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Legoland - Windsor

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Rhiannon · 09/07/2001 20:26

Went to Legoland today, if anyone is going you may be interested to know that although it opens at 10am we were well down the hill by 9.45am this morning. We ran around most of the more popular rides before the millions of school parties arrived!

I'd advise you take a picnic and also all the drink you need. Don't know about you but I object to paying £1.00 for a small carton of kid's drink or a bottle of water. We bought 3 cakes, 4 bags of crisps and 2 bottles of water and it came to £10.20!! Good job the entry fee was courtesy of Tesco's clubcard.

OP posts:
bee · 10/07/2002 12:13

Mumsnetters, you are all brilliant. We'll be off then! Bee

Rhiannon · 10/07/2002 20:59

Mothercare have got money off booklets offering pay for an adult and a child goes free at Legoland. R

OP posts:
IDismyname · 11/07/2002 17:30

Do you have to go to Mothercare to pick up one of these booklets?

sis · 12/07/2002 11:59

any civil servants out there in the csma can also get huge discounts on tickets - you need to contact the csma before you go though.

Rhiannon · 12/07/2002 20:20

fms, yes and now they've stopped giving them out but go and ask and they might have some out the back.

Went to Legoland today, had two free child places courtesy of Mothercare. We had a great day and none of the promised torrential rain that the BBC mentioned last night. Queues were fine didn't wait longer than 15 mins for anything and some rides had no queues.

The highlight of the day was watching Concorde go over at about 11am, brilliant and what a noise! R

OP posts:
oxocube · 12/07/2002 20:57

We haven't been to Legoland for a couple of years, but our eldest son is Harry Potter mad and collects the H.P. (VERY expensive) Lego sets. Do they have a Harry Potter display there at the moment, as we would try to make the trip later in the year if they do.

Ems · 12/07/2002 21:46

oxocube, if you look on their website, they are mentioning a Harry Potter event that is on later in the year I think.

Detta · 18/07/2002 14:03

Anyone know of any discounted tickets available for Legoland at the moment? Halfords have £4 off tickets for Chessington at the moment. Thanks.

PamT · 18/07/2002 14:07

I get Voila magazine mailed to me thanks to one of those horrid consumer questionnaires and I'm sure it had a straight money off per ticket offer in it for Legoland. I've thrown my copy out but someone else might have one.

bee · 19/07/2002 08:30

Oxocube - yes they have loads of Harry Potter stuff in the shop there (major crush at 5pm, so suggest you buy the stuff as you go in and colect it as you leave)
Rhiannon - we were there too last Friday and v pleasantly surprised by the weather - and by Concorde. Fantastic wasn't it ?! Queues were OK, we did our favourite things at the start like the Dragon Roller Coaster, Log Flume and the Indiana Jones kind of water ride which is in the far corner past the My Town lighthouse. Didn't bother with the driving school this time, nor the boat ride nearby - queues just too long!

SueW · 19/07/2002 10:30

Didn't Legoland discounted tickets come up on another thread.

On there I suggested ringing to pre-book tickets and quoting Walls 3 promo code, which allows one free child per full-paying adult. This was quoted as an alternative to producing the voucher at the gate on a tear off slip on fish fingers last year.


SueW · 19/07/2002 13:59

Just to add - McDonalds are giving away a voucher book, this week only, which has a free child ticket in it for Legoland (also works for various other theme parks). If you register with McD's website - think it's called MAC club, you get a free ticket for Alton Towers.

There's also a £5 off at Boots voucher in there, valid until 23/7 but when I spent the amount required at Boots yesterday, they gave me the fiver off anyway and then, cos it was still over £20, I got a No7 treats kit free too. That might be because our local Boots has just re-launched though, with dentists etc on site.

Next week McD's are giving away a different voucher book.

Willow2 · 20/07/2002 11:20

Haven't been to Legoland yet - but bf went last weekend with her dd and apparently it's free for under three's - hence not huge amount for them. She queued up for 45 minutes for some ride only to have her ds miss the height criteria by about 3mm! Will not post her response to zealous staff!

Marina · 22/07/2002 10:50

Having just spent a day at Legoland with ds (just 3 but like Willow2's friend, a tad too short to go on all the interesting rides) I still came away thinking, nicely laid out, good loos and other facilities, big waste of money unless you can somehow get there on a day when there aren't stupid queues for all the good rides. I guess I'm just not a theme park sort of person, don't like the crowds. Miniland was the best thing there - anyone who likes model villages will love this and so did all the toddlers.
And a warning about doing the Marriott stopover, as recommended on the Legoland website - great rooms, nice staff, delicious breakfast, playground, swimming pool and playroom, SHOCKING dinner. Go somewhere else to eat for the sake of your duodenum. We'd have been better off eating carpet tiles. And it was £18 per HEAD for the adults.

rosehip · 15/08/2002 20:59

Hoping to visit Bank Holiday Monday (I know - mad!!) Is anyone aware of any offers on Legoland tickets at the moment? Also any good B&B's or country pubs with rooms nearby? Thanks

IDismyname · 15/08/2002 22:52

I think that Safeways have an offer on one of their own brand packs of cereal... Keep meaning to go and check it out myself.
Check out SueW's link on 10th July. Think the info is on that site.
Have fun!

SueW · 16/08/2002 00:18

Use Walls 3 promo code. I think the tel number is 08705 040404. Free child per full-paying adult.

It's worth ringing though, rather than just turning up with the voucher (if you can find one) as they often don't apply udring peak season.

bee · 16/08/2002 13:48

Argos have a deal as part of their sale. Pick up a leaflet - you have to buy tickets before 20 Aug but can go anytime. Works out at about £10 a head.

rosehip · 16/08/2002 22:10

Thanks for the tips girls, will try Argos (sounds like a vg deal) if no luck then Walls or Safeway route. Still looking for somewhere to stay just for the night, don't want the Marriott or Travel Inn really, would prefer traditional country inn with clean en-suite & hearty breakfast!

rosehip · 22/08/2002 23:01

The free child offer is now on Ambrosia Rice & Custard - but you do need the voucher!

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