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keycapmers et al - how was your holiday and site?

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 18:50

Mine - Bonne anse plage at Le palmyre was fab - lots to do on site and fabbo beach a short drive away.

Grand 34b was spacious ( well you know) and the site is int a pine forest

drive there only 6 hours and really warm weather

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 18:52


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notthecod · 17/08/2004 18:52

oh it was quite popular with teenagers - lots of english girsl pulling foreign boys.!

lively at night which suited our inquisitive boys

why do english girls always look like.. well you know

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hmb · 17/08/2004 18:55

Domaine de la Foret (Vendee) was excellent. Nice and quite with good facilities. We all had a blast. The kids had more freedom than they have ever had in their lives. First rate for people with younger kids not wanting a disco each noght (1 a week and 1 quiz night......which the hmbers won!) The area is great with loads to do. We all ate too much!

honeybunny · 17/08/2004 18:59

Any "dont leave home without" tips? We're off to a Keycamps site in the Vendee on Monday. Again in a Grand 34b.

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:00

link link please

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honeybunny · 17/08/2004 19:00

OMG-amazing..... that link worked!

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:02

yes an old towel for the shower room floors

wine chiller sleeve thing

washing up equipmnt

kids play boules set and cricket or whatever

bikes are vital

a smell cool bag that will fit 6 cans in size for taking a few drinks to the beach
super glue ( yes really)

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:03

HB looks the sort of place we would choose

oh take a pagoda thing if you want lots of shade the parasols are crap

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:03

we also got a three wheeler buggy free
O take reins if you have a baby

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nutcracker · 17/08/2004 19:05

Anyone been to this site


notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:05

portable dvd player of pc that runs them for a bit of p and q in the lunchtime heat

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:05

la grand metarie is supposed to be fantastic

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honeybunny · 17/08/2004 19:05

Werent planning on bikes as kids are 3.9yr and 2.4yr and I'm 24/40 pg! Could we hire if inclined? And do they do those kiddy seats or trolleys?
Pray tell... what was the superglue for?

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:05

didnt work nut

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nutcracker · 17/08/2004 19:06

Thinking of booking there for next year, just wondered if anyone had been and what your thoughts were.

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:06

taket hem something a bike with stablisers or a ride on
"cat" me if you like
the super glue was lent out three times - cnat remember what for
we have 3 boys

  • nuff said
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notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:07

cant your 4 year old ride?
willwaste hours


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nutcracker · 17/08/2004 19:09

Oh bugger and ther was me thinking i'd got the hang of this link malarky.

Will try again later, getting kids ready for bed now.

honeybunny · 17/08/2004 19:09

What and where is the Grand Metarie? As you can tell, I'm oh so researched in to this holiday. Must get surfing!

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:10

ooh honey think my nogh bours over hte road went there

will ask them

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honeybunny · 17/08/2004 19:13

No, ds1 is v petite and never shown an interest in wheeled things. Still cant pedal his trike. Were thinking of getting him and ds2 a bike each for XMAS, in the hope that ds2 will push ds1 into getting on with it. His physio positively encouraged it for his hypermobility and low muscle tone! Just didnt wnt to make the mistake of getting it too soon, and him giving up before he's even given it a go. He's already such a perfectionist!

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:14

its a camp site in s brittany I think
oh sorry didnt realise there were physio problmes
maybe you can hire one if he sees the other kids

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honeybunny · 17/08/2004 19:18

Maybe I exaggerate... he's not that bad, just a bit slower than his peers over some mobility things. Well thats my excuse for him not being able to pedal!! His friend 3weeks younger had a bike for his 3rd b-day and has had no probs. ds1 doesnt care but muggins here clearly has a complex!!!

notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:36

I really vant stress enough how much Ihtink you should take them. bUt its your call.

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notthecod · 17/08/2004 19:38

ooh I sound like a hungarian spy!

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