the shop either but a friend bought me some of their products and they're not too bad if you use them minimally eg. use a third of a dissolving bath bar thingy not the whole thing.

You could always buy mail order then you won't have to go near the shop!

surprise · 28/06/2006 21:41

get yourself a Yankee candle. they are absolutely fab and smell of exactly what they're supposed to do. there's one called fresh linen or something like that, which really does smell of freshly laundered sheets. I'm not keen on air fresheners, but these candles are great. have a liquorice one which smells really strongly even when not lit and also a coffe one. just buy a small one, or better still a wax tablet to put into an oil burner, as these seem to smell even more strongly.

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