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Lanzarote Questions Anyone..............

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HappyMumOfOne · 11/04/2005 14:49

Hi Myself, dp and ds are thinking of taking a trip abroad towards october/november this yr! We were thinking of going to lanzarote but we have never been and wanted to know which parts are nice whats the weather like this time of yr and where should we look for a good price holiday?

We are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday doing the normal things like swimming, eating out, beach, shops !
Ds will be 3 then so at quite a good age !

Anywhere other than lazarote u have been thats hot in october/november and not to far to fly?
Thanks in advance

OP posts:
HappyMumOfOne · 11/04/2005 15:00

anyone ???

OP posts:
gingerbear · 11/04/2005 15:11

lots of Lanzarote discussions here

We have stayed in Playa Blanca in November - very quiet, but weather unpredicatable. Can highly recommend H10 Lanzarote Princess Hotel.

myalias · 11/04/2005 15:13

Went to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote a couple of years ago stayed at the paradise hotel. Stayed there for 2 weeks all inclusive just after Christmas. Weather was warm the pools were quite cold the childrens pools were heated. The entertainment was very good for all the family and catered for all ages. Lots of sport programmes set up ie. water polo,volleyball, football etc. The town is quite close lots of nice shops and restaurants. I would like to go back there again especially out of season.

HappyMumOfOne · 11/04/2005 15:22

Sounds good ! we want quite warm weather but only in about the 70's where should we look at going in about october/november to get this? Canaries?

OP posts:
jolou1 · 11/04/2005 15:54

We went to Playa Blanca for the first two weeks of Dec two years ago and had fantastic weather, but we were told the week before had been awful. We're going back to Playa Blanca in May. We've booked a villa using the owners-direct website and arranged the flights and car hire ourselves. Can't wait..we all enjoyed it last time and the boys were really little then. (1 & 2)

pabla · 11/04/2005 16:14

We stayed in Costa Teguise about 4 years ago. We hadn't really done a "sun" holiday before but enjoyed it. We hired a car for three days and saw most of the rest of the island, went to the other beaches, etc. I really liked the look of Playa Blanca - the fact that it had an older part (whereas Costa Teguise was a purpose-built modern resort) and most importantly it had public loos adjacant to the beach! In Costa Teguise we had to keep leaving the beach to take dd to a cafe when she needed to go and when we went to the undeveloped beaches on the north side of the island it was even worse! It may have changed since we went of course. Don't know what other areas re like for eating out but I found the choice a bit limited in Costa Teguise - most restaurants seemed to do the same range of food.

KathH · 11/04/2005 21:30

we went to Matagorda in October a couple of years ago and it was nearly 100 degrees - so perhaps a bit too hot! At the time our kids were 9,6 and 3 and they loved it. Have booked to go again this October altho will have a ds2 who will be 1. It wsa the best holiday we ever had and it was very satisfying to come back at the beginning of November with lovely tans while everyone at work had been wearing their winter coats!

HappyMumOfOne · 11/04/2005 21:36

Hi KatyH where is Matagorda never heard of it
Also was it a relaxing family holiday or is it a busy hotspot?

OP posts:
KathH · 11/04/2005 21:46

its about 10 mins away from the airport - its quiet -ish (mainly families no louts) altho there are restuarants and bars but its only about 4 miles from Puerto Del Carmen if you like loads of bars etc (aah, with 4 kids if only!) We were a bit concerned if it would be noisy from the planes but after about 10 mins you dont notice and after a 4 hr flight with 3 kids it was great to have a really quick transfer - also meant we landed at about 9pm and were in the complex bar by about 10! We also took both sets of grandparents (= 2 sets of babysitters!) and they had a great time, in fact we havent told them we're going again in October in case they want to come too!

mishmash · 12/04/2005 09:50

Happy Mum
I was in Lanzarote twice last year. Once to Costa Teguise in May - if you see brochures and happen to like the look of the Los Zocos apts. stay well clear they are dreadful. Playa Blanca in November - if you want a quiet, relaxed holiday this is the place to be. Lovely restaurants and not so much commercialised. There is a fabulous Marina there called the Rubicon and it is a real chill out place to sit, eat, drink and watch the world go by. We swore we would never go back to Lanzarote after a disastrous holiday in Costa Teguise aka Breezy Teguise more like hurricanes however with a little persuasion we went Playa Blanca and would definetly recommend it.

