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Moving to America

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nikkim · 20/02/2005 16:46

My dp and I have been looking to move from Lancashire for a while and have now decided that if we are going to move it may as well be a big one so have decided on America, but that is as far as we have got.

Mumsnetters who know America - or who live there - where would you recommend?

And a legal question, can my ex stop me leaving the country with our daugter if we are going to secure a better standard of life than we have presently and we can both forge successful careers out there?

OP posts:
nikkim · 22/02/2005 00:50

I have asked him!! He works for a company called Bosal and he is a CAD design engineer specialising in racking. He was quite shocked that I asked him what he did as I have never shown any interest, he even proudly showed me a car showroom he had designed!!

OP posts:
joesy · 22/02/2005 00:54

You will be sorry that you showed any interest, you will never hear the end of it. He will be coming home each day telling you what he has been doing. Dh uses cad tribon exsteel and back ground in ships etc/ yawn yawn.

nikkim · 22/02/2005 00:58

lol probably, when we got home he went up to the loft and handed me a dusty folder. It was his mechatronics (don't even know if that is the right word) asignements from his HND days!! I am sure I have opened the floodgates.

OP posts:
highlander · 22/02/2005 20:46

nikkim - come to Canada (Vancouver), it's bloody wonderful!

Gem13 · 22/02/2005 20:51

highlander - are you back in Vancouver? I thought you were over here.

nikkim · 23/02/2005 00:02

Well another day of phonecalls and we ahve been advised to wait until we have been living in our house together for a year before starting the process. Been told that in order to get our visas we need to show evidence of a comitted relationship for at least twelve months - this means either marriage or shared home ownership.

Dp is to be the main applicant as he is the one they want for his IT skills. He is strutting around like a peacock as I have the degree from a redbrick uni and he has a HND from the local college but he is the attractive one!!

We have then been advised that the average is two years which left me feeling a bit deflated but we have had a long chat and that is probably perfect. I will have completed my psychology degree and also have been offered other training through work so I can do this and therefore arrive in Canada with more qualifiactions. DD will also be just in full time education so I can get a "proper" job. This time also allows dp to take advantage of any training being offered at work in areas that will help him get the best job possible in Canada.

Is there anyone with knowledge of Canada who knows if they have a version of the British psychological Sociey. I am doing my Psychology degree with the OU which has BPS recognition here so I could then start specialising and heading for my career. I do not know if Canada will recognise or acredit my degree. If they don't I may need to do a diploma or a conversion course when I arrive.

OP posts:
nikkim · 23/02/2005 00:05

Highlander everyone has told me that Vancouver is amazing, however the properties I have looked at have been pricey when compared to other areas, is that the case generally in Vancouver. We don't want to remain slaves to our mortgage forever!

OP posts:
nikkim · 23/02/2005 11:11

Dp spoke to the emigration people this morning and they have said that because CAD workers are so much in demand there will be no need for us to wait the six months of living together. Instead dp has started his appliaction for a canadian visa today and dd and I will be added on to his further down the line.

OP posts:
Earlybird · 23/02/2005 11:47

nikkim - glad to hear that you won't have to wait such a long time to apply. I've been to Vancouver a few times, and it is absolutely lovely. My impression is that it also has a much milder climate than the other large Canadian cities - though perhaps highlander can confirm.

While I completely understand not wanting to be a slave to a big mortgage, I would suggest considering the harsh climate/long Canadian winters as a factor when you consider other cities. Perhaps you've already figured that in, but that would be a huge consideration for me.....

Mumooms · 14/07/2008 16:05

Does anyone know how this story developed? Did nikkim move to Canada in the end??

Mumooms · 21/07/2008 23:20

Is nikkim still around?

purveshome · 28/07/2017 17:22

I will be moving to the US next year to a job with my husband and family. My 17 year daughter wants to go to college in the US - Maryland specifically - any advice on entry requirements? And other advice I need before making this move?



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