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Holiday Plans

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seb1 · 01/01/2005 23:40

With Xmas out of the way has anyone got their holidays for summer planned?

OP posts:

Linnet · 01/01/2005 23:44

We're going to Florida in October, we booked it back in November.


Hulababy · 01/01/2005 23:57

No idea yet. We will go away somewhere for a fortnight at the very end of July/beginning of August. But we have decided where yet at all. TBH as TTC, I can't really book as early in advance as normal - will have to work backwards to work out when we can actually book I guess. But where to go????

Linnet. We went last summer and it was fab


kinderbob · 02/01/2005 08:17

It's summer here now! and we are going away to Norfolk Island in a couple of weeks.


SeaShells · 02/01/2005 08:29

DP and I were booked up to go to the Maldives, we've now been refunded Don't know what we'll do now!


Gobbledigook · 02/01/2005 08:36

Oh SeaShells

Not planned anything here yet. We are moving this week and until our house sells will have 2 mortgages so can't really plan any big outgoings yet!!

We'll definitely get some breaks away in The Lakes - when Mum and Dad go abroad we'll 'babysit' their house and there is loads to do for the kids round there in the summer.

Otherwise might manage a break in Cornwall but we've decided to skip foreign holidays for a few yrs anyway while the 3 kids are still very little - we find it's just more hassle than it's worth at this age.


SeaShells · 02/01/2005 08:39

Think we'll just book up a week in a caravan for us all now, the kids love all that 'Bradley Bear' 'Rory Tiger' stuff!!!


happymerryberries · 02/01/2005 09:25

Mine are already booked (smug emoticon). We have 12 days in a tent in France with a night in a farmhouse B & B either end. All in , for the 4 of us in the middle of August, including the Channel Tunnel fees, about £750! I am well chuffed. With the money we have saved we are going to Holland at easter....counting the days.


myermay · 02/01/2005 10:14

Message withdrawn


kinderbob · 02/01/2005 19:01

Live in NZ so it's only a 2hour flight from Auckland.


misdee · 02/01/2005 19:07

we have booked a weeks break in great yarmouth, and dh parents are also talking about psossibly taking us all over to the Algarve with them later in the year depending on whether dh gets the go-ahead to fly.


Yorkiegirl · 02/01/2005 19:20

Message withdrawn


kangasantamummy · 02/01/2005 19:26


Disneyland & Universal Studios & Beverley Hills

Just after EASTER 2005


JanH · 02/01/2005 19:32

Glad you have booked something, misdee! Fingers crossed that your DH will be OK for it.

We have no definite plans (not a lot of money either). Maybe France for a week in the summer, and DH wants to go to the Christmas markets in Germany in December - I have a friend who lives in Bavaria so we may be able to work something out.

hmb, how have you managed to get all that so cheaply?


Slinky · 02/01/2005 19:38

Loire, France for 2 weeks in August with Eurocamp - along with friends


popsycal · 02/01/2005 19:39

baby due in march so might have something local in this country - probably a caravan somewhere....


kissinsanta · 02/01/2005 19:39

Butlins - just me and DH - my dad is looking after DD for us so we can have a week of pure bliss!


ladymuck · 02/01/2005 19:41

Mark Warner Kos in May (again!). But it works for us. Will probably do a Centrparcs at some point too.


Slinky · 02/01/2005 19:45

Oooh yes, probably do another CenterParcs around April time (kids off school for 2 weeks). We went to CP on 17 Dec. for a long weekend - fab!


misdee · 02/01/2005 19:49

[popsycal, if getting a caravan make sure its not a basic one, as last april we eneded up at caravan site in clacton, and it was freezing, the only heater was in the living area. The one we booked later in the year had heaters in each room so we were lovely and warm.

Also remember one year us all freezing in gt yarmouth as we were camping in june, and overnight thw 1st night the temp went to almost freezin point. Mine and mieows dd's were only about 1yr old at the time, and we ended up putting them in sleeping bags with us to keep warm. They were meant to be in travel cots with loads of blankets.


Slinky · 02/01/2005 19:50

Where did you stay in Clacton Misdee?


misdee · 02/01/2005 19:55

Tower. it was a sun deal. then we had a car crash on vista rd near the leisure centre.


scaltygirl · 02/01/2005 19:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mishi1977 · 02/01/2005 19:58

we r going to book this week to go to florida in sept with friends...they booked their holiday a couple of months back..yipppeee i cant wait


SeaShells · 02/01/2005 20:01

Hope you have a good time in Great Yarmouth Misdee, that's where I live! We came on holiday here in the summer and liked it so much we moved here!!!


misdee · 02/01/2005 20:02

I;d love to move to the coast, but i dont know if we'd cope being far from family/friends here. Maybe in my retirement years i'll move lol!!

we're going to vauxhall.

BTW we love Fatso.

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