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Legoland - Windsor

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Rhiannon · 09/07/2001 20:26

Went to Legoland today, if anyone is going you may be interested to know that although it opens at 10am we were well down the hill by 9.45am this morning. We ran around most of the more popular rides before the millions of school parties arrived!

I'd advise you take a picnic and also all the drink you need. Don't know about you but I object to paying £1.00 for a small carton of kid's drink or a bottle of water. We bought 3 cakes, 4 bags of crisps and 2 bottles of water and it came to £10.20!! Good job the entry fee was courtesy of Tesco's clubcard.

OP posts:
Rhiannon · 07/06/2002 22:55

Fionn, that's so kind thanks but am now having trouble persuading DH (nursing lunchtime hangover) that he wants to drive for 90 minutes in the rain tomorrow morning!

Will go out for crisps and Clover, many thanks. R

OP posts:
Marina · 05/07/2002 14:11

Has anyone had a go at the stopover offers available at hotels around Windsor? Although we don't live that far away (2 hours drive) we've decided we can't face that x 2 PLUS Legoland itself all in one day, and are going to make a weekend of it.
Any suggestions for nice toddler-friendly things to do and eating venues in Windsor on a Sunday gratefully received!

tigermoth · 06/07/2002 09:30

Marina, there's a nice little park and playground right behind the Castle Hotel. Perfect for running off toddler energy before bed. We found the Castle Hotel very child friendly ( oldest son was most taken with room service menu!!) and, in the morning, we were able to see the soldiers parade just outside. The bus stop for Legoland is also right opposite.

Do visit Hawkins Bazaar toy shop, if you can. Just five minutes walk away from the hotel. Brilliant!

I'd love to know if there are any mega cheap hotel offers going. Anyone know of any?

We have free entry to Legoland via our Sainsbury's reward vouchers, and if I could find a cheap enough hotel I'd consider another trip to Windsor this year - my two loved it, but the cost of our stay at the Castle Hotel pushed it into the big treat category.

Marina · 06/07/2002 19:32

Tigermoth, you are a true pal, that is just the sort of thing I fancy. It can't be dearer than the Marriott-on-the-sliproad-of-the-M4 that we were contemplating in utter desperation...I am getting quite carsick at the moment despite marinating myself in ginger beer and we have already blown the NCT mob out once on Legoland this year. Looks like we don't even have to take the car this way.

jodee · 07/07/2002 00:52

Tigermoth, this isn't really an appropriate thread, but I'm still up at this ungodly hour and saw you've won the holiday to France, congratulations! Have a fab time!!

[My brother's new live-in 'other' is arriving tomorrow and I just HAD to clean the kitchen/bathroom floors - first time in about a year I think]

tigermoth · 07/07/2002 09:25

Jodee, I was gobsmacked! I have never won anything like this before. Oldest son is poorly and isn't up yet - I can't wait to tell him. Ohh I'm so happy and grateful for this piece of luck!
Thank you mumsnet!!!

Marina · 07/07/2002 18:59

That is fantastic news Tigermoth, congratulations! Should ensure a very swift resurgence of elder ds' good spirits...I am just green with envy.

Willow2 · 07/07/2002 20:53

Way to go TM - hope you have a fab time.

Mopsy · 07/07/2002 20:59

Congratulations tigermoth love Mopsy xx

MotherofOne · 07/07/2002 21:30

Tigermoth - congratulations! Thought about putting this message on 'a good slapping' (tongue in cheek of course!) but decided that was a bit unfair! I won a 4 day break in Longcombe Cottages (Devon) from Mumsnet last year which was great - like you I was completly gobsmacked when I found out! Best bit is dh DAREN'T complain about the time I spend on Mumsnet after that!
Have a lovely time - I'm so thrilled for you!

ks · 07/07/2002 21:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SueW · 08/07/2002 00:00

Congrats from here too, Tigermoth. Enjoy!

bells2 · 08/07/2002 09:10

Great news Tigermoth!. Consider it a just reward for all the time and patience you have spent in providing wise advice to so many of us.

tigermoth · 08/07/2002 10:24

Thanks for your messages - yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so it was a nice 'gift'. I was so excited when I told dh the news that I forgot to say anything to him. It was only mid afternoon when I was out with the children that I remembered. Said many sorrys to him on my return - he was fine about it - he'd realised I'd forgotten, but hadn't wanted to interrupt my train of thought.

Hope everyone here wins something in the future.

bettys · 08/07/2002 10:54

Congratulations tigermoth, what a lovely surprise for you and your family. I'll be joining in all the competitions from now on!

Joe1 · 08/07/2002 12:45

Well done Tigermoth, cool prize. I won the back pack recently and it is brill and I too never normally win anything so I was really grateful to mumsnet for the opportunity.

Batters · 08/07/2002 21:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leander · 08/07/2002 21:20

Congrats Tigermoth have a great time.

janh · 09/07/2002 09:33

Well done, tigermoth! Hope you all have a brilliant time!

tigermoth · 09/07/2002 13:13

Thanks again for the messages - I may need advice on what Haven park to choose and on driving through France, so will be trawling through past travel threads or starting my own sometime.

bee · 10/07/2002 09:48

Can I ask about Legoland ? Clover and Pompom bears offers have ended (in our local Sainsburys anyway) and the kids are deperate to go. Any other offers out there?

janh · 10/07/2002 09:52

bee, you can get "free" tickets with Reward vouchers but I believe it's something like 5 vouchers per ticket or £12.50 equiv so probably not worth it.


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SueW · 10/07/2002 10:38

We spent some time looking round Sainsburys yesterday for free tickets. Walls have free tickets for Alton Towers and other Tussauds attractions on their scoop tubs. AA members can also get kids free into Alton Towers & Tussauds. I think you'll find though that there are some restrictive dates. Tussauds seems to be the big promo this year.


I have a freebie Birds Eye Fish Fingers token for Legoland which says an alternative 'Book in advance on 08705 040404 quoting reference Walls 3 to claim free child entry'. One child per full-paying adult. It doesn't imply that you need to present this token.

SueW · 10/07/2002 10:39

Almost forgot. There's a website here which apparently helps out with freebie tickets too.

tigermoth · 10/07/2002 12:00

It's worth checking the London Evening Standard just before the school holidays. They usually feature a section on things to do over the summer, incuding free tokens ( eg two for the price of one) for visitor attractions like Legoland.

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