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Would you recommend New York in February?

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Crookairroad · 24/01/2021 18:54

I did hope to go this coming October or possibly November however, I just can see it happening due to COVID. The next option we have as a family is February. Would we regret it? Cold doesn’t bother us. We live in Scotland so are used to some cold temperatures and snow etc. We could do Summer 2022 but I really hate doing a city break when it’s too hot.

Next opportunity would be October 2022 and by that point I am closer to my 52nd Birthday than my 50th which is what the trip was meant to celebrate!

OP posts:
Waitingtomove · 24/01/2021 19:01

We went in Feb 19 and I have never been so cold. It didn’t stop us doing everything we wanted to do and it did snow which was lovely.
I haven’t been at any other time of year to compare though

carnations23 · 24/01/2021 19:07

Scottish as well, I went mid January and it was bitter but nothing unbearable. I've only ever been in the winter, I'd much rather it be cold than hot .

RusholmeRuffian · 24/01/2021 19:14

I've been twice in February. First time it was -19 Celsius. Second time it snowed A LOT on the first day and then the temperature jumped about 15 degrees and the rest of the time was glorious sunshine. It's very likely to be cold but wrap up warm and you'll be fine.

Crookairroad · 24/01/2021 19:23


Scottish as well, I went mid January and it was bitter but nothing unbearable. I've only ever been in the winter, I'd much rather it be cold than hot .

Thanks. We are the same would rather cold than hot. Thank you
OP posts:
addicted2spaniels · 24/01/2021 19:27

We went in November a few years ago, and I've truthfully never felt cold like it - we couldn't leave the hotel at night as the wind literally took your breath away and we missed out on quite a few things we'd planned to do. The days were fine, we just had really good quality thermals etc and wore lots of layers...... which was OK walking but a PITA when you wanted to go in anywhere. The streets form a perfect grid which means the wind howls down them!!

We said that when (and if we ever get the chance again) we'd go around April/May or October time.

Crookairroad · 24/01/2021 19:29


I've been twice in February. First time it was -19 Celsius. Second time it snowed A LOT on the first day and then the temperature jumped about 15 degrees and the rest of the time was glorious sunshine. It's very likely to be cold but wrap up warm and you'll be fine.

Thanks. -19 is a bit cold not sure I’d enjoy that. It’s a risk to take though.
OP posts:
OnlyToWin · 24/01/2021 19:33

Been in August and December.

August was unbearably hot and December was breathtakingly cold - NY is so close to Canada.

I think Spring would probably be the perfect time to go or early autumn.

Such an exciting, energising place. Hope you get to go and have a great time!

khg1 · 24/01/2021 19:34

Have to say I found NY cold in April, in fact it snowed while we were there. But nothing compared to my GAP year in Chicago, I don't think I realised what cold was until I tried to spend more than a few minutes outside in minus 20 degrees.

It was brutal and unlike any cold I'd experienced in the UK, or indeed skiing! Personally I'd go earlier or later but hope you enjoy your trip.

SmallYappyTypeDog · 24/01/2021 19:34

It will be very cold but you just make sure you have proper clothing, layers is best. You won't be hanging around outside your walking lots interspersed with going in places where you can warm up.

I thought it was a great time of year no queues and some fabulous deals. We got a lot of bang for our buck in February.

partyatthepalace · 24/01/2021 19:39

It’s very cold in winter. If it’s a first visit I would honestly wait till you can do autumn or spring, so much of NY is about street life and you just don’t get that as much in winter

thetinselbadge · 24/01/2021 20:11

I have. Good thermals, a good coat and some wellies and it was fine. Saw central park under snow and it was wonderful.

PastramiNoRye · 24/01/2021 20:15

I lived there for a couple of years and February is bitterly cold. You'll need thermal layers and a good thick scarf as the wind can take your breath away. I remember one weekend had a 'feels like' temperature of -24 Celsius.

Having said that, if you're dressed properly, it's an amazing city all year round. If I could choose the perfect time, for me, it would be May or September. Not too hot but nice and warm!

Florencenotflo · 24/01/2021 20:41

I've been 3 times, every time in February. I love it. Yes it's cold, but we walked everywhere, that warms you up! One time is was unseasonably warm, we have pictures of DH in just a t-shirt on Wall Street 😂 The other 2 times it was cold, but the snow and everything made it even better for me. It didn't stop us doing anything we wanted to, and if it gets too cold to walk between places then jump on the sub way or get a taxi.

A friend of mine has been a few times and said the heat is unbearable even on warmer days in April or May it's quite sweaty.

TheVanguardSix · 24/01/2021 20:47

God no. I lived in Manhattan for several years.
You've never felt anything like the winter wind whipping your ass from behind as it meets up with the wind coming around the corner to slap your face.

August is hell, just to add.
Spring is glorious. March/April in Manhattan is wonderful. May and June too. It all gets a bit sticky and heavy henceforth. Autumn is gorgeous.

Crookairroad · 24/01/2021 21:03

Thanks everyone. The only options we have are February, Easter (worry is that everyone has Easter for a holiday), July due to school holidays, October and November when we have in service days.

OP posts:
Wouldlovetobeinthesun · 24/01/2021 21:20

We've been in February and it was -20 but we were bundled up so very warm. The only issue we had was finding a can that was willing to take us to the airport because of all the snow. Despite the cold, we still did every we wanted to though.

GalesThisMorning · 24/01/2021 21:26

I'm a New Yorker who now lives in the UK. I last went "home" in winter some 11years ago and I vowed never again. I go other times of year now. The wind and the cold rips through you in a way we're not used to in the UK. It's painful.

Easter and October are both lovely. You'll have a much better time going then.

KylieKangaroo · 24/01/2021 21:35

We went in November around Thanksgiving time and it was fine! Maybe we just got lucky!

Chimchar · 24/01/2021 21:36

We went in October half term a few years was just fantastic!
It was rainy on one day, but the rest of the week was glorious sunny, autumnal weather, much like a mild day here in October.

I hope you have a great time when you do go... best holiday we've ever been on!

SimplyRadishing · 24/01/2021 22:01

No. I go a lot for work (or did).
I much prefer sept - mid Nov.

Arrierttyclock · 25/01/2021 06:53

I went in December 2012 and was actually so mild I was really shocked!

SJaneS49 · 25/01/2021 21:39

My first two visits there were in a December and a January (the very first time staying in a hostel with a broken window in the dormitory room), snowed both times. Yes it’s bloody cold but if you’ve got the right clothing, it’s quite magical if it happens to be snowing.


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CheshireCat2021 · 31/01/2021 16:01

I've been several times, once in February and it was bitterly cold. Never felt windchill like it. Didn't spoil the trip but we were prepared for cold, until 6 inches of snow fell one night. Autumn in NY much more pleasant.

StuntCroissant · 31/01/2021 16:10

I've been four times in February, August, April and early November.

Like PP have said, it was so bitterly cold when I went in February I couldn't stand to be outside. I didn't have the right gear either as I was a teen on a school trip: everyone was in proper ankle length puffers and snowboots and I can see why. I definitely wouldn't choose to go in January or February again.

April was spot on. August was fine (I didn't find it too hot) and early November was great too. It tends to get much colder in December and is Baltic in Jan and Feb

tentative3 · 02/02/2021 14:59

We went in earlyish March 2020 (very lucky with timing!) and it was fairly mild apart from the first day. Also been in December (very cold and snowy) and years and years ago in the summer (would not recommend). We are thinking spring or autumn for our next visit but I would happily go in February. You might find it cheaper than other times of the year, too.

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