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Freedom - what does it mean to you, now you're a mum?

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Amb · 18/02/2004 12:26

Freedom now means the simple things to me - like being able to walk out of the house without carrying a rucksack full of baby things; or having a bath; time for myself; or not worrying about money. What does Freedom mean to you? Are there any baby or toddler products that help you have your Freedom?!

OP posts:
Twinkie · 18/02/2004 12:27

You sound like a journo???

Mum2Ela · 18/02/2004 12:28

Thats what I thought.

Twinkie · 18/02/2004 12:29

Sounds like you are selling 'Freedom' - is it a new product??

Freedom the great new 'blah blah'available at all good pubs with a free bottle of vodka and stretch mark free sex thrown in!!

lailag · 18/02/2004 12:29

going outside the house with empty hands (though tend to look around me to check I haven't forgotten something or someone..)

M2T · 18/02/2004 12:30

lol Twinkie.

lailag · 18/02/2004 12:31

tell me know were/when it's for sale

Amb · 18/02/2004 15:17

No I'm not a 'journo'- I'm a mum with two girls and just missing my freedom and this is the first time (today) that I've used this site - I just wanted to see how other mums felt ...

OP posts:
fisil · 18/02/2004 15:19

I am having a freedom day today. DS at nursery, DP out til late. Feels funny. Very quiet! And a bit bewildering to think I really can do what I want (as long as it is free)

CountessDracula · 18/02/2004 15:22

Freedom is being able to go out and party all night and not get up in the morning (downside is that it usually means either that dd is staying with a grandparent or a grandparent is staying with us!)

Mum2Ela · 18/02/2004 15:24

Sorry AMB. Its just that you have started 2 threads today and often people comment on other epoples before having a go at starting their own. Thats why I was suspicious anyway.


Twinkie · 18/02/2004 15:25

Sorry - you are very good at wording things though - should go and get a job in the ad industry or at a mag or something - it really did sound like a catch line for an ad!!

Sorry for doubting you - please stay and don't be sad

Amb · 18/02/2004 15:27

I spent ages looking at the site and then couildn't wait to ask my questions to see what happens!!

OP posts:
Mum2Ela · 18/02/2004 15:28

AMB - isn't it fab! You are a lurker then! There was a thread not long ago about lurkers - look it up - it was funny!


Amb · 18/02/2004 15:31

That'll teach me never to lurk again!! Just get stuck in ..

OP posts:
Azure · 18/02/2004 15:32

Before I had DS I thought freedom would be not working, i.e. being able to get up when I wanted and go where I wanted. Once I had had DS and was on maternity leave (and therefore was not at work) I discovered that freedom was being able to go to the loo, have something to eat or make a telephone call when I wanted, without a wailing or feeding child. When I returned to work I felt a lot "free-er" than when I was at home. Is there such a thing as freedom with a child?

GenT · 18/02/2004 15:33

freedom is simple, not H A V I N G to think about anything or anyone.

Dmum · 18/02/2004 15:34

Freedom is:

*having a lie-in every Saturday (not taking
turns with DH!)
*going away for the week-end on a whim.
*not planning a trip to the shops around
*watching TV whenever I want.
*spending money on myself.

But I wouldn't be without DS!!!

Amb · 18/02/2004 15:48

I agree!! Even going to the loo on your own is getting a bit of peace - which my friends who don'thave kids just don;t understand!. But wouldn't be without the girls for the world - it just gets a bit frutrating sometimes!

OP posts:
Angeliz · 18/02/2004 15:56

freedom is:

:Having a lie in

:Having a night out with dd at nana's

:Watching the News without turning it down at every nasty bit

:having a wee in peace

nutcracker · 18/02/2004 16:00

Freedom - I seem to remember that word from somewhere, right at the back of my mind

For me, freedom is being able to pick up dd1 from school without having to take half the house with me.
Going to Asda, without kids.
Sitting on the sofa at my dads making idle chit chat, whilst my brother watches the kids.

twiglett · 18/02/2004 17:22

message withdrawn

outofpractice · 18/02/2004 17:41

I never feel free in the way I used to when I was childless, but the closest thing is when a meeting suddenly finishes early and I am not expected back at work, and I do decadent things like walk in off the street for a massage or a haircut without an appointment, or buy a dress all alone, spontaneously, with no ds to entertain in the changing room. Like CD, but very occasionally, I feel free when I go out without a babysitting deadline, so that I really don't know what time I have to be home. I also feel free when I go abroad with just ds to a totally new place, and no one in England knows what we are doing that day, and even we can do whatever we want that day and haven't made a plan but we have enough food, clothes, and cash to stay out until really late. And I feel free on a Sunday when all the housework is done, there is no outstanding office work, or grocery shopping, or tedious errands, and I can tell ds that we can play whatever he wants all day long.

crystaltips · 18/02/2004 17:52

I looked at this thread and felt rather guilty....

FOr the past few months I felt that I had the freedom to let my kids get on with their homework on their own ... It was the one time in the day that I was guarranteed no interruptions whilst I used MN

However I have just been at the kitchen table with DD ( aged 8 ) for the past 2 hours. She has obviously been needing my attention and help ( and was loathed to interupt my MN time ). I feel awful and feel that I have neglected her a bit - in my own persuit of "freedom".

During that time with her we sorted out 2 other issues that she had at school - it goes to show - however much we crave our own freedom ( and indeed give our kids the independence they sooo need ) sometimes we just have to wait a while longer...

Thomcat · 18/02/2004 17:53

Freedom is guilt free lie ins after a big night out.

Freedom is being able to lie face down on the sofa for hours, groaning

Freedom is being able to run out of the house, unplanned, when you want for the smallest thing

Freedom is not feeling bad that your child isn't allowed to watch CBeebies becasue you've got accidently hooked into Trisha this morning!!

However Freedom can take a running jump if it means not having Charlotte in my life!!

Thomcat · 18/02/2004 17:55

Don't get me wrong though, I would actually die without some freedom and as I get quite a lot of it really it was easy for me to spout out my last comment.

Freedom - don't run off and jump anywhere, please

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