andif · 12/04/2005 10:36

got back from Playa Blanca 3 weeks ago - had a brill time. Went to Costa Teguise 5 yrs ago, and it put us off Lanzarote - v built up and characterless. Playa Blanca much nicer - great promenade joins all the beaches to port and marina. Beaches fantastic - esp Playa Flamingo for kids as so safe and golden sand, and Papagayo. We stayed at villa in Montana Roja - a newish 'estate' but great as walking distance to beach. Hotel Timanfaya looked great, as did Princess Yaiza if you're feeling flush!
Think weather Oct/Nov still pretty reliable - get a heated pool and kids love beach whatever the weather!!

clbowker · 12/04/2005 11:36

Hi, I visited Lanzarote a few years ago in October. I admit before having 3 children. However we did take my husbands daughter who was about 7/8 at the time.

It was a great holiday. We were fortunate that my parents own a timeshare on Matagorda beach. This location was ideal, near the airport, shops, cafes, restaurant, beach etc all within walking distance. Weather was a little hit and miss we had a few days of intermitent rain, however I was told this was unusual. Other than that the temperature was just right. Saw lots of families ranging from very young babies to teenagers.

With regards of places to go, we did everything, we hired a car for a week and sometimes just drove around, we stumbled across lots of interesting things. Although some of it was a bit boring for AB who was about 7.

Would recommend the water park for you and your family, good facilities and great for all ages.

the following website is really good shows the majority of attractions Timanfaya is a must!!

I hope this helps!!

HappyMumOfOne · 12/04/2005 13:37

Hi everyone thanks for all the replys its be good reading and getting know how people feel about certain parts! I a going to have a look at playa blanca as it sounds perfect for what we want! Another quick question is should we book now or do last minute? is last minute really that much cheaper?

Noticed my thread has hit the mumsnet home page! always a first for everything

OP posts:
Lucycat · 12/04/2005 14:08

We love Lanzarote. Playa Blanca is a definate for families and the roads are really good so hiring and driving a car is so easy. We like the north of the island to visit best as it is much quieter than the south, although a visit to the Timanfaya National Park is a must.
Mirador del Rio at the very north is a nice viewpoint and if you're feeling adventurous then you can get a ferry across to an island called La Graciosa for the day. Another nice place is Jameos Del Agua, designed by Cesar Manrique. The capital town Arrecife is a typical working town and we really don't like Costa Teguise, you could be anywhere.

it's our favourite Canary Island by a mile - I'd move there tomorrow!!

HappyMumOfOne · 12/04/2005 14:37

Thanks Lucycat.
Another question i had was where do you all book your holidays online ? which websites do you use? and any places recommended to stay in, in Playa Blanca?

OP posts:
andif · 12/04/2005 16:32

Don't know if I can make it work, but this is where we stayed:
here the ownersdirect website is also good. Booked flights with

alibo · 12/04/2005 18:03

we stayed in puerto del carmen, which does have quiet areas to stay in, if you choose your accomadation carefully. the actual centre of the resort was busy, that was in march but there was lots for kids to do. it is nice to stay in the "old town" part of puerto del carmen which is quieter, and there are some lovely restaurants on the old harbour front. but it still isn't too far to the main beach. one brilliant website, which is a must to look at before you book a package holiday is this gives loads of reviews of holiday accomadation from real holidaymakers. we have prefered lanzarote to other canary islands like gran canaria, and my sister also enjoyed playa blanca with her 2 year old dd. good luck!

alibo · 12/04/2005 19:46

LOL ANDIF, what an unfortunate surname the villa owner has!! still, it looks lovely, how was it??

