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Amsterdam - 3 days. what to do?

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SoTiredNeedHoliday · 20/10/2019 17:51

HI, I have never been and am going with kids 12yrs
What are the things I should do? Go to? look at?

I've looked into Anne Franks House already but that is it.

Love to hear your advice.
Thank you!

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SoTiredNeedHoliday · 01/11/2019 17:11

My recommendations are:

  • Use the trams they are very easy and kids find them fun. We got a 48 hour pass and this way we could just hop on and off and go wherever. [[ travel]]
  • Free walking tour. We did the cultural / historical one in english and our guide Otto was great. It was an excellent way to get an introduction to the city.

  • Evening canal tour with 'those dam boat guys' was well worth it and our guide Dan was great [[ boat tour]]. Note decide if you want train included too as there are two types.
  • For dinner we went to Food Hallen both nights and had excellent food in an environment that felt grown up for the kids, live music etc. We ate at around 7.30 /8 and found a table within 10 minutes each time. [[ Food Hallen Amsterdam]]
  • Nemo science was excellent and the perfect break from sight seeing to do a hands on activity for 12 year olds and young er / slightly older. They have a LAB area and bubble area which were great. [[ NEMO]]
  • Breakfast we had at cafes in the city you can't go wrong really Le Pan Quotidian
  • Wandering around the nine streets and museum areas taking time looking at the little shops was fun.
  • We did walk through the old town / red light areas and they were eye-opening but the kids were ok and we chatted about it etc There were some funny sights!
  • Anne Frank we didn't manage to get tickets unfortunately
  • I imagine it would be a great destination sun or rain as there are so many museums!!
  • Go to the area near vondelpark / Zoo for a wander and a coffee, a different feel to the old city entirely.
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reluctantbrit · 01/11/2019 21:18

I went with DD in May and we both loved the Rembrand House, small but really interesting.

The zoo is great and also the Micropia one, you need to pay extra for this.

We didn't do the Rijksmuseum as it was totally crowded due to the Rembrand exhibition and but it is otherwise really good. We did the Van Gogh one, you need to book a slot. It is good as it also explains a lot about him as a person and his struggles, it is not just paintings.

DD loved the Resistance Museum, it is near the zoo. Very interesting, nearly everything is in English and the audioguides are excellent. We also saw the Synagoge and the Jewish Museum, the latter good but lots and lots of exhibits, it got a bit much in the end.

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