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can anyone recommend a good soft play centre within 25 miles of West London?

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PuffTheMagicDragon · 29/01/2005 10:29

I can't cope with the one at Syon Park anymore. I don't mind a 30 - 45 min drive to get somewhere. I don't even mind an hour's journey!

Any suggestions gratefully received .

OP posts:

Ameriscot2005 · 29/01/2005 10:33

What are you looking for in a soft play area? Is Snakes and Ladders (is it still called that?) too big for you, or what?

There are tons of smaller places around - but not sure if it's worth a day-trip to. All the leisure centres round here have something. Windsor is OK.


pedilia · 29/01/2005 10:33

playtown in croydon is good, nice parent area and huge playarea. Might be a bit to far though.


PuffTheMagicDragon · 29/01/2005 10:37

Ameriscot, I do find Syon Park a bit too big with my two (3.5 and 18 months), but mainly I'm bored rigid going there and need a change of scene!

Pedila, I'd be happy to take a trip to Croydon, whereabouts is Playtown?

OP posts:

jane313 · 29/01/2005 10:41

Theres two in Richmond though I haven't been to either yet. One is is town and one is at Old Deer park but the latter is just weekdays I think. As an alternative there is Heathrow Gym and Hillingdon gym (very near A40) which do soft play in the week; times vary I can let you know. They get to go on beams, bouncy castles, proper trampolines etc. Theres the childsplay cafe in Chiswick which has a bit of spoft play plus rooms with other toys. Thers also a restaurant in Fulham that has soft play, someone recommended called Blue Kangaroo.


jane313 · 29/01/2005 10:55

Here are some links




foxinsocks · 29/01/2005 11:19


Heathrow Gym is great. There's no cafe but essentially you're shut in the same room as the kids. They have trampolines, a fantastic little light sensory room (designed for special needs but great for everyone), a music bit, climbing bit etc.... We had dd's 4th party there and everyone thought it was brill! I don't go there as often as I should really.

The one in Richmond is called Hugo's. It's not massive - personally I think it's better for younger children. It has a proper coffee shop downstairs where you sit. It has an upstairs for older kids (I think over 2s) and you can sit downstairs while they play upstairs and watch them on the TV monitors (or you can sit upstairs but it's not big). If they are under 2 there's a play bit next to the coffee shop. When it's busy, it's pretty awful though but it's very easy to get to on public transport (it's about 3 mins from the train/tube) so I find I go there more often than Heathrow where I have to drive and remember where it is!

I too have given up on S&L having lost ds there one too many times (once for longer than 30mins and I was on verge of calling the police).


PuffTheMagicDragon · 29/01/2005 12:19

Heathrow Gym sounds lovely - will definitely try it. I like the sound of Hugo's too.

I'm glad it's not just me that finds snakes & ladders tricky - it also feel a bit soulless, probably because of its size.

I wnder if Hugos is open on a Saturday?

Thanks for all these tips everyone - I really appreciate it .

OP posts:

PuffTheMagicDragon · 29/01/2005 12:20

ps - where exactly is Hugos?

OP posts:

Ameriscot2005 · 29/01/2005 12:24

Similar to Heathrow gym, but much less whiffy, is Spelthorne Gymnastics Club in Ashford. It's not far from the station, so accessible for those without a car. They do baby & toddler classes with instructors, or free play sessions.

I tend to like these places more than the soft play area as you can join in with your children and you are also able to see them at all times.


weightwatchingwaterwitch · 29/01/2005 12:35

Ah, came here to recommend Syon Park but see you've had enough of it! Ikwym. Was going to say what about the Wacky Warehouse on the A40 but just googled it and there are baaaaad reviews so maybe not!


lockets · 29/01/2005 12:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

jane313 · 29/01/2005 13:28

Hugos place has a website but its not working at the moment, its it Paradise Road Richmond


You'd have to pay for parking in the nearby car park. The parking is free at Old Deer Park lollipop
and at the hillingdon hillingdon the latter 2 have cafes as well.

I'll have to try that ashford place too, I get bored going to the same place. The wacky warehouse isn't too bad


jane313 · 29/01/2005 13:30

I went to the hillingdon one yesterday and they have sprung floors which are great to run around as you feel all light and delicate!


ixel · 29/01/2005 13:53

How about Topsy Turvy at Brent Cross? Or is it too far?


CountessDracula · 29/01/2005 14:04

Blue Kangaroo on the King's Rd (just west of the bridge by Chutney Mary)

Willow2 swears by Hugos I haven't been myself. I think it isn't open at weekends.

There is a fab one in Kew Gardens but I think it is aged 3+ so your 18 mo would miss out.

My nanny takes dd to one somewhere south of wimbledon but I can't remember what it's called sorry


lockets · 29/01/2005 14:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 29/01/2005 14:13

That't the one I couldn't remember!


lockets · 29/01/2005 14:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles · 29/01/2005 14:40

Kew Gardens is fine for an 18mo, especially if you go at a time when it's not too busy.

The new place at Brent Cross is excellent (especially if you've always harboured a secret desire to get into the soft-play yourself , as parents are encouraged to accompany under-5s)


foxinsocks · 29/01/2005 14:52

I've been to Hugo's on the weekend. You may have to check that there aren't too many parties otherwise it is just too busy.

The Kew one is less of a soft play and more of a fun, learning thing. Any age can go - it also gets very busy though. My kids love it there but that's just because they love going to Kew - you can take them to see the fish in the aquarium and they can run wild around the gardens with no fear of dog poo! There's not vast amounts of what you would think of typically soft play -it's got a bee's hive with a glass front so you can see the honey, a slide and a few flower and plant related play things. It's called Climbers and Creepers.


expatkat · 29/01/2005 14:56

How about Bramley's Big Adventure in W10, just under the Westway Flyover?


Cristina7 · 31/01/2005 14:40

Near Tiger's Eye is Wacky Warehouse, above the Kiss Me Hardy pub. You'd still need to be with your child at all times, but at least you can combine it with a meal in the pub (or take a drink upstairs to the softplay area).


beachyhead · 31/01/2005 14:45

There's a great one near Guildford called something Angels - is that still there????


galaxy · 31/01/2005 14:46

Little Angels is still there. I prefer FIzzy Kids in North Camp, Farnborough, just off the M3. It's smaller but much nicer.


galaxy · 31/01/2005 14:48

There's also a Toddler Gym at the Rushmoor Gymnastics club on weekday mornings In Aldershot. Not been myself but dd has been with my sister and loves it.

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