onlyjoking9329 · 12/04/2005 20:11

we came back from puerto del carmen 11 days ago we went for 2 weeks and had a villa which was great we booked with jamesvillas, we went there in november too, have been to costa teguise twice, we went to spend the day there this time and it has changed so much, it seemed shabby and lifeless, if you do get a villa and dont want to hire a car then look at they pick you up from airport and take you to your villa they were excellent.hope you have a great time, the weather is great in october/november around 70

larlylou · 12/04/2005 20:34

My husband lived in Lanzarote for over 5 years and I have visited on numerous occasions. He lived in various parts along the east coast ending in Costa Teguise for the last 3 years. Over time we suspect that it has now become a lot more soleless than it was - people who live there want a quiet time. Old Teguise is worth a visit, very pretty (market there on Sunday mornings which brings the place alive!). If we were to go back we would spend a lot of time along northeast coast. The beaches are great (shows you the real Canaries). Mirador and down to Famara beach. Puerto Del Carmen is worth a visit (although very commercial) to see a bit of Lanzarote 'snazz'...a place where the youngsters go, where the nightlife is (visit Waikiki for a G& was known by the local pats as 'the floor show'!). The beach at Puerto however is very safe (safest one) and is family orientated, although very busy. Some great restaurants to try are in Arrieta (we call it The Green Room but probably painted a different colour now but fantastic fish dishes!) and small little white restaurants along the side of the road are normally excellent. El Golfo (black beaches, water holes, nice fish restaurants) is a nice place to visit also. All are in easy access as Island is so small. Hire of car is a great idea as plenty to see and explore. Hope this helps.

marbeth · 12/04/2005 20:36

Hi Happymumofone

Just back from Playa Blanca.Our thrid visit.Stayed at H10 Rubicon Palace hotel.It is a twenty minute walk to playa Flamingo beach via a lovely coastal walk.Lots of nice hotels and apartments in playa Blanca.We have found sometimes it is cheaper to book independantly.British airways have flights as well as lots of charter flights fly.H10 hotels have a website.They have 3 hotels in Playa Blanca.Also try list lots of flights and then accomadation.Normally works out cheaper than package holiday.

chicaguapa · 13/04/2005 08:20

Hi, I'm a Lanzarote fan. Playa Blanca is a nice resort to stay in. It doesn't have high-rise blocks and has nice restaurants & shops. Puerto del Carmen is a great place to go in the evening for a meal and a wander. The old part of the town is much nicer than the new part (which is full of "youngsters")!

We went for Christmas once and the weather was gorgeous! I think it's pretty good all year round. With a little boy it's probably better to go in the winter months when the heat will be more bearable.

I've always fancied Egypt and the Red Sea for a winter holiday. I don't know that the price is like or anything about it though.

KatieinSpain · 13/04/2005 16:36


We went years ago and so, I don't know if this is still relevant. We hired a car from the UK and then, found we would have paid about half less had we hired on the island. Maybe a more recent visitor could update you?

Have a wonderful holiday.

Joley · 13/04/2005 21:45

Hi, we went to Playa Blanca last June so can't comment on the Oct climate.

We stayed at the Playa Flamingo Apartments which is a Thompson Superfamily Hotel and had a brilliant time with DS1 who was aged 4 and DS2 aged 18m. The hotel is right on the beach which is really nice and safe and there was lots of entertainment at the hotel including a kids club.

There are a couple of supermarkets on the promenade and a few reasonable restaurants. Alternatively you can walk into the village centre along the promenade (nice and safe and DS1 could run ahead without us being worried about traffic). The stroll takes about 15mins and brings you to the marina/ferry port where the ferrys leave for Fuerteventura (we went across for the day)then into the village were there are lots of really nice restaurants. You can sit outside and you're right next to the sea.

All in all it was perfect for us. We spent most of the time on the beach where we were close to the apartment to nip back for lunch etc and there was somewhere nice to walk to in the evenings to have a nice meal and watch the world go by. We also hired a car and visited other resorts and the National Park which was really good. DS1 is a big volcano fan! Would certainly go again.

Doddle · 13/04/2005 21:51

There is the most beautiful little beach called Charco dela Laja, up near Haria on the North East coast. It has beautiful white sand and black volcanic rock that the locals have built into little wind breaks. The sea comes up into a sheltered lagoon and rises and falls very slowly, it is full of fish and perfect for swimming. We spent 3 very happy days there one January when the DS's were 1 and 3.

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